City of Phoenix Elections – My Picks

The City of Phoenix Elections are finalized tomorrow with the polls closing at 7 PM. Several people have asked me who I would vote for if I were a resident of Phoenix. Here are my picks and a little advice as the outcome.

Mayor: Jennifer Wright
I have know Jennifer for over a year and believe she is what the City of Phoenix needs right now. She is an extremely hard worker ( worked with her) and there is no doubt in my mind that she would give 110% to the job. She is very conservative and I believe she would be a strong advocate for Phoenix taxpayers. She was the only mayoral candidate who completed and returned the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee candidate questionnaire – which earned her an endorsment. (Disclaimer: I serve on the political action committee.) But a word of healthy caution. While we all like to rally behind our own candidate choices, we must remember that whoever wins tomorrow – and my guess is there will be a runoff – we all need to get behind that candidate in the runoff election.

District 1: Eric Frederick
Eric has worked very hard on this campaign to explain to the voters that he will not be like the current incumbent who voted for CityNorth, the 2% sales tax on food, the water rate hike and budgets that gave the government unions what they want. Hands down, Eric Frederick is the choice for City Council in District 1.

District 2: Jim Waring
I’ve know Jim Waring for several years and his voting record has demonstrated a commitment to taxpayers. Jim has worked extremely hard as a challenger to unseat the incumbent who is the head of one of the biggest government unions. I believe Jim Waring will carry over his strong advocacy for smaller, leaner, more responsive government to the City of Phoenix.

District 3: Bill Gates
Councilman Bill Gates has done a good job while serving on the council. I believe he deserves another term but I also believe he deserves some help in numbers. Both Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates have done their best to hold back the current council but this election affords the opportunity to strengthen those numbers and get the City of Phoenix back on track.

District 5: Charlie Ellis
Charlie Ellis would make a great addition to the Phoenix Council in a district that has been hurting and requires someone with more of a conservative populist approach to governance. Charlie has worked this campaign hard meeting with a diverse cross section of people across the district. He will add a grassroots voice to the council once elected.

District 7: Janet Contreras
I have also know Janet Contreras for some time now and have seen her in action. Janet would also bring a strong populist, grassroots, citizen-advocate voice to the Phoenix Council. This is just what the City of Phoenix needs at a time when government unions are attempting to extract more money from the taxpayers while people are hurting. Janet deserves your vote.

Proposition 1: VOTE NO
Passage of Proposition 1 will allow the City of Phoenix to circumvent the Arizona Constitution’s limit on government growth. That constitutional provision limits a large portion of city government spending to a population plus growth formula. Every election cycle, cities such as Phoenix, ask the voters to usurp that constitutional limit so that it can actually spend more than the conservative population plus growth formula. Well, it’s on the ballot again. This time, the voters of Phoenix should vote NO on Proposition 1 (more info).

Disclaimer: These are my personal endorsements and not that of Sonoran Alliance (which has not issued any endorsements).



  1. What about Prop 2?

  2. YES ON PROP 2 Vote Yes for Prop 2. This who Prop 2 thing was created byGurvinder Singh & Rajinder Takhar who own the Chevron station. They contributed $150,000 to his campaign. Only 1 neighbr contributed $15.00 Do a google search to see the Takhars have been in trouble for tax invasion, defaulting on bills and child abuse of his neice. Look under the Western Free Press search. Or search recent blogs under AZ republic to see why this scum bag funds this prop2. He doesn’t want competition from QT.

    • VOTE NO ON PROP 2!!! I seriously doubt the residents of the area care about protecting the Chevron station’s profits; and Quik Trip isn’t concerned about their profits and expansion? This is another “public domain” case that the revenue-sucking Phoenix city council thought they would just steam roll over by re-zoning the property – which I sure QT was at the center of. I will take the word of the residents affected. No and hell no on Prop 2.

  3. PolicyPundit says

    Jim Warlock, er, Waring? You gotta be kidding! His opponent Jeffries pledged no city hall pension and no perks … and Waring has failed to respond to the challenge that he would get a 400% increase in his pension. Just another money grabbing career politician looking for handouts on the public’s dollar.

    It’s nice your being kind to Ellis and Contreras, but neither stand a chance.

    As for Jennifer Wright, well, she’s just Wrong. I voted for Gullett. He may be a RINO, he may not. But he’s clearly the guy with demonstrated ability and has not served on the council at all.

    Finally, in Dist. 1 – you gotta be kidding. Sheriff Joe is behind Thelda and she worked for him and you are throwing her under the bus. Plus, I think she’s hot!

  4. @policy pundit Of Course you voted for Gullett. Paid lobbyists usually stick together. And since you make donations to influence electeds, your choice of Jeffries the Fire Fighters Union operative makes sense, cause he knows how that is supposed to work.
    I agree on Ellis and Contreras, in the case of Contreras there was no money.
    And back to Mayor, Gullett must have learned a lot about the job since his wife was Chief of Staff for Phil Gordon, the biggest liberal spender the City has ever seen.

    • PolicyPundit says

      Well, Bob, you skirt the issue. Career job seeking politician Jim Waring could give up the elected official’s pension and match his opponent Bryan Jeffries. This is not about unions, it is about another career politician seeking a job. In Waring’s case, the third elected office he’s seeking in less than a year. The ballot box is not the unemployment line or job service bureau for greedy ole politicians who just can’t seem to go get a real job,
      Waring is a a Wanumba that is Wrong. He needs to climb out of the closet he is hiding and be in the open.


  6. No surprises at all, although honestly I thought Wright would be more of a spoiler for Gullet.

    And now here’s when all the conversatives go Bizzaro on us (referring, of course, to Superman’s alternate from the Bizzaro dimension – not the Sealab 2021 Bizzaros).

    Here’s an exclusive from Bizarro Shane Wikfors:


    Seriously, if any of you Tea Partiers need me to manage the blind trust you’re going to putting your principles in to support Wes Gullet, you just let me know.

  7. But I was surprised – completely, totally shocked even – no, seriously, SHOCKED – that Janet Contreras’ hate-based campaign ( didn’t catch fire.

    I mean, she had endorsements from both Emperor Palpatine AND Lord Vader! How could she have failed?!?!

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