CD-5 By Graph

Here are a few graphical presentations of what is happening in the CD-5 race among Republicans. (Click on each graph to see a larger image.)


  1. Conservative to the Core says

    Very cool! I love the visuals!

  2. 2 the right says

    I can’t wait to see the pie chart that shows the percentage of votes per money spent. I will put my money on Laura Knaperek for being number one in that category and as the primary winner. She has the best name recognition even after all of the money spent by DS, SBS and JO.
    Great job Laura, you have my vote!!

  3. Reflection, distorted says

    Candie, nice charts and clever name. Looks like there are a lot of people who have not given to any candidate. Lots of people who might like Anderson or Knaperek but don’t want to waste their money or their vote and see Bitter Smith or Ogsbury get the plurality. It will be good for those potential donors (hello there, Scottsdale) to see these charts because they will come to one conclusion: send some money to Schweikert now, and send him more after he wins the primary.

  4. Nice visuals. Very intuitive!

  5. AZpublius says

    DS sure is “disbursing” a lot…

  6. kralmajales says

    Another very cool and useful post. Thank you!

  7. kralmajales says

    You should put Mitchell on the graph too. As a reference point.

  8. kralmajales says

    Oh…just went to

    Michell has over a Million dollars in cash on hand. The next closest is Schweikert with about 500k. You have to agree that this will not cut it…especially for a rich GOP district like CD 5.

    Some other tidbits.

    Giffords has over $2 million on hand and has raised $2.4 million. Hardly any burn rate and leaves Bee with 600K. To challenge an incumbent, that is just not enough.

    Finally, Shaddegg is doing well…I think 1.8 million, but so is Lord. The guy has over a million raised so far to challenge.

    When you finally look at the paltry sum that Hay has raised against Kirkpatrick, then this looks like a banner year coming for Dems.

  9. nightcrawler says

    I believe the constituents of CD5 are waiting to see who emerges from the primary. Mitchell is running unopposed so the comparison of cash on hand at this juncture is not fair.

    JustMe, that was lame. Schweikert has nothing to do with that mess.

  10. An earlier comment was removed because it was completely unrelated to this post. We also believe that it was also a despicable shot taken by someone – probably associated with a competing campaign – at one of the other campaigns. We will not name any names but anyone can look at the historical patterns of specific candidates and their campaigns and probably figure it out.

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    What comment was removed?

  12. Kralmajales says

    Cool DSW.

    Nightcrawler…that is indeed the hope of the GOP, but by then Mitchell will likely have 2-3 million plus DNCC support.

    I suspect that these numbers are still telling. Early money is like yeast. The GOPers in this district aren’t giving it up, why?

  13. nightcrawler says

    I live in CD5 and am active in the GOP. I can tell you that several of the business people and otherwise well to do people in our community who are not actively involved in politics are fed up and choose not to throw good money away. There are numerous reasons for this…

    1) The business community will not support a candidate who turns around and spits in its eye through relentless lobbyist bashing, anti-business sanction rhetoric and unreasonable social positions that would be an embarrassment to the donor.

    2) Things aren’t going so well with the economy so no need to encourage more of the same behavior.

    3) No clear front-runner has emerged, not in terms of cash, but rather in terms of popularity. The candidates to their credit are being very civil to each other which tends to be rather uneventful and boring. People go to car races to see a crash, hockey games to see a fight and political debates to see some action.

    Will the real candidate please stand up ?

  14. Kralmajales says

    Wow, nightcrawler…if that is true then this is going to be really really horrible year for the GOP.

    I am not surprised that the business crowd is holding back. With all the new regulatory action that the GOP has put forth on immigration, I can’t imagine that the GOP could still be the friends of business.

  15. Kralmajales says

    Not just immigration either, some of my pals in business have come to recognize that lower taxes are great, but also that the lack of spending on infrastructure and education is really killing economic development. The only companies we are attracting are still call centers and the like.

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