Congressman Trent Franks – Tied for 1st Place as ‘Most Conservative’

National Review just released its rankings of Most Conservative Congressman and tied for 1st place (among 5) was Arizona’s Congressman, Trent Franks!

Here is what National Journal has posted on its website:

Tied for 1st – (from left to right) Reps. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas; Sam Johnson, R-Texas; Jim Jordan, R-Ohio; Doug Lamborn, R-Colo.; Trent Franks, R-Ariz.

Five representatives tied for most conservative in the 2010 vote rankings with a composite score of 95.0. Franks, Lamborn, and Neugebauer were ranked 1st most conservative in 2009. For Franks this is his 4th straight year tied as the most conservative House member.

Not on the top 10 list of most conservative are Congressmen Jeff Flake and John Shadegg. Shadegg was ranked at #26 and Flake was ranked #64. Here is a link to those ratings.


  1. Congratulations to Congressman Franks! Guess who was #1 in the same survey in the U.S. Senate?

  2. Curious what McCain’s rating are over the years. He definitely took a sharp right turn for his re-election.

    Trent however, is a consistent Conservative. He is also my top pick for the US Senate seat!

  3. Trent Franks is a pork-barrel earmarker who shamelessly requests public dollars for corporate welfare and then publishes it on his webpage as “disclosure”. Disgusting. The idea that you can carry a conservative mantle and then say “Do as I say not as I do” is an example of the plank in our own eye and a cancer that needs to be cut out of the party. Between this and “Open Borders Global Warming” Jeff Flake, are there ANY Reagan/Goldwater republicans left???????

  4. True North Conservative says

    In 2009, John McCain was ranked 21 out of the 42 Republicans serving according to the 2009 ratings ( In 2008, John McCain wasn’t even ranked because he hardly showed up for any votes. So my question is what happened?

  5. Keep in mind folks that this list was comprised by the current brass of National Review, which along with The Weekly Standard is a stalwart defender of “NeoConservatism”, a far cry from the original, traditional variety!

  6. True North…what happened to John McCain in 2010…a Primary challenge! He made a hard right turn to win re-election. Pretty simple.

    Popeye…what are you talking about?! Trent Franks is a one of a handful of Representatives that has voted against every single bailout, TARP that has come a long.

  7. Tea Party Patriot says

    Franks may vote like a conservative but he endorses every liberal “Republican” to come along…John McCain, Vernon Parker and Tony Bouie come to mind. I expect to see Franks wishing more Jeff (STRIVE Act) Flake on us any day now.

  8. This poll is conducted by the bill Kristol type of big spending, Bush era Republicans. It’s no wonder that they have Franks and McCain up there in the top 5. Both are big spending Reps. McCain almost looks fiscally conservative compared to Franks and his awful voting record.

  9. #8: You are a bigot. A bigot with wrong information.

    Your list is wrong, incomplete and shows you for who you are.

  10. GOP Jet: What I am talking about is the disgraceful Congressional practice of acting one way and talking another. Our Congressman Trent “Franks” – how appropriate – sends me voluminous campaign pieces (full color, heavy stock) designed to be congressional updates when in reality they are franked political mail. He claims to be a fiscal conservative when he requests earmarks and puts them on his house website claiming transparency. Then he has the nerve (in those franked pieces) to wear a flight suit while climbing out of a cockpit of an F-16 at Luke, thereby lending the impression that he served in the military – which he did not. He CLAIMS TO BELIEVE in fiscal responsibility and self-discipline, but in reality bankrupted his failed Texas oil drilling partnership with his brother in Eastland County, Texas while leaving creditors holding the bag. These three attributes are exactly what liberal demoncats do when they are trying to pander and bamboozle the voters. DISGUSTING AND REVOLTING. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me its raining. What a horrible excuse for a Representative.

  11. Patriotsunited says

    “Maybe Franks isn’t the worst hypocrite I’ve ever come across in Washington, but he’s got to be in the top 10 because he apparently thinks the unfunded drug benefit, which added $15.5 trillion (in present value terms) to our nation’s indebtedness, according to Medicare’s trustees, was worth sacrificing his integrity to enact into law. But legislation expanding health coverage to the uninsured–which is deficit-neutral–somehow or other adds an unacceptable debt burden to future generations.”

    Franks was the deciding voting for Medicare drug benefit bill. This bill was labeled as “the most fiscally irresponsible piece of legislation since the 1960s.” Together the new bills would cost roughly $900 billion over the next 10 years, while Medicare Part D will cost $1 trillion!

    How do you define “conservative?” Franks must not be a fiscal hawk.

  12. American Patriot says

    POPEYE: When Congressman Franks was elected to Congress, he put complete faith and trust in his brother to run and manage their oil business. You accuse Congressman Franks falsely by insinuating he intentionally ‘bankrupted’ his partnership business with his brother, and left creditors holding the bag.

    If you have enough integrity, you will post the date here of when this bankruptcy occurred so that reader’s here will see for themselves that indeed, Congressman Franks was focusing on his job in D.C. and working very diligently and hard on behalf of his constituents. He’s a man of high moral integrity and very trusting, sometimes to his own detriment. I believe this is what happened when he left his own brother in charge of running their partnership. I may also mention, and remind readers here, that during Obama’s reign, many companies and businesses have suffered the same fate as Liberty Petroleum, not necessarily due to mismanagement but simply due to our nation’s horrendous economic condition. Countless thousands of people have lost their homes, jobs, and have been forced to close their business doors. I cannot condemn anyone who has suffered like this during these difficult times. Also, an accusation was lobbed against Congressman Franks that he ‘endorsed’ John McCain for his re-election. THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE!! PROVIDE DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE!!

    Patriotunited: As for Congressman Franks’ vote for the Medicare drug benefit bill, he again, being a very genuinely concerned leader for the health and welfare for senior citizen’s voted to help ease the monetary burden of over-priced medications to senior citizen’s. Acceptable healthcare reform wasn’t available at the time of passage of this particular bill, and our nation was not over $14 trillion in debt. Please provide documented evidence of your statement that Congressman Franks’ vote for this drug benefit ” added $15.5 trillion to our nation’s debt”. As of March 1st, 2011, at the time I am writing this, our national debt reads: $14,151,743,564,420.72. If Congressman Franks’ vote to pass this bill added $15.5 trillion to our national debt, according to what the national debt truly is right now, this would make your accusational statement blatantly false.

    Now, let’s focus on flakey Flake, a.k.a. “McCain-lite”. It’s common knowledge that any association with John McCain is the ‘political kiss of death’ for any candidate in Arizona. Flake’s vote against the $60 billion budget cuts in D.C. recently, was the nail in Flake’s political coffin. Arizona conservatives are now quite united in one strategy. It’s called the ‘ANYONE BUT FLAKE’ political strategy. All ready to unite behind a conservative candidate who will defeat “McCain-lite” (Jeff Flake). If Congressman Frank’s is polling close enough to show he can defeat Flake, then the conservative armies in Arizona will come out in droves to vote for Franks.

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