Lawsuit Filed Alleging Forgery By Candidate Toby Farmer

Farmer and the Rotary QuestionsAccording to a lawsuit filed today in the Superior Court of Arizona, the candidate petitions filed with the Secretary of State’s office by Republican candidate for State Senate Toby Farmer, contained a large number of forged signatures.

Candidates are required to obtain signatures from registered voters in their district in order to qualify for the ballot.  In Toby Farmer’s case, the petitions that he swore contained legitimate signatures actually contained large numbers of forged signatures.  Exhibits to the lawsuit include sworn affidavits from the voters purported to have signed the petitions.

The petitions carrying the forged signatures were circulated by Toby Farmer himself.  Farmer signed an affirmation on the back of each page containing forged signatures swearing that each name was signed in his presence.

The backgrounds of those whose identities were stolen ranged from senior citizens to college-aged kids.  It is unclear at this time how or why they were targeted by Farmer’s campaign.

Farmer also forged signatures for voters who no longer lived in Arizona, but who were still on the voter rolls.  In some cases he forged signatures where the homes listed were vacant and lender-owned.

The matter is expected to be heard in a week or so and the entire matter will also be turned over to law enforcement for prosecution.  At least one signer also indicated a desire to press charges themselves.

This is just the latest ethical breach by Farmer in his campaigns for office, although it is admittedly the most serious.  Farmer’s 2012 campaign for the State House of Representatives also ended early after his petition signatures were challenged.  In that case, Farmer dropped out of the race the day he was due in court, thereby short-circuiting the process and ending the case.  Farmer filed to run for the State House again in 2013 and abandoned that bid to run for State Senate instead.  Farmer later claimed that his 2013 House run was his first campaign for office, until court documents from 2012 re-surfaced.

Ironically, Farmer’s campaign website lists his #1 priority as “Leading with Integrity”.

Tea Party Patriots Joins URAPC to stop Brewers Surrender of Arizona to Obamacare.


The Tea Party Patriots join the Alliance!  The United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives is proud to announce the Tea Party Patriots have joined our effort to fight the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Arizona.

The Alliance has captured the attention of the nation with the herculean effort of the grassroots army to defeat Governor Brewer’s ill conceived and unconstitutional legislation so it can be referred to the ballot and vetoed by the people.

You can join URAPC and the Tea Party Patriots in this historic effort to defeat Governor Brewer’s Obamcare Medicaid Expansion by signing a petition or making a donation.
Join the Alliance at URAPC.ORG for updates and to receive information.

Contact Christine Bauserman, Frank Antenori, or Ron Gould at or 520-235-2234.



Maricopa GOP Chair Rallies LD Censures

To all Arizona County and LD Republican Committee Chairmen -
Below is the front page article of the July 15 Arizona Capitol Times. I want to express my appreciation to those courageous and principled County and LD Republican Committees who have already conducted votes of “censure” and/or “no confidence.”
Jan Brewer, the legislators and their crony capitalist friends that support ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion have betrayed Americans, Arizona Republicans and the Republican Party Platform.  Their lack of ethics, integrity and egregious acts are motivated by only two things – greed and the lust for power – at the expense of hard working tax paying Americans.
The law was expected to cost $898 billion over the first decade when the bill was first passed, but this year the Congressional Budget Office revised that estimate to $1.85 trillion.  Money that will have to be borrowed from the Chinese or printed in the backroom of the Federal Reserve.  Latest polls indicate a majority of Americans are opposed to ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion with an overwhelming majority of Republicans in opposition.
During the past six months, we did everything we could to make a solid argument against ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion, we tried to reason with these people and even tried to make them see the light.  Unfortunately, our lobbying efforts fell on deaf ears and without success.
During one of Ronald Reagan’s difficult political battles he said,
               “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”
I’m asking all the County and LD Republican Committees to make these people feel the heat by passing public censures for their actions.  They are elitists who think what they have done should be forgiven. They are mistaken.  We are not going to be able to defeat all of them, but we can defeat a majority of them in the 2014 Primary Election.
You can go to “MCRC Briefs” and get examples of public censures that have already been passed.  Just type “censure” in the search field on the left.
Warmest regards,
 A. J. LaFaro
Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee
P.S.  Please encourage all of your PCs to keep up their daily efforts in getting petition signatures for  Getting ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion on the November 2014 ballot will be historic for Arizona’s grassroots conservatives.

