Congressman Sam Steiger (1929-2012)

Arizona PBS’ Horizon aired a brief tribute to former Congressman Sam Steiger on Monday. Steiger passed away on September 26th and was well known among many in the political world as one of Arizona’s more colorful politicians. Here is the video clip featuring Arizona Capitol Times reporter, Don Harris, who once covered Steiger while at the Arizona Republic.


  1. Conservative American says

    I remember Sam Steiger in his heyday quite well! He was definitely one of a kind and a genuine character. He was always in the news for something and it was usually something that would give you a good laugh. The bottom line is that Sam Steiger made politics entertaining! He was never worried about being “politically correct”. He was simply too human for that.

    Rest in peace, Sam. Politics has gotten much more boring without you around. Thanks for the memories! You will forever be a colorful page in the history of Arizona! 🙂

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