Charles Schumer on John McCain: Picking up where Ted Kennedy left off

While John McCain tries to run from his record on multiple issues, Senate Democrats continue to remind him of his past and their desire for him to return to his compromised maverick ways.

Today, Senator Charles Schumer spoke at an Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform event in Manhattan. covered and reported on the event which included the following details of Schumer’s remarks:

“While Lindsey Graham is a great partner and he loves our bill” Schumer   said, he pointed out that his mentor was Senator John McCain.

Statements like that from the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate could spell trouble for Arizona’s senior senator who is furiously covering his tracks leading back to his Maverick-Democratic alliances. This year, his protégé, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, is playing first fiddle on the issue of immigration reform while McCain practices his version of conservative karaoke.

Today’s statement by Schumer appeared to bemoan the loss of his colleague’s maverick nature but signaled that perhaps McCain would be able to re-adopt his earlier position on amnesty should he win the Arizona Primary Election.

Maybe then will the relabel the latest version of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform as the McCain-Schumer bill?


  1. Jane 001 says

    They’re planning on the McCain-“something” bill, and no surprise if posthumously, it’s McCain-Kennedy II.

    And McCain’s so-called “effectiveness” on Capital Hill has surely earned him a prize set of chums! With all the back-handed compliments, they’re sabotaging his campaign.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  2. Brian Rogers says

    More black helicopters from Team Hayworth. What’s next, JD citing tarot card readings in his press releases?

  3. Do you know how callous and ignorant you sound when you put down immigration reform?

    Everyone knows that the federal government’s handling of immigration is horrible. It needs reform. It’s important. It’s the right thing to do. Do you disagree? If you do, you may be past the point of return to rational thinking.

    No one is asking you to agree with amnesty. We all learned a lot when Reagan did it. Blanket amnesty did not work and the consequences were disasterous. Fine. But to keep up the mindless drumbeat of “immigration reform is amnesty” is not living in reality or being intellectually honest.

    We need immigration reform. We need border protection reform. We need both. We need both now. Only John McCain is working on both.

  4. Yeah Travis and the government pasted together Simpson-Mazzoli in the ’80’s and tried to push McCain-Kennedy three years ago to de-facto recognize it’s refusal to enforce standing law and solidify the results!

    We all know what this “reform” brings about

    Democratic political control of affected areas (see California)

    And Republican business profits (see hotel, fast food and restaurant industries)

    Of course you’ll be delighted as your patrons will have more money to throw at shills such as you and Ann.

    As to your hero and role model “The John”, remember that every dog returns to its vomit, and he’s no exception!

    Unless he’s flushed!

  5. So, “Maverick” means “Republican who votes Democrat.”

    That’s “approved” but the Republican who votes “Republican” is not.

    So, Democrats reward hypocrisy.

  6. SuzanneC says

    I guess the McCainacks are monitoring this site, they are out in force this morning. If anybody has believed in the Juan McCain transformation is a fool. A self righteous self serving self promoting politician like Juan will never really change his mind, he believes his own hype. Remember he told us what we were going to get so sit down and shut up, he knew what was best for us. Oh but he is “The last line of Defense” Oh Please remind me what he said again, “They are God’s children too’. That does not make the illegals Americans no matter where they come from.

  7. Jacobite says

    Bear in mind that it was liberals and Democrats who “made” McCain into a national personality via a media which they have a hammerlock control.

    John has been clever enough to realize this and has always been relied upon to “genuflect and kiss the ring” on critical issues.

    He has been heretofore a key liberal overt asset on immigration, cap n trade and campaign funding.

    On social issues, federal judicial appointments and 2nd Amendment protection he has taken on a more “covert” position.

    John has never carried water for NRTL legislation. While keeping his voting record “acceptable” he has used members of his family to publicly take the opposite postion with “wink and nod” gestures.

    Naturally this tactic has carried over to Federal Court nominees.

    When the genuine pro-lifers in the U.S.Senate revolted against George Bush’s attempt to foist two pro abortion candidates, McCain swung into action to hold up the next two pro-life nominees. His creation, “The Gang of Fourteen” was formed to vet any nominee who was reputed to be a social conservative. He was especially active behind the scenes in the attempt to derail Samuel Alito. When he realized that his attempts were failing and would damage his run for the presidency, he backed off and voted to seat Justice Alito. But the “gang” still remains and at an opportune time social conservative judicial nominations will be torpedoed!

    Whenever he felt it opportune he could be relied upon to support gun control initiatives, especially the attempts to delegalize gun shows.

    But in a certain sense he is no longer to blame!

    The old saw “Fool me once shame on you, fool me again, shame on me!” should provide a seed of introspection for the N.R.A.leadership and the terminally naive clique currently running things at AZRTL!

    An above post referred to McCain “returning to his vomit” That is all too true!

    John will return to his evil behavior while his conservative “establishment” will persist in, and treasure their stupidity!

    Donors, keep this in mind!

  8. Stephen Kohut says

    The only thing wrong with US Immigration law is that we do not enforce it and we do not protect the border. There is no shortage of law, as evidenced by California’s 20 year old and unenforced state anti-illegal immigration law. What there is is a lack of backbone to do the job.

