Chewie offers Horizon advice for staying afloat

The local PBS political show, Horizon, is in danger of going off the air due to cutbacks at ASU. It’s much more important to ASU to fund things like diversity outreach and pay overinflated salaries to its top officials, than operate the only local political show in town (there’s Channel 12’s Square-Off, but most people are either sleeping in or at church on Sunday mornings at 8am). Since we like the show, especially Friday’s Journalists’ Roundtable, and think Ted Simons has done a great job since taking over as host, we offer some suggestions to keep it in business:

–Hire a conservative co-host to balance out the liberal bias of host Ted Simons. You liberals are always promoting the Fairness Doctrine on the air waves, why not implement it? Someone like Stan Barnes or his #2 Alice Lara would give conservatives a reason to watch the show – and contribute. Fundraising efforts could be targeted at conservatives, conservative organizations, and businesses. Right now most conservatives wouldn’t think of contributing to PBS. If you brought conservatives on board, the show would fund itself. The reason Fox News is the most popular cable news channel is because it caters to conservatives. In order to survive in this new era of media where even broadcast journalism is suffering, you have to adapt. People have so many news sources now thanks to the interactive internet, it’s tougher to survive as an old-style biased news source.

–Modernize the show by bringing in new media. ASU has an entire department within its school of journalism working with new media ventures – consisting of student volunteers. Bring in one of them to handle things like using Twitter interactively on the show, have them set up an interactive website, and start cutting short clips from the show to send around the blogosphere to drum up interest in the show. Fox News hosts regularly use Twitter during shows – there’s a reason why they’re doing it, check it out.

If you take these steps, let us know and we’ll gladly help promote the show.

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