It’s far too early to suggest the government can’t be fixed by normal channels when voting still works. The November 2010 elections are proof that that power of The People still exists. How peculiar to be arguing isolation and despair when the 2012 elections are just ahead, a BIG chance to make CHANGE at the BALLOT BOX.

PATIENCE is a VIRTUE. We need to remind ourselves of this in this instant gratification age.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK.  If people want change in 2012, they will have to work together with a lot of other poeple to achieve that at the ballot box.  It means putting aside petty differences and functioning as a national team, the PEOPLE acting through the Constitution to preserve their Constitutional rights.

It is not right to discourage people into believing government is not changeable through lawful processes. That’s simply not true at this point in time. Further, unlawful processes have no backing by the majority of the People. If the system is torn down, there is no consensus as to lawful means of gaining power. Then chaos and anarchy rule, and usually the toughest, baddest prevail, precisely NOT what people wanted.

This is also unBiblical to advocate non-cooperation, as God commands to “obey the authorities.”   The teachings of Christ constantly state that the kingdom is in heaven, NOT on earth.  Earth will be problematic, be challenging, be hard.  Any preaching to establish a kingdom on earth is heresy, one of the three temptations Satan put to Jesus Christ to intice him off his purpose.

Even in a tyranny, any nation is in a better state after a lawful removal of leaders than by an unlawful removal of leadership. Honduras was an excellent example of the RIGHT way to deal with presidential unlawfulness because they established a CONSTITUTIONAL CONSENSUS amongst the branches of government.  Devastated Liberia and Sierra Leone are grim warnings that unlawful seizing of power, even with the seductive excuse of a corrupt government creates WORSE problems. Usurpers may have self-righteously removed the heads of state, but tiem and time again prove by wretched failures that they have not captured the CONSENT of the PEOPLE.

That said, “grumpy isolationists” and their alarmist rhetoric haven’t yet demonstrated they deserve being lumped in with “terrorists” who are designated as such by a proven record of murder and mayhem. It seems to diminish the guilt of the historical and contemporary terrorists who are blowing up people and chopping off heads, while inflating the threat of people who spent most of their time spouting high-falutin’ rhetoric without doing much else that actually bothers anyone else.   Just trying to argue and convince to win people to the debate side isn’t enough.  That’s just free speech.

The Constitution discusses the right of dissolving offending governments by the consensus of the people, which means VOTE.  Until THAT mechanism is totally taken from the PEOPLE, it is the way to orderly and lawful changes of goevrnance.

The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event

The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event

by Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under President Ronald Reagan and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.


The US government’s bin Laden story was so poorly crafted that it did not last 48 hours before being fundamentally altered. Indeed, the new story put out on Tuesday by White House press secretary Jay Carney bears little resemblance to the original Sunday evening story. The fierce firefight did not occur. Osama bin Laden did not hide behind a woman. Indeed, bin Laden, Carney said, “was not armed.”

The White House has also had to abandon the story that President Obama and his national security team watched tensely as events unfolded in real time (despite the White House having released photos of the team watching tensely), with the operation conveyed into the White House by cameras on the SEALs helmets. If Obama was watching the event as it happened, he would have noticed, one would hope, that there was no firefight and, thus, would not have told the public that bin Laden was killed in a firefight.

full article here…….

Are Arizona Conservatives that naive about Grover Norquist?

Plenty of political unrest brewing over an event scheduled Thursday night featuring the President of Americans for Tax Reform and founder of the Islamic Free Market Institute, Grover Norquist.

National security advocates including Pamela Geller, David Horowitz and Frank Gaffney have all been very vocal in their opposition to Norquist’s standing in the conservative movement.

In March, 2010, Pamela Geller wrote an article for American Thinker:

Grover Norquist’s ties to Islamic supremacists and jihadists have been known for years. He and his Palestinian wife, Samah Alrayyes — who was director of communications for his Islamic Free Market Institute until they married in 2005 — are very active in “Muslim outreach.” Just six weeks after 9/11, TheNew Republic ran an exposé explaining how Norquist arranged for George W. Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic supremacists at the White House on September 26, 2001 — to show how Muslims rejected terrorism. (read entire article, “Grover Norquist Jihad.”)

