Colleen Clark – Rising Star in the GOP

One of the candidates I followed closely through this last election cycle is a young lady I met through my work in the pro-life movement. At the age of 23, Colleen Clark has put herself in the arena as a sharp, articulate, attractive and yes, conservative Republican woman.

I first met Colleen this last spring at another campaign event. I was impressed. This young lady had decided to seek a seat on a non-compensated board that oversees the Maricopa Community College System. This last Tuesday, she beat a 2-term incumbent with nearly 50% of the vote (read story).

Colleen is someone I can qualify as a compassionate conservative, especially in respect to her role as outreach coordinator of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Phoenix. She understands what it takes to bring people together to work for a common good. As an evangelical Christian, we can also expect Colleen to represent our values in an arena that has shunned ridiculed and treated with hostility anything resembling a Judeo Christian worldview. She won’t cave.

I look forward to watching this young lady go places and I am very proud of her accomplishments.

Congratulations Colleen! We expect great things from you.


  1. She is someone I can qualify as a compassionate consumer of alcohol and then showing greater compassion for the general public by endangering their lives while driving her car.

  2. The funny thing in this is that the only other Maricopa Community College District member calling for Clark to resign (Debra Brimhall-Pearson) also has quite a history of traffic tickets and wreckless driving. According to the offical record, Brimhall Pearson was busted several times including Racing on the Highway, False Reporting to Law Enforcement and Impersonating a Public Servant.

  3. I have followed Ms. Clark’s career since her election in 2006 and have seen consistency in her role as a public official. Her isolated personal indiscretion has not hindered her in continuing to work for transparency, accountability and efficiency on the MCCGB. Specifically, she pioneered an independent efficiency study to ensure fiscally responsible use of tax-payer money ($600 million annually) and encourage excellence and competition in the District.

  4. The independent efficiency study to ensure fiscally responsible use of taxpayer money cost more than one million dollars! This while district employees have not had a raise in two years…

  5. Just because she does her job Ok, doesn’t mean all if forgiven and she can escape jail time for an extreme DUI conviction.

  6. “As an evangelical Christian, we can also expect Colleen to represent our values…” It would seem that you might need to LOWER your expectations for evangelical Christians.

  7. Gators91,

    I’m glad that you brought that up because we evangelical Christians get to exhibit another set of amazing values called forgiveness and grace. You see, according to a letter that Saul who became “Paul” wrote to the Roman believers, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) Yes, Colleen has messed up and been humiliated and humbled but those of us who believe in the power of redemption will be there to help her back up and she will pass on that empathy and experience on to the next person who will hopefully become a better person because of it. There is always a price to pay according to the laws of nature and man and we better hope the laws of man are fair and just. Yes, we all screw up and get taken down in one way or another. It’s what we do when we get back up that makes us better and the world a better place and God gets the praise.

  8. Future PhD in Higher Education Leadership says

    Colleen is a joke. I hope the Maricopa County Community College Board is able to find a much more suitable replacement to take over this crazy Christian’s role.

  9. Funny, but ‘Christian’is not best represented by ‘bible spouting.’ Ms.Clark seems to believe she’s qualified for this position because she too can spout conservative Christian rhetoric. She’s obviously immature and unqualified for the Maricopa Governing Board, so do the people who elected her still support this hypocritical, power-hungry ego-centric evangelist? She and Mr. Walker have done so much harm to both the District, its stakeholders, let alone the State of Arizona, he should keep her company in Tent City during her upcoming stint that exemplifies her outstanding moral and ethical standards. May Maricopa figure out how best to rid the Board of these people – very quickly. If they don’t, may the Higher Learning Commission do it for them.

  10. Inside Observer says


    Do you have something against Christians? Your rhetoric insinuates just that. That could also be considered a form of religious harassment which we are sure you are very familiar with.

  11. All I can say is if you don’t think that debra brimhall is a nut by now, you don’t know what crazy is. This woman is truely insane-and a liar to boot; don’t believe me just google her.

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