Change is coming to Northwest Tucson


     The Tucson area certainly does have some very Democratic legislative districts that are virtual no-go territory for Republican candidates.  The same is not true for all of Southern Arizona.  Legislative Districts 26 and 30 contain overwhelming Republican majorities.  The legislators in District 30 generally reflect their constituents but District 26 has been a holdout for some especially liberal Republicans, chief among them the amazingly leftist Pete Hershberger.
     It is not good enough for Pete to claim that he is pro-choice.  He voted against the recent parental notification bill (HB2666, April 06) and opposed the Unborn Children Protection (SB1052, April, 05.)  These kinds of votes take Pete well beyond choice into the pro-abortion camp.
     Rarely does a firearms bill come across Pete’s desk without getting a No vote.  This in a state where many good liberals are packing.
     Many times the bills that Pete opposes are so reasonable that even Governor (veto pen Janet) finds time to sign them.
     Help is on the way.  Unlike in the sad primary of 2004, when the legislative candidates in 26 did not face any primary challenge, Pete is in for the race of his political life.  (And it does not look good for him.)
     From the solidly conservative wing of the Republican Party is David Jorgenson.  He has an amazing breadth of real word experience, from being in the military to custom homebuilder and a lot of other significant accomplishments in between.  Check out his web site at  A true Reagan Republican worthy of the title.
     If your tastes go for the more moderate but still Republican there are Carol Somers and Lisa Lovallo.  They both have a strong pro-business background.  While neither is a pro-life champion Somers may appeal a little more to social conservatives with her support for an amendment protecting traditional marriage.  You can check out their respective web sites at and  Either one would represent a huge improvement of the confused and pathetic Hershberger.
     The senate race is no less colorful but that will have to wait for another post.


  1. Can you say “Single Shot?” That’s the name of the game in the LD 26 race with David Jorgenson. Finally!!! LD 26 value voters have someone to vote for after several years of lacking a solid pro-life, pro-family candidate. The last real leader from LD 26 was Dan Schottel. Vote early for Al Melvin and David Jorgenson in this race.

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