CD5 whispers

By 11 am last Saturday, County Treasurer David Schweikert and his wife had been to three events.  David is an energetic, go-getter type of of guy, but three events before lunchtime?  That’s quite a hectic schedule — unless of course you’re running for Congress.  We report, you decide.


  1. Let’s hope!

  2. AZGOPgal says

    Let’s hope…not. Although he is a brilliant man, I have been thoroughly unimpressed with him. But then again, that’s just me.

  3. John Q. Public says

    Count me in the “Lets Hope!” column. Schweikert is a great guy, knowledgeable and politically savvy. His wife, Joyce, will be a tremendous asset.

  4. Bumble Bayy says

    Nice guy. I’d rather see Laura K. though. She’s the bomb diggity.

  5. Laura Knaperek showed herself as divisive, illogical and not a team player. That letter she sent out during the race for GOP state chairman will come back to haunt her.

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