Chameleon sighting in NW Tucson.

Sign a.jpgSign b.jpgSign c.jpg

       Usually a campaign chooses a color theme and sticks with it. This clown has signs in several different colors. Maybe he is trying to signal to voters that he changes more than just colors. He runs as a Republican in the GOP dominated district 26 and then goes up to Phoenix and votes as a Democrat. Pete could be warning voters that while he claims he supports the 2nd amendment he actually votes against most every firearms bill. That is interesting. How do you support the 2nd amendment and oppose the NRA like Hershberger does? I guess you change colors.

     BTW  I wonder who paid for the teal blue / rust red sign. Isn’t there a law requiring disclosure of that? 


  1. Casual Observer says

    Actually signage and items like pens and refrigerator magnet are not required to have the Paid For By. All other Printed and Electronic Media do need the paid for by.

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