Maricopa GOP Chair Rallies LD Censures

To all Arizona County and LD Republican Committee Chairmen -
Below is the front page article of the July 15 Arizona Capitol Times. I want to express my appreciation to those courageous and principled County and LD Republican Committees who have already conducted votes of “censure” and/or “no confidence.”
Jan Brewer, the legislators and their crony capitalist friends that support ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion have betrayed Americans, Arizona Republicans and the Republican Party Platform.  Their lack of ethics, integrity and egregious acts are motivated by only two things – greed and the lust for power – at the expense of hard working tax paying Americans.
The law was expected to cost $898 billion over the first decade when the bill was first passed, but this year the Congressional Budget Office revised that estimate to $1.85 trillion.  Money that will have to be borrowed from the Chinese or printed in the backroom of the Federal Reserve.  Latest polls indicate a majority of Americans are opposed to ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion with an overwhelming majority of Republicans in opposition.
During the past six months, we did everything we could to make a solid argument against ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion, we tried to reason with these people and even tried to make them see the light.  Unfortunately, our lobbying efforts fell on deaf ears and without success.
During one of Ronald Reagan’s difficult political battles he said,
               “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”
I’m asking all the County and LD Republican Committees to make these people feel the heat by passing public censures for their actions.  They are elitists who think what they have done should be forgiven. They are mistaken.  We are not going to be able to defeat all of them, but we can defeat a majority of them in the 2014 Primary Election.
You can go to “MCRC Briefs” and get examples of public censures that have already been passed.  Just type “censure” in the search field on the left.
Warmest regards,
 A. J. LaFaro
Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee
P.S.  Please encourage all of your PCs to keep up their daily efforts in getting petition signatures for  Getting ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion on the November 2014 ballot will be historic for Arizona’s grassroots conservatives.

Pol-Parazzi: Recently Seen Around Town and Beyond

We haven’t posted photos of Arizona politicians in action for some time and with the Phoenix City Council race in full swing, maybe it’s time to see whose out and about around town (and beyond.)

If you’d like to share your photos of Arizona politicians on the move, please send them to


Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is surrounded by supporters at a golf tournament for the sheriff.

GOP activist Kellie Greene poses with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu at a special appreciate luncheon to Babeu in Arizona City / Eloy. The luncheon was organized by Janet Lopas and JoAnne Waszak of Pinal County Sheriff's COPS (Citizens on Patrol).

Sheriff Paul Babeu

Sheriff Paul Babeu also spoke to the Thunder Mountain Republican Women.

Phoenix mayoral candidate, Jennifer Wright meeting with voters in northwest Phoenix.

Phoenix District One Council candidates and mayoral candidate, Jennifer Wright pose for a group shot at a gathering in northwest Phoenix.

Phoenix City Councilwoman Thelda Williams and council candidate challenger Gary Whalen listen to another candidate speak at a northwest Phoenix gathering.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio ventured to Humble, Texas to endorse Harris County Sheriff candidate Carl Pittman in a special event called a "Gathering of Patriots." For more about Carl Pittman, please go to

Ben Quayle roasts fellow politicians

YouTube Preview Image

Congressman Ben Quayle recently spoke to the Washington establishment roasting virtually any fellow politician in his path.

He had a few choice lines which stung his colleagues but he also paid tribute and honored the late David Broder.


Politics On The Rocks Event This Thursday Night!

Politics on the Rocks is excited to announce our next Happy Hour Networking Event featuring Sheriff Paul Babeu, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, and CD7 Candidate Gabby Mercer on Thursday, March 24th 6:00 PM at Revolver Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sheriff Paul Babeu will be presented with the annual Politics on the Rocks Ronald Reagan Leadership Award at the event for his service and dedication to Arizona. We would like to thank our marketing partner Gem Ray and Scottsdale Nights.

The National Sheriffs’ Association recently named Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu as recipient of the 2011 Ferris E. Lucas Award for Sheriff of the Year. An NSA statement described Babeu as “one of the most progressive sheriffs in the country” and cited his strong stand against illegal immigration and Mexican cartels as having garnered statewide and national attention. Babeu graduated from the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy number one in his class. His civilian education includes an Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement, Bachelor’s Degree in History/Political Science and a Master of Public Administration, Summa Cum Laude.