The Alliance of Principled Conservatives Stands for Founding Principles

In 1776 the British monarchy hired the Hessian mercenaries to terrorize the colonists in the New World. Ideas like “freedom” and “representation” were considered extreme and radical.

Today in Arizona we face a Governor willing to bypass the checks and balances put in place by our Founding Fathers. A Governor who purposely uses special privileges as a weapon against elected legislators. A Governor who is willing to subvert the spirit of the constitution, call a special session and suspend the rules just to force the largest socialistic takeover in U.S. history – the Obamacare/Medicaid Expansion – upon the people she was elected to serve.

She trampled on our rights. She took away our right to fair representation.  The end result of her actions will eventually lead to the full implementation of Obamacare which will force Arizonans to buy taxed tea ..oops.. I mean Federal health insurance.

Our Government is trampling on our freedoms at the National and State level.

The United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives is also labeled “extreme” and “fringe.” URAPC has risen up with pens and clipboards in hand to stop Obamacare using volunteer grassroots Arizonans. So the Governor’s Team forms an opposing committee that throws around outrageous accusations that if URAPC is   “successful, there are a lot of people who are going to get harmed” and then threatening “we’re going to be as aggressive as possible to get out to the public.” 

  • They cannot win on the issues.
  • They cannot get a bill passed without suspending the rules, and threatening to remove the President and Speaker.
  • Now they are “aggressively” misleading a.k.a. lying to people to stop us from gathering signatures.

In spite of a well funded $150,000 campaign to stop the gathering of signatures the Alliance of volunteer Republican Principled Conservatives grows. 

Swelling the ranks are activists who have been discouraged by the lack of conviction, the lack of pride in the basic Republican tenets of limited government and individual responsibility, and the courage to stand and say “that is wrong get out of the tent.”

URAPC is committed to maintaining the deep individualist spirit of Arizona and restoring freedom from an obtrusive government by leading the way to Veto Governor Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion.

Join us today and fill out a petition today!

Help AZ06′s David Schweikert – Sign the Petition Now!

Please sign the petition to put Congressman David Schweikert back on the House Financial Services Committee! Speaker John Boehner needs to hear from you now!

Sign the petition


Arizona Petitions White House to Secede from United States

Yes, just like in 47 other states, there is a movement afoot by Arizonans to secede from the United States.

Here is a screenshot of the website that currently shows the signatures of 20,487 Arizonans who want out of Obama’s America.

For the White House to take the petition seriously, it has to acquire the signatures of 25,000 Arizonans by December 10th. Given the rate the petition is being signed, it will likely make that threshold this week.

You too can sign the petition by clicking on this link.

Silly, serious or sophisticated? You can also leave your comments here.

Convicted Felons Attempt to Change Arizona Constitution

Thousands Of Signatures Gathered Illegally

(Phoenix, AZ) – Verify the Vote, Arizona, has identified nearly 600 petitions circulated illegally by convicted felons in support of the “Open Government/Open Elections Act” and over 7,000 petitions circulated by individuals whose identities, as submitted on the circulated petitions, could not be confirmed. The felons have gathered a portion of the 9,053 petitions having some sort of irregularity circulated in support of the Act. This initiative is designed to change how primary elections are conducted as set forth by the Arizona State Constitution.

Irregularities range from circulators being felons convicted of fraud and forgery to failing to register with the Secretary of State as an out-of-state circulator as required by law. One circulator of over 600 petitions, whose identity could not be confirmed, used Petition Partner LLC’s address as her residence. Petition Partners LLC is a company paid to circulate the petitions by proponents of the initiative. Many other circulators whose identity could not be confirmed appeared to have used various motels and hotels in and around the Valley as their “residence”.

Under Arizona law, in order for a circulator to circulate initiative petitions in the State of Arizona they must:

  • Be residents of Arizona and be qualified to be registered voters, meaning they are at least 18, they are citizens of the United States, and they are not felons whose civil rights haven’t been restored; OR
  • Be U.S. Citizens residing in another State who has registered with the Secretary of State as an out-of-state circulator and, if they were residents of Arizona, be eligible to become a registered voter in this state (be at least 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and are not convicted felons whose civil rights have yet to be restored).

