Clint Hickman: Worst choice for Maricopa County Supervisor

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Governor Brewer pressuring County Supervisors to appoint Hickman because of his contributions to her campaign
This is a poor reason to appoint someone, a moderate who would not clean up that office

We were very disappointed to learn that Governor Brewer is putting pressure on the County Supervisors to appoint one of her big campaign donors, Clint Hickman. His family is in the egg business (you can guess what his position is on illegal immigration – he will feud with County Attorney Bill Montgomery) and has given her a lot of money in the past.First Brewer pushes Obummer care, now she is pushing one of her donors who has no political experience.  Proves she is out of touch with the conservative base.  Will the newbies on the board get sucked in?  Hickman’s appointment will guarantee an ugly primary race once he’s up for reelection.  This is the new Board’s first test of their conservative credentials.  Who do they work for, Brewer or us? We cannot find a shred of information about this mysterious Hickman anywhere on the internet other than related to eggs. What are his core beliefs? Will he clean up the rest of the Supervisors office, or will he be an establishment yes-man? You can predict the answer to that one.

There are stalwart conservatives who we know well, and who have a history we can rely upon who would make much better supervisors, like Joe Hobbs, Jack Harper and Jean McGrath. Wouldn’t you love to see one of those three go up against Mary Rose Wilcox every day on the board?

The deadline for applications for the position is tomorrow, and the Board may vote on a replacement for Max Wilson as soon as next week. You can read about all of the candidates here. Call or email the supervisors here to tell them you do not want a crony of the Governor’s to replace Wilson. Let’s scramble Hickman’s eggs.

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