CD-3 Vernon Parker releases TV ad campaign


  1. Pretty Peeved says

    Ok, don’t shoot the messenger shoot the shooter. The one who has our Mayor squinting in the sunlight and looking more than a bit sweaty.

  2. Oh! I get it! So now Vernon is attempting to look tough on border issues. I was disappointed that he said he believes the 14th Amendment allows for “anchor babies” at the recent CD3 forum at Cactus Wren Republican Women. Nice! I guess that’s why he supports McAmnesty McCain!

  3. I suppose I should clarify what the rest of the candidates said. Quayle, Paulina Morris and Leann Hull all support “anchor babies”. Only Crump, Moak, Winkler and Waring (sort of…) spoke against.

  4. Double Decaf Latte says

    I agree with Pretty Peeved – Not a good backdrop for the ad. Now…Buz Mills’ ad guy gets backdrops….he looks and sounds like a Governor

  5. TrueAZConservative says

    At least they chose the right script, and didn’t use one of those they wrote up while he was running for Governor. Not only is this guy a bureaucrat, he is simply looking for the “next best thing,” which apparently isn’t the Governor’s office anymore, but Congress.

    CD3 needs to send Pamela Gorman to Congress; a proven conservative who has strong leadership qualities. She stood up against the tax hike going out to voters tomorrow, fighting with her own party. Gorman is the true conservative in this race!

  6. BrianVista says

    Is the same Vernon Parker that got debarred from future federal contracts because he got a taxpayer “minority business” grant that was falsely certified?

    I hope my tax dollars aren’t paying for this pitiful ad.

  7. Mike Kelton says

    That’s a pretty well made commercial — no homemade camcoder. He must be rolling in the money.

  8. Sheriff Joe endorsed Vernon. Either the Sheriff doesn’t care who he supports or Joe supports Vernon because they have the same views on the border security. I think its the latter. Sheriff Joe does not endorse people lightly and the Haney-gang really put the squeeze on him.

  9. Looks like he is raising money if he is going on TV. This race is between Parker and Quayle. Hate to burst the bubble of all the Gorman/Cump people, but if you only raise 5% of what the major candidates did, your campaign is already over.

    One thing nobody mentioned is the “experience” angle Parker uses at the end. He is already positioning himself against Potatoe Boy.

  10. TrueAZConservative says

    Candidates who try to buy an election with out-of-state contributions are not those who we should be looking to for change in Washington. I would much rather support a strong conservative candidate, who has experience and can be trusted on the issues, than jump on the bandwagon because another candidate has gotten $2400 payments from the establishment.

  11. t junion says

    I like Parker, he supported photo red light and speed cameras in PV, raising valuable revenue for the city.

  12. TrueAZConservative says

    Great, you can keep him in PV! Raising valuable revenue = increasing taxes! Not exactly what conservatives are looking for.

  13. Well, obviously Parker didn’t raise enough with his cameras as the city is in financial difficulty and laying off government employees.

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