According to Jennifer Wright of Verify the Vote, Arizona:

“What we have found makes all of the signatures gathered by the felons invalid. Our initial count indicates this will be in the thousands. Our investigation continues on the validity of the 358,000 signatures accepted by the Secretary of State. We are alarmed and shocked by the rate of questionable circulators – and questionable signatures.”

Verify the Vote, Arizona will not file suit but make their findings available to the media and qualified organizations interested in challenging the petition filing in court.


Out of the 9,053 petitions with Irregularities:

  • 7,030 petitions were circulated by persons who Verify the Vote, Arizona, was unable to verify the identity of the circulator based on the name and address used by the circulator
  • 582 were circulated by convicted felons
  • 221 were circulated by individuals who DID NOT appear to have a social security number

The remainder failed to register with the Secretary of State as out-of-state circulators

Broken down by subcategory:

Out of the 1,842 petitions circulated by 35 individuals who FAILED to register with the Secretary of State as out-of-state circulators:

  • 53 were circulated by convicted felons
  • 75 were circulated by by individuals who did not appear to have a social security number
  • 1,004 were circulated by persons who Verify the Vote, Arizona, was unable to verify the identity of the circulator based on the name and address used by the circulator

Out of the 2,830 petitions circulated by 39 individuals who DID register with the Secretary of State as out-of-state circulators:

  • 102 were circulated by convicted felons
  • Two of the circulators have active warrants and are considered fugitives from the law
  • 44 were circulated by individuals who did not appear to have a social security number
  • 2178 of the petitions were circulated by individuals who Verify the Vote, Arizona was unable to verify the identify of the circulator based on the name and address the circulator used when circulating the petitions

Of the 4,381 petitions circulated by 36 individuals who purported to be Arizona residents:

  • 427 were circulated by convicted felons
  • 102 were circulated by individuals who did not appear to have a social security number
  • One of the circulators is in the midst of forgery charges and the petitions submitted have clear instances of fraud
  • 3,848 of the petitions were circulated by individuals who Verify the Vote, Arizona could not verify the identity of the circulator based on the name and address the circulator used when circulating the petitions

While the exact number of signatures on the 9,053 petitions have not been individually counted as of yet, based on the commonly accepted average of eleven signatures per page, these petitions may equate to over 99,000 petition signatures.

Verify the Vote, Arizona is a non-partisan organization committed to ensuring free and fair elections and further ensuring ballot measures are legal and fair.

For More Information Contact:
Ed Phillips

True the Vote is a 501 (c) 3 organization
Verify the Vote, Arizona is filing paperwork to become a 501 (c) 3 organization

Protect the Sanctity of Your Vote – If Not Us, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?

Fellow Patriot,

If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?

Earlier this year, we made history together by bringing together over 17,000 volunteers nationwide to do what has never been done before – individually verify each signature placed on a petition brought forward to a government body for an election.

We need your help again!  Click here to help Arizona Verify their Petitions

Our work created a national dialogue on what kind of checks and balances should be in place before a statewide election is held, on who should and should not be signing petitions, and finally whose responsibility is it to ensure free and fair elections.

With the technology developed to verify the petitions signatures for the attempted recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, True the Vote created the first of it’s kind platform that allows grassroots activists to get intimately involved in the checks and balances needed to ensure that what we to vote on has been legally and fairly brought to the ballot.

We need your help again!  Click here to help Arizona Verify their Petitions

We made history in March.  And we can make history again today.  Continuing on our crusade to ensure free and fair elections, Arizona needs your help in verifying the signatures on a petition brought forward to significantly amend Arizona’s Constitution. Your help is critical in sending a loud and clear message that with the now available technology, We the People are no longer going to accept that petitions submitted are valid on their face.  Instead, We the People will stand together to review each and every signature to make certain that what eventually ends up on the ballot was brought their legally and fairly.

Time is of the essence!  Almost 360,000 signatures were submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State for this ballot initiative, and with our triple redundancy system over 1 million entries will need to be made.  Verify the Vote Arizona has made a target completion date of Friday, August 24th.  They have asked us to reach out to you, as someone who helped Wisconsin, to see if you could help out again today.

