Chicken Little can now go boating

In February we covered the Sky is Falling hysteria (Lakes are Drying Out version) over at a democrat’s lament. We have an update that Lake Powell is expected to RISE 50 feet because of  above average snow pack. Anyone who has been to the lake or can read a map will know that represents a lot of water.

Recharge of the Colorado River system will help insure a future supply of water for numerous other lakes along the river as well as the Central Arizona Project.

Funny how there seems to be a cycle of life, almost like an invisible hand working behind the scene. Dare we say a creator who provides?


  1. Or maybe we can look at the actual science and see that his drought is not over.

    Wet winter raises water levels, but drought persists:

    I believe in God the Creator, but Him being a loving god doesn’t prevent us from doing irreperable harm to ourselves. Anyone remember the Dust Bowl? The Black Plague? When we ignore the science, we harm ourselves, and anyone who thinks that water is not going to be a long term problem for Arizona is delusional.

  2. Isn’t it a little soon to be taking the “Chicken Little” crown off of our real champion…Treasurer Dean Martin. I hate to see Napolitano’s meltdown relegated to history this early. We need the “sideplayer” tirade to last in the news a couple more weeks anyway. Treasurer, you’re the right one for picking dates…when does the moniker of Chicken Little get restored to the public domain? How about you announce that a press conference next Friday, 9:30 AM!

  3. This could be the most ludicrous posting I’ve ever seen. A creator that provides? Really? Try telling that to the Anasazi people. Remember them? We are in a drought brought on by both regional and global climate change, overpopulation, and poorly planned growth – one good year of snowpack doesn’t change that, and it especially doesn’t mean that god is looking down on us and is making sure we have enough water. If so, then he’s failed a lot of other people in the Southwest and other regions of the world for the past few thousand years…

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