Congressman Trent Franks Endorses Eric Frederick for Phoenix City Council

CONTACT: Eric Frederick

PHOENIX – Last night, October 17th, Arizona Congressman Trent Franks endorsed Eric Frederick at the Arizona Republican Legislative District 4 Monthly meeting. Eric Frederick is running for Phoenix City Council against incumbent Vice Mayor and Councilwoman Thelda Williams.

Congressman Franks said, “Eric Frederick’s private sector experience sets him apart and will be a priceless asset in office. Phoenix desperately needs a leader like Eric that is willing to reform the way the city does business. His values and strong business knowledge will allow him to fight for the residents of Phoenix.”

Eric Frederick responded to the endorsement by saying, “I am honored to have Congressman Franks’ endorsement. Congressman Franks has seen the way politics as usual is in Washington and how devastating it can be. I am glad he believes I am the leader that can take on Thelda Williams and her Phoenix insider friends.”

Congressman Franks serves Arizona’s second congressional district. He was first elected in 2002 and has served since then.




  1. With all respect to Congressman Franks, but has he bothered to “vet” the candidate. Bankruptcy in the last year, a voting record that has him missing about half the elections and not voting in any city election prior to this year, and bankrupt one year and then has more than $6,000 of his own cash to put into his campaign – while his student loans were forgiven?

    I am disappointed that a prudent Congressman has overlooked glaring facts.

  2. GeeGollyMissMolly says

    Also with respect, Congressman Franks is endorsing & also didn’t vet these choices in the City of Surprise races:
    Lyn Truitt for Surprise Mayor, who walked away from 2 personal bankrupcies in the past 10 years
    Joy Grainger who walked away from one bankrupcy

    It looks like bankrupcy is a “Plus” for Republican Candidates this year in secruing the Congressman’s

    Add me to “disappointment that a prudent Congressman has overllooked glaring facts.”

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