CD8 Republican Primary update.

stranded.png     Tomorrow, September 5th, 11:00 am at the Tucson Doubletree Hotel, 445 S. Alvernon Way four candidates in the Republican Primary for Congressional District will hold a press conference.

     Frank Antenori, Randy Graf, Mike Hellon, and Mike Jenkins will be there. I have no inside information but I am going to speculate on what they will say.

     Some have posited that one or more will drop out. This will not happen. These men all entered the race for a reason and not one of them is a quitter. No one will drop out.

     Will they just say how disappointed they are in Steve Huffman’s negative ads and go home? Not likely. I have watched these four a lot this campaign season and while they have been pretty upbeat they have a very serious sides to them, especially Randy and Mike. If they call a joint press conference it will be for a jaw-dropping announcement.

     Will they announce the involvement or intervention of some outside group? No. There is no group with which all four have a connection so if they are all showing up it is not related to one group.

     Will they state unequivocally that if Steve Huffman is the Republican nominee for CD 8 that they will not support him? This is the most likely scenario. At this point they are all sick of Steve. It is also a low risk move since Huffman has few if any friends at this time. They would not bother getting together unless it was something big and this would be big. If they do make this statement it is pretty clear that Steve Huffman would loose in the general election. These four care about and believe in the Republican Party and Huffman has done everything to tear it apart and destroy it. It is also a great way to poke a stick in the eye of Jim Click.

     I could be wrong but I guess we will find out tomorrow.


  1. I just heard on good sources that somebody called the home of Frank Antenori and threatened him and his family if he attended and participated in the press conference today. It seems that Huffman is crapping his pants about the press conference, and worries that someone like Antenori comes in with too much credibility. I don’t personally think that Huffman would be responsible for such nasty, dangerous, and obviously illegal threats. But I wouldn’t put it past some of Huffman’s handlers/owners. Antenori’s a big boy, and he can take it. He did serve in more than one war as a Green Beret, so this is nothing. But threats against one’s family are beyond the pale. It will be interesting if Frank mentions this during the press conference. I’ve never seen politics like this before. Huffman’s people have really gone over the top on this one. There should be criminal investigations and anyone who threatens the family of a person seeking public office – and not just any public office but an actual seat in Congress – should go to jail.

    One question: Does Bill Arnold have Frank Antenori’s home telephone number?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    A very inside source with the Antenori campaign confirmed that a call took place. The caller did not threaten the safety or well being of Frank or his family but did say that his political future would be at risk if he participated in the press conference.

    What this means I do not know but I would advise Frank to make sure that he has proper receipt for all the curtains and window coverings in his house and can show proper source of funds for their purchase.

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