City of Phoenix – Unofficial Election Results

City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix has conducted an election for Mayor, Council and a number of issues.

Unofficial election results are located here.

A couple of quick observations:

1) Democratic Mayor, Phil Gordon, will continue his reign.

2) Liberal Republican, Maria Baier, appears to have gathered up enough votes to beat her opponents but NOT win her seat without going to a run-off against conservative Republican, Jon Altman. A preview of the 2008 elections???

3) Phoenicians have turned down a raise for the mayor and council but have backed an increase in taxes to pay for more public safety. This demonstrates that joe citizen has a healthy despise of giving more money to elected officials but still wants their taxes kept at the local level to pay for public goods.

What say ye?


  1. Altmann a conservative? He has no credentials as a conservative other than recently adopted rhetoric. He’s just a “Player” and would be dangerous in a position of actual authority.

  2. Mike Spelman says

    Mr. Altmann would be a disaster as an elected official. His own interests would come first as we have found here in the neighborhood in which he lives.


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