CD8 Republican press conference (cont.)

Mike.jpg     I mentioned that I was not blown away by this morning’s press conference held by Antenori, Graf, Hellon, and Jenkins. My opinion aside, it looks like it had the intended consequence. It was covered by the media.

     The Tucson Citizen and Dan Nowicki of the Arizona Republic both wrote about the event. I imagine it made it on one or two of the local TV channels. The MSM got it correct that Mike Hellon took the lead. He was passionate and unambiguous in his remarks. I doubt this will sway huge numbers of voters but I think it was aimed more at the kingmakers that tried to coronate Huffman before the electorate had its say. Looks like it worked.

Tuesday 9-5-06, 8:05 pm

Credit goes to Arizona 8th for noting the Washington Post coverage.

The Arizona Daily Star has an article by Josh Brodesky.

Interesting article by Blake Morlock of the Tucson Citizen.

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