Congressman Flake Is Mr. Washington!

Mr. Flake Goes to Washington and Refuses to Come Back!

Congressman Flake's Washington Buddies Pay Up to Keep Their Washington Insider!

“The Club for Growth endorsed Flake immediately after he entered the race, and they’ve raised an impressive sum on his behalf, bringing in $100,000 in the first 24 hours after giving him their backing.” (Sean Sullivan, “Flake In The Millionaire’s Club,” National Journal’s Hotline On Call, 4/4/11)

Not only does the Club for Growth pay for lavish trips for Congressman Flake, they are also his largest campaign contributors.

Even more of Congressman Flake’s money comes from Political Action Committees (PACs)

Arizona can’t afford a U.S. Senator beholden to anyone other than the citizens of Arizona.

Jeff Flake says he’s watching out for Arizona, but in Washington he is beholden to lobbyists and special interests.

For documentation and an explanation, call Congressman Flake at 602.845.0333.



  1. The Club for Growth considers the illegal immigration aka foreign invader issue, a SOCIAL ISSUE rather than an ECONOMIC one. How else could The Club for Growth arrive at bestowing Jeff McFlake and others with a “100% Rating”.

    In a February 3, 2012 letter Club for Growth stated that Wil to Change Washington, Wil Cardon’s congressional voting record leans to the liberal side…………..! I didn’t know Cardon was casting votes other than his and his family’s campaign contributions for over a decade to U.S. House Representative Jeffery Lane Flake.

    WHAT, Cardon’s voting record? So much for knowing about voting records, perhaps Club For Growth can explain why EARMARK King McMcCain and Queen McFlake haven’t tried to stop four billion dollars plus ($4,000,000,000+) per year in tax payer money from being disbursed to illegal’s in the form of an Additional Child Tax Credit? Both voted for it in 2009 – READ THE BILL BOYS!

    Clair Van Steenwyk: Van for US Senate:

  2. AZDryheat says

    Wilford tried to get DC money when he was in DC on Tuesday – but no one showed up to his fundraiser. No wonder he’s lashing out.

  3. Thank you for this informative press release.

  4. RussellPearceWatch says

    Wil Cardon’s daddy is a philanthropist…who failed to pay off bankruptcy bills to suppliers and subs BTW. Wil Cardon kissed Tea Party backsides and they support him. Problem is that Tea Party folks don’t donate very much. Cardon’s resume is very, very thin to the point of being non existent. He needs to get some real life experience in politics and leadership before he tries to be a U.S. senator. Obviously he is easily talked into things that anyone with real common sense would say, “I am not ready for that challenge because I have ZERO experience.” Says something for his judgment (or lack of judgment).

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