CD-3 update.

The Arizona Watchtower has a nice update on CD-3. Looks like John Shadegg can raise money after all.

Bob, the Democrat candidate, was born in Washington D.C., attended college in Maryland, and received his J.D. from George Washington U. in D.C. After working in New York City he moved out to Arizona. He will be attempting to unseat U.S. Representative Shadegg in the heavily Republican district. The Arizona born and raised Shadegg earned both his undergraduate and law degrees in Arizona.

Update: The East Valley Tribune has a nice article covering the race. There did seem to be one glaring error in the article though. As of 9:00 am on Thursday the storied claims that Shadegg received 55% of the vote in his 2006 re-election. By our calculations he got 59%, not a huge difference but noticeable enough to point out. Don’t they teach math in journalism school any more?


  1. Isn’t it kind of hard to criticize Lord for not being born in AZ, when the vast majority of people here were born in another state?

    More importantly, isn’t it kind of hypocritical? At least he actually lives here, unlike a certain Virginia Republican representing northern AZ…

    BTW – Lord’s lived here for 20 years; he’s no carpetbagger.

    Unlike that certain Virginian…

    As for the Trib’s math ability, maybe they just figure that if the AZRep doesn’t have to know basic math, neither do they.

    It doesn’t fit the new business model or something. 🙂

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