Damn It Feels Good to be a Victicrat!

10 Questions to Ask at Healthcare Town Hall Meetings

I’m saying this right up front, full credit for the following goes to Robert Wenzel, editor and publisher of the Economic Policy Journal.  To read it at his website, the link is provided.  These questions are based on material provided by three individuals, who unlike the Organizer-in-Chief or the Speaker of the House, have actually bothered to read the pages of the legislation.

The following questions were written by Robert Wenzel

He was assisted though the truly Herculean reading of the 1,000 plus page healthcare document by Peter Fleckstein, and also Russell Wilcox.

When history books for this era are written, both these men’s names should go down as heroes, for letting the public know what this so called, “healthcare” bill is really all about.

Question 1: Who actually wrote this bill? Congressman can you get us the names of the people that wrote this bill, so that we can understand their views on healthcare?

Question 2: If this bill is only about getting the poor insurance, why will the Secretary of Health as opposed to my doctor determine if I should be re-admitted to a hospital, as outlined on pages 284-288, SEC. 1151?

Question 3: Why, if I am happy with the type of health insurance I have, can you force me to get different insurance as outlined in pages 167-168, section 401 or force me to pay a penalty tax?

Question 4: Why is a simple catastrophic health insurance not allowed under this plan, when that is really what insurance should be about? Is this really happening in America? I reference pages 26-30, SEC. 122.

Question 5: Why will the Health Secretary have full say over all health payments as outlined on page 124, Sec. 223? Isn’t this against the free market system and more in line with the thinking of Mussolini?

Question 6: Why does the healthcare bill on pages 195-196, SEC. 431 and on page 145, section 312 open up my tax information to federal employees, and force my employer to supply any information asked of him by the Health Choices Commissioner, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Secretary of the Treasury?

Question 7: Why MUST any Doctor who orders durable medical equipment or home medical services be enrolled as a Medicare provider , as outlined on pages 719-720 Sec 1637?

Question 8: What are these so called home visitation programs by the government for families with young children & families expecting children, as outlined on pages 838-845?

Question 9: On page 936, this bill mentions a “Healthy People & National Public Health Performance Standards”. Does this mean you are going to try and tell me what I can and can’t eat? Are you going to force manufacturers to stop making some foods?

Question 10: Most of the Healthcare Bill has little to do with providing health insurance to the poor, and a lot to do with controlling everyone. Why is this so? If I am happy with my health insurance why don’t you just leave me alone?

the president There are 3 recent postings on this topic I have provided you the reader; the first on the duplicity of the Whitehouse in putting out a “snitch” line to stifle freedom of speech, the second on the actual intent of this monstrous legislation, and finally this piece, specific questions to ask Gabby Giffords, Raul Grijalva, Ed Pastor, and Ann Kirtpatrick.  (Look over your shoulder Ann, Bill Konopnicki is coming for your job)

Dumping & Receiving the Welfare Class

With California poised to dramatically slash its welfare programs and Arizona still trying to determine how it will close the Napolitano spending spree deficit, I have to wonder if our legislators are thinking far enough ahead to prepare for a mass exodus from California? When (it’s not a matter of “if” anymore) California’s government “folds,” Arizona, Nevada, and other surrounding states should expect to be overwhelmed by those in the California welfare class crossing our border to jump on our roles. Unlike illegal immigrants, we can expect these folks to be more demanding with really no other place to go.

Obama Dumps More Money Into Arizona

Here are two headlines you may not read:

Stimulus funds for weatherization on way to Yuma families” – Yuma Daily Sun

Western Arizona Council of Governments is being allocated $5.9 million over the next three years through the stimulus program to ramp up the weatherization assistance the agency has been providing for the last 30 years in Yuma, La Paz and Mohave counties, said Gina Whittington, human resources director for WACOG.

Currently, the agency weatherizes about 85 homes a year in the three counties. With the additional funding, the agency expects to be able to provide the service to 600 homes by the third year, she said.

She didn’t have a breakdown on how much of the funding would benefit Yuma-area families. However, she said that typically 50 percent of the clients served by the WACOG weatherization program are in Yuma County, with 10 percent in La Paz County and 40 percent in Mohave County.

“The weatherization money really targets the low income who often live in the oldest and least energy efficient homes,” she said. “These are the very people who are least able to pay high energy costs.”

The program’s goal is to provide the clients with the most cost-effective measures, she said. That may mean a new air conditioner, sealing duct work, installing window screens, adding insulation or white-coating mobile home roofs.

“Some of these simple measures provide the biggest return for the clients,” she said.

“This will help the environment because of the greater energy efficiency,” she said. “Long term, with the cost savings, it could help people build wealth over time by being able to pay their utility bills.”

Southeastern Arizona Community Action Program gets funds to weatherize” – Nogales International

Arizona will receive more than $63 million in ARRA funding over the next three years, reported the Southeastern Arizona Community Action Program Inc. (SEACAP). About $4.6 million will benefit low-income residents in Graham, Greenlee, Santa Cruz and Cochise counties through the SEACAP program.

