Congressman Flake Votes to Hold Attorney General Holder in Contempt of Congress

Washington, D.C. – Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today issued the following statement on his vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress:

“This was not a vote I took lightly,” said Flake. “Our system of government is one of checks and balances, so when an Executive Branch official fails to comply with those checks, balancing measures need to be taken. I hope that going forward, the investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal can continue with cooperation from the Department of Justice, and that those who are responsible for the operation of this program will be held accountable.”



  1. Thank you Congressman. Too bad Richard Carmona won’t even say a word about Fast & Furious or Brian Terry

  2. P.W. Botha would be proud. But Jeff Flake already knew that.

  3. It’s an election year. He probably had to gag first..

  4. AZDryheat says

    Nice to see someone standing up for Arizona and demanding an end to the stonewalling. What is it about Democrats and running away? At least Pelosi & Co didn’t hole up in a hotel somewhere like their friends in Wisconsin

  5. Too bad Flake did not stand up for Arizona on SB 1070, too bad he did not stand up for Arizona on amnesty, remember he wrote the Strive Act. Flake like McCain is out to promote himself.

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