Mayor W. J. “Jim” Lane served for four years on the Scottsdale City Council beginning in June 2004, and began his first term as Mayor in January 2009. Mayor Lane served on the 2002 Scottsdale Fire & EMS Advisory Committee, which was convened to evaluate and make recommendations to the city regarding the desired level of fire and emergency medical services relative to cost. His community service also includes six years on the Scottsdale Paradise Valley YMCA Board of Management. He chaired the 1999 Kids Campaign annual fund raising effort. Mayor Lane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer lives on Tucson’s west side with her husband of 24 years, Ted Mercer. Gabriela, “Gabby” for short, set aside her work career with a defense electronics firm in order to raise her 3 children and continue her education. As the kids were growing up Gabriela became more and more concerned about the direction that her adopted country had taken in recent years. She legally emigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in 1986 in order to live in a nation full of opportunity and Constitutional protections of individual liberties. She became a proud U.S. citizen in 1991.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our Happy Hour Networking event on Thursday, March 24th at 6:00 PM at Revolver Lounge in Scottsdale.




Charles A. Jensen

Date: Thursday, March 24th
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Revolver Lounge
7316 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, AZ



The “Cat” in the Hat

Found this interesting photo online. Anyone want to take a guess who this cat-in-the-hat-Uncle-Sam-wannabe is?

Cat in the Hat

Slideshow from Politics on the Rocks with Grover Norquist

YouTube Preview Image

Intellectual Conservative Arizona has excerpts from Norquist’s speech here. “Republicans who vote for tax increases are akin to finding a rat in your coke bottle.”

Politics on the Rocks slideshow from Governor Brewer event

YouTube Preview Image

Mayor Phil Gordon dubbed by Walrus Guys as “most famous Walrus in Arizona”

Click image to enlarge. From the top of the Walrus Guys website.

Click here to go to the Walrus Guys website

Slideshow from Politics on the Rocks Christmas Party at the Montelucia

YouTube Preview Image

Photos from

YouTube Preview Image

Slideshow from Politics on the Rocks’ McCain event

Republican Professionals Event With SOS Ken Bennett A Success

Secretary of State Ken Bennett was informative and entertaining at the Republican Professionals event held last week at the FireSky Resort in Old Town Scottsdale. Other elected officials in the audience were Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump, Scottsdale City Councilman Bob Littlefield. Numerous candidates attended as well, including Corporation Commission candidate Brenda Burns, and CD-7 hopeful Ruth McClung.

Here are some pictures from the event. Stay tuned for details to be announced soon for next month’s event!

Republican Professionals Host Secretary of State Ken Bennett


The networking group, Republican Professionals, is proud to have Ken Bennett as its guest speaker for an event to be held, tonight, at the FireSky Resort in Old Town Scottsdale. As secretary of state, Ken Bennett has won acclaim from all sides of the Republican Party’s big tent.

We invite you to join us and fellow professionals to network and mingle at the beautiful hotel. The event is being held at the hotel’s Taggia Restaurant from 6-8pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Beth Hoel

Thomas Galvin
Executive Vice President

Pictures from last night’s Politics on the Rocks with John Munger

YouTube Preview Image

Republican Professionals Politics on the Rocks photos from last Thursday

YouTube Preview Image

PR: Ron’s Back!

YouTube Preview Image

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th Burgundy Channel Features Big Name AZ Celebs, Politicos, Socialites; Big-Time News

What Do………Susan Bitter Smith, David Schweikert, Jim Ward, Doug Wead, Paul Bentz, Chuck Coughlin, Joe Yuhas, Wil Cardon, Cindy Crawford, Robert McGrath, Sea Saw Restaurant, Nathan Sproul, Russell Pearce & Jeanne Herberger………Have in Common?

The Burgundy Channel’s “Fastest News Show in the World ” Releases June 11th Installment Today

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, JUNE 11, 2009- He’s very important. He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. And he’s at it again.

He’s loved. He’s hated. He’s kind of a big deal. And so are you, should you find yourself among those featured in this week’s broadcasts.

To access the latest installment, visit and click on the link for “The Burgundy Channel.”

Pol-parazzi is back!

After quite a long hiatus, Sonoran Alliance’s Pol-parazzi is back!

Tonight a new group called Republicans Professionals – “Politics on the Rocks” – met at the W Hotel in Scottsdale. Here are a few photos courtesy of Arizona Intellectual Conservative:

Charles Jensen greets Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas who spoke to the gathering.Republican professionals get snapped by Pol-parazzi at the

Charles Jensen and Intellectual Conservative’s Rachel Alexander share a moment for the camera.

Charles Jensen and speaker, attorney and pro-life activist, John Jakubczyk.








Please send your favorite pol-parazzi photos to Sonoran Alliance.