Over a year ago, Founder and President of The Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney, issued the following video warning and challenge:

And here is what David Horowitz had to say about Norquist as recent as February 12th of this year during his keynote at CPAC 2011:

Arizona advocates for strong national security and border security policy should be more than a little concerned about Norquist’s appearance at this casual Republican event tomorrow night. Friends of Israel should be even more alarmed that the Norquist soiree will hoodwink more conservatives into a false sense of peace and security regarding our single most important ally in the Middle East.

Those Arizona conservatives who venture to show at tomorrow night’s Norquist event should ask Mr. Norquist the hard questions. At at time when the country is debating the proper burial treatment by the Obama Administration of the most notorious terrorist in history, someone ought to press Mr. Norquist on his sensitivities and sensibilities in the battle against Islamic terrorism.


Rep Schweikert Statement on Osama Bin Laden

CONTACT: Rachel Semmel

Washington, D.C. – Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) issued the following statement today regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden:

“God bless our brave men and women in uniform who have sacrificed so much to catch Osama bin Laden. Thanks to the persistence and bravery of our intelligence community and our troops on the ground, this is truly a great moment for our country. Though we cannot bring back the lives of those we lost, we can have peace that justice has been served. We will never forgot those who lost their lives on attacks on our country and those who died defending it.”



Rep. Quayle Statement on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

CONTACT: Richard Cullen

WASHINGTON (D.C.) Congressman Ben Quayle (R-AZ) released the following statement regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden:

“Nearly ten years after the horrors of September 11th, the man most responsible for the attacks has been brought to justice. This development is a monumental achievement made possible by continuous operations of American intelligence officials and members of the United States Armed forces, many of whom were inspired to serve their country following the attacks in New York and Washington. While Bin Laden’s death is indeed significant, the threat of terrorism around the world will not dissipate. For the thousands of Americans who lost loved ones on 9/11 and in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, justice has been served tonight.”


Reducing Medicaid Fraud Georgia Style

 They keep saying it’s not for law abiding citizens, but here you go…

Georgia State Bill Requires Biometric ID

The Georgia State Senate has approved a bill that would require senior citizens in the state to acquire a biometric ID card to access Medicaid for health care, according to a WSBTV article.

The new bill, which passed on a 34-21 margin, stipulates the use of fingerprint biometrics for each of the ID cards.

The new measure was introduced as a way to curb Medicaid fraud in the state.

Medicaid recipient’s would be issued a smart card that would store the individual’s fingerprint data. When the patient arrives for an appointment the smart card and fingerprint would be scanned to verify identity. The card would also include the recipient’s photo.

Read the full story here


In Arizona, I know “conservatives” are trying to do that to “stop illegals.” 

Meanwhile the border is left open and “conservative” Jan Brewer is withdrawing the national guard from the border.  Also, “conservatives” in legislature want to require ID checks for all citizens and run them against the US Department of Homeland Security.

I hate to remind you that that’s PRECISELY what the Clintons wanted to impose on US citizens in the early nineties, specifically defeated by the conservatives elected to Congress in 1994.

And now “conservatives” in Arizona want to impose all of this on law abiding Arizona citizens here and now – yet meanwhile do nothing at the border.


The IDs are for *US*, not for illegals and don’t let these RINO legislators bamboozle you into believing otherwise.  Check their campaign donations to see if they are getting money from, for example and among others,

L1 Systems,  RedFlex, or ATS, or  the Arizona Corporation Commission whom these companies donate through to politicians to mask their donations

Teaparty, y’all!

9/11 Families For A Secure America – New Lives, New Purpose

The founding members of 9/11 Families for a Secure America talk about September 11 and why the organization was created.

