In An Open letter to Sen Kyl one of our contributors stated there might be lingering mistrust even if S.1348 is defeated. We would like to clarify. As far as Sonoran Alliance is concerned the day this bill dies all is forgiven. Quite simply Senator Kyl – We still love you, we miss you, and we want you back on our side.

p.s. I think Laura Ingraham is done with George Bush.


  1. It would seem hard to agree with two positions that appear to be in conflict, however, here goes.

    I agree with Party Platform Guy and I agree with the Sonoran Alliance clarification.

    On the one hand, I believe that once a trust is broken, it is hard to go back to the purity of the original relationship. It doesn’t have to do permanent damage to the relationship, however the scar creates a weak point that a future abrasion could cause permanent damage.

    However, I do believe in forgiveness and I agree that we have had a long and mutually rewarding “marriage” that should actually grow and become stronger if both parties work at shoring up the quality of communication and mutual respect for each other. Since we are human, forgiveness does not include the ability of God to place it in the Sea of Forgetfulness.

    It would be helpful if the good senator made it a point to go to legislative district or county meetings for the purpose of listening as opposed to just emitting his message and then leaving. The grass roots want to embrace him totally, but he needs to make himself available for the hugs – and, at times, listen to the frustrations.

    Most relationships that are successful have become stronger after going through a crisis, and I hope that is the case in this situation.

  2. Good points by both. As SA has made a clarification to the post in retrospect and regard for Sen. Kyl and the position he holds, it may very well be that when the dust settles we hear clarification from the good Senator.

    Transparency in government is without doubt necessary, but full disclosure is not always the best thing to do all the time. If Sen. Kyl is involved in a politically savvy and determined effort of his own that is complicated and dependant on other players, he may not be able to say anything beyond what he has. His dedication to Arizona and America lends me to believe in him and his ability to pull it off regardless of how it looks now. Kennedy is the guy with top billing on this effort, but there is a supporting cast that may very well steal the show and that could easily include Sen. Kyl. He knows where this is bad; he understands why we are not pleased with this bill, and we should not discontinue efforts to communicate this to him while supporting his office and ability to affect change.

    The problem that GOP PK very accurately pointed out, while we may have been made in God’s image it is his mind and heart that we have difficulty replicating. The Sea of Forgetfulness is hard to find, especially in a desert. Your words have done a good work in establishing a possibility.

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