CD-4 Joe Penalosa likely to be removed from ballot

The following statement was released by William Connor regarding a petition challenge of CD-4’s Joe Penalosa. Penalosa recently dropped out of the Scottsdale City Council to seek the Republican nomination in CD-4. Janet Contreras is the current frontrunner in the race to unseat Ed Pastor in the November General Election.

Elections attorney Bill Conner stated; “Late today we have filed an application for an order to show cause why Janet Contreras’ opponent shouldn’t be removed from the ballot.  Not only does he have insufficient signatures and two potential felons passing his petitions, but he lives twenty miles outside the district he is running in.  We have the process of law for a reason.  Title 16 of A.R.S. exists to ensure that not just anyone makes it to a nominating ballot.  That is clearly the case here.  Mr. Penalosa wasn’t even close.  We are eager for our Show Cause hearing”.

The petition is provided here.



  1. Jane 001 says

    Just finished reading the petition. Can’t understand why the county recorders office didn’t catch this…why this suit had to be brought.

  2. Antifederalist says

    My guess: this immigration attorney who all of a sudden jumped out of the Scottsdale City Council race to run in CD 4 against Janet Contreras did so at the behest of that slimeball Ed Pastor.

    Pastor meets regularly with immigration attorneys. This guy is probably Pastor’s friend. Pastor gets an inkling that he has a serious challenger in the general election, so he sends this rube into the fray to either 1.) force Janet to waste her time and treasure fending off a primary challenge OR 2.) ensure that a RINO friend wins the primary that will run a lackluster campaign so Ed can coast his fat butt to an easy re-election.

    This stinks to HIGH HEAVEN of Pastor! This is the scumbag that forced South Mountain Community College to give his daughter a job she was unqualified for at 20% more than the position normally pays. Then Ed increases the federal grant to South Mountain to make his incompetent daughter look good.

    Later, when his daughter is running for Phoenix City Council, Ed throws a fundraiser for his daughter in D.C. Who donates to little Miss Pastor? The lobbyists seeking to curry favors from Ed before the Appropriations Committee. When called on this favor currying, Ed lies and says he has no idea who donated to his daughter. Yeah, right!

    Does the Penalosa incident smell of Ed Pastor’s corruption? To quote Palin, “YOU BETCHA!”

    Democrats, wake up and understand that you are sending a corrupt politician back to Washington over and over. Haven’t you had enough of corrupt politics? I thought Pelosi promised the most ethical Congress ever? What have we gotten? Rangel? Geithner? Jefferson? Bribes from the White House to drop out of Senate races? I don’t care what party you are. It’s time to send the lying, corrupt Ed Pastor home. You have viable alternatives.

  3. maybeimamazed says

    It is not required that one live in the Congressional District. It is reasonable and defuses an issue of carpetbagging if one does live in the District they hope to represent though.

  4. Newsflash to Bill O'Connor says

    The Constitution of the United States requires only that members of the House live in the state in which they are running.

    Perhaps living 20 miles outside the district is politically problematic, but there are no legal problems there.

  5. Newsflash to Newsflash – unfortunately ARS requires that they do live in the district in which they are running.

  6. Jane 001 says

    @Antifederalist, this was clearly a spoiler for Ed Pastor. But because it was so sloppy, I’m wondering whether “Joe Penalosa” really exists.

  7. Newsflash to Popeye says

    If that’s true, it is unconstitutional.

  8. TrueAZConservative says

    Popeye: newsflash, the US Supreme Court, in U.S. Term Limits v Thornton, held that states may NOT impose qualifications for the office of US representative or Senator, meaning any A.R.S. provision would be held unconstitutional. You do NOT need to live in the district that you seek office for. Please consider researching the topic before you post on it.

  9. Why would anyone waste their time in that district anyway when there are so many more important races that we can actually win. Wasn’t Janet a Democrat before too? They both seem like RINO’s.

  10. I was the 2008 Libertarian Party candidate for Arizona’s 1st district and I made no secret of the fact that I did not live in the district.

  11. Antifederalist says

    @Jane 001,
    I think that smirking jerk Pantalones really exists. Hunt down his website. As I said, he was running in the Scotts City Council race before (I believe) Pastor convinced him to jump into the race.

  12. True AZ Conservative – Like signature requirements under ARS? Youre right, none of Title 16 applies to federal candidates at all…..jeez wake up.

  13. TrueAZConservative says

    Popeye, getting signatures to be placed on a ballot is not a qualification for participation, there is case-law for this as well. You need to wake up, and at least learn a little about the law, if you are going to make blanket assertions and ad hominen attacks on others. Wake up!

  14. Jane 001 says

    Antifederalist, yes he does exist and the more illegal aliens that come here, the more money he makes.

    Title 16 issue seems to be the least of the counts against Penalosa. Here’s a candidate that recruits felons to circulate petitions and submits 600 signatures where 500 of them are invalid! ACORN may as well be running his campaign. I was not sure about Janet Contreras at first, but this is a good case and her stock just went up in my mind.

    Get frauds off the ballot:

  15. To those that think the big deal here is the fact that Penalosa doesn’t live in CD4:

    I’ve got two words for you –

    Rick Renzi.

