Clint Bolick discusses upcoming book on Immigration Reform on AZPBS’ Horizon

ICYMI: Goldwater Institute extraordinaire appeared on Arizona KAET’s Horizon Wednesday night discussing his upcoming book on  immigration reform. Clint will be co-authoring this work with former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. The book is scheduled for release next May.


  1. Conservative American says

    Yup, all of the leftist, liberal “New World Order” buzz words and phrases. What a bunch of road apples, LOL!

    Right, issue MORE green cards when unemployment among American citizens is unacceptably high.

    Brain drain? What ever happened to seeing to it that Americans are the best educated?

    That’s right, tell us what America CAN’T do. We CAN’T deport the illegal aliens?

    Tell you what, start restricting trade and tourism with Mexico until they do their part in securing their side of the border and watch how fast illegal immigration comes to a halt! Start cutting off money to Mexico based on how many cross their border into the U. S. illegally and watch how quickly the illegal immigration problem gets solved!

  2. Conservative American says

    “Obama: My Biggest Failure – No Immigration Reform!?”

    “Carol Platt Liebau

    “Later in the hourlong forum, Obama was asked what has been his biggest failure as president. He did not hesitate.”

    “As you remind me, my biggest failure is that we haven’t gotten comprehensive immigration reform done,” he said. “So we’re going to be continuing to work on that.”

    Looks like Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick are dedicating themselves to helping B. Hussein Obama to overcome what he sees as his biggest failure! Hey, thanks, Jeb and Clint!

  3. To begin with, who in the hell does Bolick and Bush think is going to buy this book? Card-carrying La Razaites? Jeb gets a stiff when he fantasizes about his Mexican-spawned son Pedro standing behind the POTUS podium, in a Mexico-controlled America. The Bush clan infected America with 10 million more illegal aliens, created such hatred for the Bush name that it opened the door for B. Hussein Obama, and put the Republican party on life support. If Romney manages to squeak out a victory, you GOP country-clubbers better get busy delousing this country of invaders or the party will be extinct by the end of this decade. And if you think that Americans are “fatigued” over illegal immigration, just try to pass an amnesty in any form and see what happens.

    BTW, the Goldwater “Institute” just bought itself a peck of trouble. Having a socialist mutha as director should put it in the same company with the leftist stink-tank sewer festering at ASU, without even a shred of credibility.

  4. Just as with every other “reform” measure, there is no solution that does not include National IDs for citizens and actually SECURING the border. Therefore, there is a 100% chance that Clint’s solution involves national IDs for everyone as well as no solution for actually stopping people from crossing illegally.

  5. I saw the episode air live, and Bolshevick is peddling that same old predictable amnesty-sucking crap. One of my favorites is “enforcement only doesn’t work.” Well it’s working pretty frigging well in Arizona.
    Illegal aliens are now in Phase 3 of their exodus from the state:

    Phase 1: The signing of SB 1070
    Phase 2: The SCOTUS decision
    Phase 3: The beginning of enforcement

    “Clint” and Jeb, as the original Clint says, can go f*** themselves. So can the Goldwater Institute.

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