  9. Oh wow, Brian – sounds like you’ve gotten your talking points from the Obama camp which isn’t surprising because McCain is a leftist in a GOP badge. I do recall the current administration referring to private American citizens who disagree with them as ‘the fringe element’ or ‘birthers’. And wasn’t it President Obama calling out Nancy Reagan on saences which he had to apologize for later because it wasn’t true? Yes, I can see Desperate Incumbent Republicans from my house!

    Can’t come up with something original for McCain these days? Not surprising! There’s nothing original about McCain.

    By the way, these matters perhaps could be solved if McCain would simply answer our calls for a public debate in Tucson. Why is he stalling?

  10. Travis, Travis, Travis…
    Before calling others intellectually dishonest you should look in the mirror.
    You should check out the guy who’s paying you. You’ve sold whatever integrity you had.

    The idea of border protection reform AND immigration reform in one package is nothing more than a disengenuous sham and we all know it.

    Hey… since you and Ann are McCain operatives.. you MUST KNOW… so PLEASE TELL… WHY DID McCAIN TURN HIS BACK ON RAMOS AND COMPEAN?

    We’re all waiting to hear the slimy excuse you’ll come up with.

  11. C Wren:

    Travis questioning someone’s intellectual dishonesty reminds me of bacteria complaining of disease.

    But maybe I’m too harsh!

    We should cut him some “slack”

    Before you can label anyone as “intellectually dishonest” you
    must possess an intellect yourself!

    Anyone who has waded through Travis’s vapid, shallow platitudes on this list will come to the conclusion that the author is a “gofer” and not a “thinker”

  12. The ONLY reason Democrats want JD to win is because they know they can put a candidate up against JD that will have a chance. There is no chance a democrat would beat out McCain. Democrats also have a sweet spot for JD. JD allowed them to slide in dem Mitchell when JD found himself in a world of legal issues. Had JD chosen to deny Abramoff money and luxuries, we would not have seen the democrats win over that seat in Congress.

  13. oldschool1776 says

    John McCain is doing the right thing for right now FOCUS on the boreder while we have the nations attention FINALLY. then talk about reform.

  14. Don’t you guys see what this is? Its Democrat trying to split the republicans so they can sneak in. They gave you JD lunatics exactly what you want.
    Don’t they know a Democrat will never win this seat. Well that is unless they run against JD. He’s already proven he could lose to a dem on home turf.

  15. JD will never beat out McCain. Arizona has had enough of his overspending and lies. Thats why we voted him out of congress.

  16. C Wren wrote: “The idea of border protection reform AND immigration reform in one package is nothing more than a disengenuous sham and we all know it.”

    This is the kind of irrational thinking that brought us Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

    The Republican Party must do the right thing despite the irrational thinking of some in the party. We must have a plan that is comprehensive, constitutional and immediate.

    When we get irrational, myopic and short-sighted, we lose – and when we lose, we get Clintons and Obamas. You’ll only have yourselves to thank if you will not get out of your basements and stop huddling together and start joining everyone who has the same goals.

  17. Stephen Kohut says


    The plan is simple. Make e-verify permanent. Enforce existing law. Put troops on the border and stop the invasion. There you go. Wasn’t hard to formulate.

  18. Oh My Goodness….gotta love it that the worst thing someone can say is that I am a paid McCain operative. It just goes to show who has been around awhile and who just shows up to spout off. Especially ironic in that “paid means insincere” thought process is that this site is administered by a paid JD staffer (fully disclosed) and now has become a pseudo-official Red Mountain Consulting site, via Marcus Kelley and his interviews.

    Once again…I’ve been posting on this site for a few years…do not now nor have I ever and been a paid McCain staffer/operative/employee…and I would put my conservative purity against anyone for longevity and integrity.

    Apparently, to some, the only test for conservative bonafides is a mixture of rabid hate and irrelevance with no regard to common sense and reality based perspective.

    JD and his followers must be chanting the Stuart Smalley mantra with a twist:
    “I am right, people like me, and I am electable!”

    Ignore reality…but only until Aug. 24th…..then JD will be looking for a job and the rest of you will find a new target for your misplaced frustration.

  19. Ann:

    You might as well be a McCain operative as your campaign is being flushed along with his!

    What happened to Joe’s endorsement?

    McCainiacs speaking about J.D.’s “lies” and “overspending” strikes me as looking for dirt under another guy’s fingernails while standing in a cesspool!

    Hmmmm “I never thought of myself as a ‘Maverick'” , the death bed conversion to border protection, leadership of the Keating Five and Gang of Fourteen, and support of Bush’s T.A.R.P. banker bailouts give a new meaning to the term: “Character Counts”!

  20. Bob,
    It would help if you were knowledgeable on the subject, but since you are not, I’ll explain something basic to you:

    Every time the words “amnesty” or “comprehensive immigration reform” appear in the media the surge of illegals across our southern border INCREASES.

    That is one reason why our borders MUST be secured FIRST. The other is national security. Those who want to rush to legalize millions don’t give a dam.n about national security. You must be one of those.


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