    In all practical terms, while he bought a house here in AZ, his wife and kids never left VA. And for the most part, neither did he.

  16. United Front says

    You have until the day of the election to comply with the residency requirements.

  17. Antifederalist says

    @John F,
    Reagan used to be a Democrat too. Janet’s no RINO.

    Why bother in CD 4? Because Pastor IS beatable. If Independents are disaffected Republicans as have been proven the case all across the country, Pastor CAN be sent home if the Republicans and Independents unite and go to the polls to toss him out of office.

  18. Concerned Voter says

    This case was heard today but I see no comments from anyone? Slandering someone’s character is wrong, especially when you don’t check your facts before you present your case. The truth will come out Mr. Conner.

  19. TrueAZConservative says

    Connor was wholly incompetent in the hearing! He spent most of the time trying to defend himself against a Rule 11 Sanctions charge. He lost his case and I can’t imagine that anyone would want to hire him after this case.

  20. The Truth Wins says

    The Court just ruled in Mr. Penalosa’s favor on all counts in the frivolous lawsuit filed by Janet Contreras. It was clearly an attempt on her part to smear his character and name because it is clear he is a highly credible and qualified candidate and a threat to her candidacy. You are right, Concerned Voter,the truth did come out.

  21. Concerned Voter says

    It appears now that Mrs. Contreras will have to actually run the race. She and her attorney are fortunate that the Judge did not hand out sanctions. Mr. Penalosa has no relationship with Pastor….get your facts right. Mr. Connor you will also be fortunate if you don’t have to defend yourself from the Arizona Bar! You might get ready to handle that complaint as I suspect that it is coming. Your behavior is really bad….and I wish I had a picture of the look on your face to post when the Judge asked you if you wrote this!! I hope you really learn from this and from this point forward you pick your clients better and do your homework…

  22. The Truth Wins says

    Mr. Connor – where is your response now?

  23. The Truth Shall Set us Free says

    Hey all you folks on this site. Mr. Penalosa has been vindicated and all you finger pointers and rumor spreaders can just eat crow.
    Mrs. Contreras and her lakey attorney, Mr. Connor have been unsuccessful in bringing down Mr. Penalosa and the truth has come out. How low a character must you have to spread such vile lies about a person. I can say one thing; Mr. Penalosa will never sink as low as the Contreras camp and will run his campaign on a high moral ground. Why don’t all of you go back and re-take High School government and learn what it takes to be a U.S. Congressman.
    Go JOE!!!!!

  24. Concerned Voter says

    Mrs Contreras

    In my humble opinion you should reconsider your campaign, and maybe take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have the morals, values, necessary to represent the people. We the people want more….If you continue with actions such as this you have very little chance of being elected. I cannot Vote in CD4 but I and others will be watching this race, and will not allow you to play the smear card….because there is nothing to smear. Mr. Penalosa is a man of integrity and would never consider attacking you for something he thinks you did, or for whom you may have a relationship, ever!!! especially without some proof…

    I wish you well and good luck

    Concerned Voter 🙂

  25. Concerned Voter says

    Mr. Connor,

    There is a great class you should retake at ASU called The Constitution of the United States 101. You remind me of an attorney who now is no just a paralegal as we revoked his Bar license for pulling stunts just like this, and it is very apparent that you need to read more, and think before you act. It is strange that you tout yourself as a Elections attorney when you very clearly lack the knowledge of the Constitution of the United States. We will also be watching you Mr. Connor since you stuck your neck out..mmmm….
    I might be very quiet if I were in your position….and quickly get some more continuing education. In state tuition is very cheap for a resident,,,I think you would qualify.

    Good Luck

    Concerned Voter 🙂

  26. Concerned Voter says

    How about an apology Mr Connor, Mrs Contreras.??…but I see nothing from you….Your actions show me as a voter that you lack the capacity to admit when you were wrong. You both know how to reach Mr. Penalosa. I certainly don’t want you Mrs Contreras representing my State much less the people of CD4, and I know very little about you but what you have shown us since you started your little tantrum. It would go a long way for you issue a public statement towards restoring my faith that you would not run unless you had some backbone, morals, values, strength to come forward and say ” I made a mistake” !!! Drop out if you can’t, you don’t deserve to be a legislator for our State and Country….

    Concerned Voter

  27. Mr. Penalosa is a man of integrity. I have known him 16 years. He is
    a true American. I wish I was half the man he is. I don’t live in AZ but I wish I did so I can work for him.
    I am a republican and very conservative. Joe is the kind of Republican
    we need in the party if we ever hope to beat the likes of Ed Pastor.
    This lawsuit was a joke and a sad day that we tried to hurt one of our own.
    So you don’t like his standing on some issues is ok.
    But not a reason toput a good man down. If you knew Joe like I do
    you would feel cheap to make negative statements when you don’t really
    know him.
    If you want to beat Pastor? Joe is your best chance.
    Good luck my friend we are proud of you.

  28. I have known Joe for about 18 years. I have watched him work,he is a rock solid. He is the man for the job….

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