Weatherization means adding insulation, sealing leaks and modernizing heating and air conditioning equipment. It can reduce home heating bills by an average of 32 percent, according to SEACAP.

Money well spent? The voters will have to determine that. Something tell me that after all the money is redistributed, all the work has been done, that some lives may be improved in the short-term but things will return to “normal” and the cycle will begin all over again.


Michael Johns Says Sealing America’s Border with Mexico Requires Urgency

Conservative leader and writer Michael Johns, a former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation foreign policy analyst, said last night that the United States needs to act with great urgency to secure its southern border with Mexico if it hopes to protect the nation’s security interests and begin reversing the many economic and other crises spurred by the nation’s apparent unwillingness to enforce federal immigration laws by fully securing its southern border.

Replays of Johns’ interview with the Grizzly Groundswell Network on Blog Talk Radio are available globally for replay from the 61.30 to 120 minute mark of the network’s June 30, 2008 show, available at:


In the interview, Johns challenges the conventional wisdom that Mexico’s illegal aliens in the U.S. are only filling jobs that Americans do not want, stating that nearly half of them–10.5 million of the 21.6 million illegal Mexicans in this nation–are illegally filling skilled jobs that almost certainly would be appealing to Americans at a time when unemployment is standing at 5.5 percent nationally. Johns stated further that the failure of the U.S. to seal its southern border from illegals represents one of the greatest ongoing security threats to the nation at a time when the U.S. continues to be embroiled in a global conflict against al-Qaeda and Islamic extremism.

Johns stated that the 21.6 million illegal Mexican aliens in the U.S. are ill-serving the U.S. economy, costing the nation approximately $397 billion annually in education, health care and other social services. Meanwhile, Johns says, Mexican illegals are returning large sums of their earnings–approximately $33 billion annually to Mexico and $283 billion annually to all of Latin America. He also said that the U.S. has spent approximately $1.5 billion since 2001 in costs associated with the incarceration of approximately 370,000 illegal aliens in the U.S.

As President of Phoenix’s Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM), Johns and his organization are actively supporting two Arizona ballot initiatives that would strengthen the state’s illegal immigration enforcement capabilities by empowering Arizona’s law enforcement officials to enforce federal immigration laws and make the state’s criminal trespass statutes applicable to illegal aliens in the state. The deadline for the submission of signatures for these two ballot initiatives is this Thursday, July 3, 2008.

Coordinated Deceit

Today’s Arizona Republic is a perfect example of the coordination of Democrat politicians and their allies in the media.  In a top-of-the-fold story in the Valley and State section, reporter Matt Benson writes a heavily-tilted story with the clear intent of promoting the Democrat talking points about their attempt to reauthorize the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Benson sets up the story in the classic “for the children” argument – even getting Gov. Napolitano to say exactly that: “We’re talking about health insurance for children here.”

Then Rep. Mitchell gets to chime in calling the veto “unconscionable” and “Every child should have health insurance.” 

Benson then makes sure to point out that Arizona ranks fourth-worst for its percentage of uninsured children, but makes nary a mention about the huge illegal alien population in the state which drives that number.

Congressman John Shadegg is quoted as saying that the Democrat proposal was “not directed at uninsured poor or nearly poor children.” However, there is no explanation from Benson of why that is.  Conveniently left out of the story are very important facts about the Democrat bill:  it would do nothing about the problem of state’s covering adults – including childless adults (remember, this is the Children’s Health Insurance Program), it covers children in families earning as much as $83,000 per year (not exactly poor, or near poor), and it uses a massive 61-cent-per-pack tax increase on cigarettes to help pay for this expansion.

Tim Bee gets a cameo quote, which was likely a set-up by Benson so that Giffords can try to use it against him in the event he officially runs against her.

The capstone of the deceit in the story comes near the end when Benson writes “Shadegg suggested that the expansion would lead to more people dumping private coverage in favor of government assistance.”  As Benson writes it, it makes it sound like Shadegg pulled that out of thin air – just made it up.  What Benson failed to write was that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office study shows that, under the Democrat proposal, for every child added to the rolls of SCHIP, one child will leave private coverage – a direct one-to-one correlation.

After quoting Shadegg about people leaving private coverage, Benson writes the following line: “Mitchell called that claim a “scare tactic” and “phony argument.””

Hence, Mitchell shows that he is not above deceit in order to follow the Democrat marching orders.  We’ll wait to see the next time Mitchell tries to use analysis from CBO to advance whatever argument he is making – then we can tell him that he is using a “scare tactic” and a “phony argument.”

Center for Arizona Policy Welcomes Marvin Olasky

Marvin Olasky

One upcoming event I’m particularly excited about is a special presentation by the Center for Arizona Policy.

On September 26th, Arizona’s leading pro-life, pro-family organization welcomes Dr. Marvin Olasky to Phoenix in a special luncheon to be held at the Phoenix Airport Marriot.

If you are interested in the culture war, media issues and especially welfare and the role of the church, you need to attend this special event. Dr. Olasky is considered the leading expert on compassionate conservative. He also serves as Editor-in Chief of World Magazine.

Please contact The Center for Arizona Policy at (602) 424-2525 to reserve your seat or visit their website info.