Commenting while impaired.

     Blogging can be a very interesting pursuit. It is less formal than traditional journalism. Despite that you do end up developing sources and contacts. Sometimes you can use the information they provide and sometimes you cannot. Sometimes a person with whom you have never spoken or corresponded can publish the information that you can’t.

     The comments on the story are priceless. A dim bulb to be sure (and we’re not talking about someone who graduated summa cum laude with honors in 2 foreign languages.)


  1. OVD,

    Don’t feel so bad. There was never a scoop to be had here. Contrary to what your fellow blogger over at RRR said, I have no interest in the AZ-08 race. I know both Wayne and Senator Bee. I think they are both great. But I don’t have an interest in this race other than wanting it go back GOP. For what it’s worth, I believe this is Tim’s opportunity and he should seize it, he’d be a strong candidate. If and when Bee declares, I would support him 100 percent.

    Chris Baker

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