America At Risk: The War With No Name

Ranchers Beware! – Email Prompts Attention

This morning I received an alarming email that has been making the rounds over the last few days. As a skeptic of viral emails, I’m going to “air” this on Sonoran Alliance because I believe we have enough readers and authorities who know more details about the situation. As the controversy escalates over SB 1070, I have to caution how much fact is part of this email and how much may be an attempt to escalate even further. Perhaps our readers can help qualify and clarify fact from fiction. Here is the email:

I received this e-mail from a friend and fellow resident of Santa Cruz County. He is trustworthy and honest.  I believe the content to be true. It gives me great cause for concern.  I have sent a copy of this to Senator Kyl’s office and Senator McCain. Unfortunately McCain must be contacted through a mail “form” and it’s questionable if anyone will read it.

Forwarded to me by a friend who recently retired from border patrol………

As you know, one of the local ranchers was murdered in Douglas two weeks ago. His funeral is tomorrow. I received three messages similar to the one below from different officers within the Rangers and law enforcement.

Yesterday afternoon I talked to another rancher near us who is a friend of ours and whose great grandfather started their ranch here in 1880.  These are good people.

He told me what really happened out at the Krentz ranch and what you won’t read in the papers.  The Border Patrol is afraid of starting a small war between civilians here and the drug cartels in Mexico.

Bob Krentz was checking his water like he does every evening and came upon an illegal who was lying on the ground telling him he was sick.  Bob called the Border Patrol and asked for a medical helicopter evac.  As he turned to go back to his ATV he was shot in the side.  The round came from down and angled up so they know the shooter was on the ground. Bob’s firearm was in the ATV so he had no chance.

Wounded he called the Cochise County Sherriff and asked for help.  Bleeding in the lungs he called his brother but the line was bad so he called his wife but again the line was bad.  Several ranchers heard the radio call and drove to his location. Bob was dead by this time.  The ranchers tracked the shooter 8 miles back towards Mexico and cornered him in a brushy draw.  This was all at night. The Sherriff and Border Patrol arrived and told them not to go down and engage the murderer.  They went around to the back side and if you can believe it the assassin managed to get by a BP helicopter and a Sherriff’s posse and back to Mexico.  So much for professional help when you need it.

One week before the murder Bob and his brother Phil (who I shoot with) hauled a huge quantity of drugs off the ranch that they found in trucks.

One week before that a rancher near Naco did the same thing. Two nights later gangs broke into his ranch house and beat him and his wife and told them that if they touched any drugs they found they would come back and kill them.  The ranchers here deal with cut fences and haul drug deliveries off their ranches all the time. What ranchers think is that the drug cartels beat the one rancher and shot Bob because they wanted to send a message.  Bob always gave food and water to illegals and so they think they sent the assassin to pose as an illegal who was hungry and thirsty knowing it would catch Bob off guard.

What is going on down here is NOT being reported.  You need to tell people how bad it is along the border.  Texas is worse.  Near El Paso it’s in a state of war.  5000 people were killed in Ciudad Juarez last year and it’s over 2000 so far this year.  Gun sales down here are through the roof and I get emails from people wanting firearms training.

Something has to be done but I don’t hold out much hope. These gangs have groups in almost every city in the US.  Please read below. This is serious business. The Barrio Azteca and their sub gangs are like Mexican Corporations and organized extremely well.  If this doesn’t get dealt with down here you guys will deal with it on your streets.

Nuclear Iran- Part II

I am sure Ahmedinejad is thankful.”
Indeed he is. The Progressive Liberal Left is helping wage his war of breaking down of will to stand up against him, garbling debate and employing boilerplate stereotyping tactics to encourage people to ignore the warning signs and berate anyone who raises the alarm – at a time when a number of actions – not necessarily war – are still available to help counter this aggressive and brutal regime. All this running interference for free! Ahmedinejad is not just thankful, he’s delighted.

