Chuck Hagel: An Idiotic Choice? No, A Tactical Maneuver

By Lisa Benson

Lisa BensonNeoconservative backers of the Iraq War have long had issues with Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s choice for Secretary of Defense (OSD). Of all the stories floating around about the nomination of Chuck Hagel, his involvement with the George Soros — Obama’s Boss — and the devil incarnate is the most insidious in my opinion.

Hagel has a long-standing feud with Lindsey Graham and John McCain over breaking away from supporting the Iraqi war. However, as much as I am reading that Obama’s choice for OSD is to exasperate a rift within the Republican establishment, I am inclined to believe that the purpose is broader, more sweeping and more serious than just what the mainstream media is reporting.

In my opinion, if we activists and national security/Pro-Israel policy hawks focus on the minutia of Hagel’s remarks regarding Israel, we will certainly lose any effort to thwart his appointment.

This appointment can only be stopped in its tracks if our elected officials get to the root of the problem: the overarching agenda of this administration and those who support it.

The “paymaster of the Democratic Party” is behind this nomination; the man who is responsible for many of the problems that beset the west. GEORGE SOROS

Much is written about Soros and his communist connections beginning when he fled Hungry in 1946. He made exits through major Soviet check points even when others could not. He traded currencies on the black market during Hitler’s occupation in Hungary and started a banking enterprise, worldwide. Much is written, spoken and debated about the Soros plan for a “one world order” and his communist connections.

The Obama “brain trust” includes the likes of George Soros, John Podesta (who managed the Obama transition team in 2008), Gary Hart, Mike Allen, Brent Scowcroft and Thomas Pickering.

This week we learned that the Obama “brain trust,” with the financial backing of George Soros, hired the brother of John Podesta – Tony Podesta – of the elite lobbying firm THE PODESTA GROUP, Washington, D.C. to take up the Hagel cause. In short order: the Podesta firm has been hired to influence defense contractors to finance, promote ads and back Chuck Hagel. By “influence” I mean “support or lose your government defense contracts” is the not so subtle innuendo. Financed lobbying effort by George Soros.

What IS very concerning to me is the involvement of notorious Communist, George Soros in the nomination of Chuck Hagel.

As someone said to me today, “Soros is as Jewish as Hitler was a Christian.”

Everything George Soros involves himself with is to promote a Progressive, Socialist, Communist reformist agenda, including his backing of Chuck Hagel.

…And What About the Deutsche Bank?

Hagel was appointed in 2009 to Deutsche Bank’s Americas Advisory Board. The PAID position placed him in close contact with the bank’s senior leadership.


Here is the clincher and a jaw dropping revelation:

Germany’s Deutsche Bank is reportedly being probed by U.S. authorities for VIOLATING the trade embargo on Iran’s oil and energy sector, which is believed to play a key role in Tehran’s nuclear enrichment program.

Much of this information regarding Deutsche Bank can be read in THE WASHTINGTON FREE BEACON. However, the George Soros promotion of Hagel is hardly spoken.

Most recently, and in my opinion, seriously concerning, is evidence of Hagel as an IRANIAN APOLOGIST, as an opponent of sanctions or strong policy against a nuclear Iran. His appointment continues the Obama administration’s weak, apologetic and appeasement diplomacy this administration is known for — weak and uninformed is the norm in the Situation Room. As witnessed by the horrific details emerging regarding Benghazi.

When the nomination for the United States Secretary of Defense merits a press release from the Iranian government, as happened yesterday, applauding the President of the United States for his choice for OSD, everyone needs to take notice — or should take notice.


Tony Podesta, THE PODESTA GROUP, tripled its staff three years ago, receives half a million dollars a year from General Dynamics, a military contractor. Brother John is a close ally of President Obama and headed up the Obama transition team in 2008.

We have a Socialist/Communist lead administration, funded by George Soros, making government contract deals with defense contractors. ??????

Some say that George Soros is a pawn for the Obama administration. I beg to differ. Soros is the boss and he is dangerously manifesting his “one world order” plan on the backs, and in contrast, to everything this Republic stands for.

“Bye Bye American Pie!”

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) is the principal staff element of the Secretary of Defense in the exercise of policy development, planning, resource management, fiscal, and program evaluation responsibilities. OSD includes the immediate offices of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense, Under Secretaries of Defense, Director of Defense Research and Engineering, Assistant Secretaries of Defense, General Counsel, Director of Operational Test and Evaluation, Assistants to the Secretary of Defense, Director of Administration and Management and such other staff offices as the Secretary establishes to assist in carrying out assigned responsibilities.

Hagel, as a “Soros Machine Puppet” will be responsible for every aspect of our nation’s defense, and apparently, George Soros has great influence on the Obama administration and on the policy and direction of the United States. This, actually makes me shudder.

It is obvious, after conducting this research that Chuck Hagel, if appointed, will be a pawn/ puppet and member of the Soros Machine ready, willing and able and positioned to lead the charge against strong national security policies. Israel will be hanging out there alone in the Iranian matter.

Finally, I would like to add, if we keep the heat on the Hagel nomination, don’t be so sure that Hagel himself won’t opt out of the appointment.

Tell the Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services “NO to Hagel.” Contact Chairman Levin today.

Lisa Benson is an nationally renowned expert on anti-Islamic national security issues. As the owner of Lisa Benson Consulting, LLC, she also works in fundraising community raising hundreds of millions of dollars for causes and campaigns. You can find out more about Lisa at her website:


  1. You are 100% correct on this….I made my phone call! I left a message with staff and on his message line.

  2. So the bottom line is this: You and AIPAC care more about Israel than you care about American interests.

    Iran is not a threat to Israel and they are certainly not a threat to the US. Israel has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and conventional, chemical and biological weapons in the Middle East. Israel and the US could wipe Iran out in a matter of hours. Do you and your Israeli and Neo-con friends really believe that Iran would attack Israel knowing this – even if they had nuclear capability, which they don’t?

    Iran has not attacked a neighbor since the 17th Century, while Israel has been the most aggressive state in the Middle East for 50 years, actively working to wipe Palestine off the map with their illegal settlements. If it is fair for Iran to be the object of the West’s scrutiny, inspections and sanctions, then, given Israel’s huge stockpile of illegal nuclear weapons, why is it not also fair for Israel to be the object of that same scrutiny, inspections and sanctions? After all, who is the real threat to peace in the Middle East Iran, who is a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and has every right to develop nuclear power, or Israel who has illegally hidden its nuclear program from the world for years and attacks its neighbors with impunity?

  3. IamJohnGalt says

    I love the self-proclaimed ‘nationally renowned expert on anti-Islamic national security issues.’ Pretty rich…

  4. Wow, that’s the craziest thing I read today, along with the Catholic Church using the “fetus isn’t a person” argument in a Colorado court to dismiss a malpractice suit.

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