Congressman Flake Refuses to Answer Wil Cardon’s Debate Challenge

Phoenix, Arizona – 14 days ago, Wil Cardon’s campaign sent a letter to Congressman Flake challenging him to a head-to-head debate.


Wil Cardon believes debates are the best way for voters to understand the distinct differences in the candidates and to make the best decision in August. But, apparently the Flake campaign doesn’t agree. Spokesman Andrew Wilder called Wil’s debate challenge “predictable, clunky P.R. stunts”. (Dan Nowicki, “Cardon Wants to Debate Flake One-on-One,” The Arizona Republic, 6/6/12, )

In the past several months, there have been numerous candidates forums across the state. Wil has participated in many of them. Congressman Flake, however, has ducked many of them, sending a surrogate to read a letter instead. Now that the race has become so competitive, Wil wants a head-to-head debate with Congressman Flake. Unlike a candidates forum, this kind of debate allows for the two principal candidates to interact with each other – it’s an important difference that allows voters to contrast the candidates.

Arizonans deserve to know all they can about the candidates to make the best decision in August. But, it seems Congressman Flake disagrees. 



  1. They did debate and Flake ate him alive. Wil almost sweat through his suit. The guy is just a joke with a bank account

  2. RussellPearceWatch says

    Why debate? Flake has a 35% lead over Cardon…
    Personally, I will not be voting for someone who uses other people’s money to donate big and put their own name on something in order to have name recognition. I would have been more impressed if Cardon had donated anonymously. We have enough publicity hounds in Arizona…Arpaio, Pearce, Babeu, ad nauseum. That fame and power piece sure has a tendency to made demagogues out of ordinary people.

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