Ignore, ignore means the Iranian regime can carry on without disruption, and steadily increases the probability of total war, the worst case for everyone. We may be quite unperturbed and complacent here in Arizona, but have we checked the European press lately? They are very very very worried. The UN has three sets of sanctions on the books now which Iran is blatantly ignoring, and with the rising anxiety from the Iranian Regime’s announcement regarding achieving their benchmark objective to enrich uranium to levels required for weapons applications – not even a shock – there is heavy pressuring for more sanctions.  (   ). Europe will be in the target zone and they do not have a missile shield. Because of the expense and development required, they’ve been long banking on the USA to provide that – and Obama by his rebuffing of Poland, is sending out a clear message to our allies they cannot count on that, as long as the Democratic Party holds on to power.

Because of its size, even ONE nuclear warhead detonating anywhere in Israel would be far more devastating than two or three in a nation the size of Iran. They’re worried. What good does it do Israel to have “300 warheads” it can rain down on Iran when the one can’t be stopped? Iran will not launch one, they will launch multiple. Only one has to get through. Iran knows it, Israel knows it. It’s an intolerable situation. When Iran announced this week that Israel wanted war by this summer, Israel coolly replied, “No we don’t.” But the inclination of the press is to admonish Israel, not Iran for provocative nuclear talk.( )

Why focus on just Israel? Iran and Iraq are traditional enemies; Iranian Revolutionary Guards were infiltrating, training and heavily funding the insurgency in Iraq against US troops. Iran could easily choose to drop a nuke on Baghdad as payback for Saddam’s invasion of Iran and the resultant 9 year war during which over a million people were killed, and by that also eliminate an inconvenient democracy on their border. On Iran’s other border, a nuke to destroy Kabul and by that, the Afghan government there would make it easy for Iran to invade and conquer that nation in order to spread Iran’s form of radical Revolutionary Islam.

It doesn’t HAVE to go to war, but the way the Obama Administration is not handling this, aggravated by Obama reaching his hand out to the Anti-American Ahmedinejad, hugging the America-hating Hugo Chavez, in the room with American-murdering Ghaddafi, and nothing extended to the pro-freedom Iranian people has sent a terrible message across the globe. Allies and enemies alike are downgrading their traditional assumptions about America’s reliability for the worse, a weakness that our enemies will exploit, and greatly increasing other nations resorting to war to stop Iran before it can attack them.

America is not helpless. Citizens have every right to expect and insist that our elected leadership represent our national interests of security, which includes our allies. That’s their JOB. These representatives are supposed to be stewards of our military and our foreign policy, maintaining capacities; working at all levels of diplomacy and using all available established mechanisms to make every  reasonable effort to keep the conditions that produce war from not developing.

But the United States Government today, controlled monopolistically by the Democratic Party, is presiding over not national security, but a massive political fete, featuring a pinata of American wealth, loading it up with taxpayer money, and tinsel goodies bought on debt – with entitlement groups swinging blindly to smash the bird while special interest groups fight over the “free money” sweets that spill to the ground.

That is NOT the role of good government. That is NOT the behavior of a responsible citizenry.

When the favors have run out, the money gone, the taxpayers broken, the hangover begins. The national wealth blown on an out of control binge fueled by greed; frivolous pursuits indulged while national security was neglected. Our irresponsible government will stagger off like the dissipated Belshazzar of Babylon who feasted and partied, squandering the wealth of the people instead of attending to his duty of guarding the city while the king was away, leading the army to defend the nation, drunkenly blinking incomprehensively at the words written before him on the wall that condemned him: Mene Mene Tekil Parsin.

“Because of your arrogant and irresponsible behavior, your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and the Persians.”

As we consider the many candidates who are lining up for 2010 and 2012, for a chance to be the ones chosen to represent our state, and our nation, as representatives, senators and president, those who understand this grave duty and can stand firm despite political attacks and pressure to capitulate should be the ones selected to move to state and national seats. Citizens have a responsibility to each other to chose wisely, to consider well the character, the experience and the abilities of each candidate. Shallow and uninformed decisions will reward representatives who are unequal to the task of representing and governing.

The Persian leadership is poised to test America as it has never been tested before; they are but one of our enemies, so we need to select men and women who will be able to provide informed and solid leadership, and who will always vote for the best interests of the American People and their rights as derived from the American Constitution.