CD-3 update.

Speaking of Congressman Shadegg he already has an opponent for 2008. The lucky guy is Bob Lord. We are not sure of his party because he has done everything to hide his affiliation on his web site. Haven’t seen that exact color scheme before but it looks a little similar to the last guy who got trounced by Shadegg.

It’s no wonder Bob does not want the voters of CD-3 to know his party. The district is overwhelmingly Republican and in 2006 Shadegg won almost 60% of the vote. But hey the more resources and money the Dems want to throw into the district the less they will have for CD-5, CD-8, and CD-1.

SA will keep monitoring the race but based on past results we do not believe it will be very close.


  1. It looks like he’s not even sure what district he’s running in. If you click the “About CD-3” tab, the title of the page changes to “District 4.”

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Very observant.

  3. Lord raised more than Shadegg in Q1. If AZ-3 was really that Republican, Shadegg would have tied up more than 60%. Remember, Hayworth was unable to garner 60% in 2004, and we all remember what happened then.

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