We need your help again!  Click here to help Arizona Verify their Petitions
While so many groups are always asking for money, today, we are only ask for a little time.  You’ve done it before, you know how easy it is, and your experience and patriotism is needed again today.  For more information please go to:
Onward,Catherine Engelbrecht
President and Founder, True the VoteP.S. Arizona is running out of time.  Please CLICK HERE to help them enter in over 1 million records to ensure the petitions submitted for the “Top Two” primary initiative were brought forth legally and fairly.  Verify the Vote Arizona’s initial data entry is revealing a high rate of invalid signatures, enough to potentially bring forward a legal challenge against the measure’s inclusion on the November 6th ballot.  Your help is critical, CLICK HERE to join Arizona TODAY.

Arizona sales-tax hike gets shiv on shady iPad contest promoted on Facebook, Twitter

Below is the complaint letter submitted to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett earlier this week by Tom Jenney of Americans for Prosperity Arizona challenging the legality of initiative petitions turned in by the “Quality Education & Jobs” campaign based on signatures gathered by ‘volunteers’ with the promise of winning an iPad — thereby calling into question any and all of these petitions not disclosing that they were collected by a paid circulator. In the grand scheme of things this complaint likely reveals a small violation that will probably not invalidate enough petitions to drop their signature tally below the number required to earn a spot on November’s ballot.  However, this pattern and practice also reveals another instance where the troubled “Quality Education & Jobs” campaign has played fast-and-loose with the rules regarding gathering signatures… all in service to “The Children”… and government unions and brazen special interests who stand to reap hundreds of millions in government contracts. No wonder it has been thrown off the ballot. Let’s hope an activist judge doesn’t disregard the black-letter of the law and force this massive tax increase onto November’s ballot.  

BONUS: Click here to listen to the initial reaction from top “Quality Education & Jobs” campaign officials (Chairwoman Ann-Eve Petersen, Associated General Contractors honcho David Martin, consultant Joe Yuhas and others) upon learning their campaign’s 290,000 petition signatures are invalid.

June 25, 2012

The Honorable Ken Bennett
Arizona Secretary of State
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2888

Dear Secretary Bennett,

On behalf of the 70,000 taxpayers in this state who are members of our organization, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity wishes to bring to your prompt attention an important matter regarding the potential failure by one or more ballot initiative organizers to fully and properly disclose their use of paid signature petition circulators. 

I-16-2012 has filed for inclusion on the November ballot and signature petitions have been circulated by its initiative supporters for qualification.  This initiative, commonly referred to as “Quality Education and Jobs,” has already submitted petitions to your office for certification.

Based upon the enclosed information, we believe that circulators have been compensated and incentivized with the promise of future compensation for collecting a specific number of signatures on behalf of the initiative.  We believe that repeated solicitations over Facebook and Twitter accounts maintained by initiative organizers, as well as at least one email sent by organizers or on their behalf, clearly demonstrate that the collection of fifteen (15) petition signatures were directly exchanged for “a brand new iPad 3” by at least two individuals.

A.R.S. § 19-118 defines a paid circulator as “…a person who receives monetary or other compensation that is based on the number of signatures obtained on a petition or on the number of petitions circulated that contain signatures.”  Those who satisfy the criteria of paid circulators are required to disclose their paid circulator status by noting the same on the petition.     

Organizers of I-16-2012 have apparently twice awarded an iPad 3, valued at $499, to certain individuals on or about May 11 and June 1.  Although the solicitations characterize the circulators as “volunteers,” the nature of those awards qualifies them as paid circulators by law.

We therefore request that your office immediately investigate this matter to determine whether the actions of the “Quality Education and Jobs” initiative organizers constitute a violation of A.R.S. § 19-118 and to take any and all necessary action. 

Furthermore, please accept this letter as a formal complaint with regard to the possibility that the “Quality Education and Jobs” initiative organizers may have circulated petitions using ballot language that differed from the official initiative language.  Given the discrepancies uncovered by the Arizona Tax Research Association (please refer to the attached article from the June 22, 2012 issue of the Arizona Capitol Times), we believe that the organizers of the “Quality Education and Jobs” initiative acted in violation of A.R.S. § 19-112, which requires that petition signature sheets be attached “at all times during circulation to a full and correct copy of the title and text of the measure or constitutional amendment proposed or referred by the petition.”

Thank you very much for your consideration of these matters, and for taking the time and effort to provide written responses to these complaints.

For Liberty,

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity

CD-9 Martin Sepulveda releases Memorial Day Video

YouTube Preview Image

To sign the online petition supporting Veterans, click here.

Demand Respect for Women in the Workplace from Richard Carmona!

Don’t be bullied, intimidated, harassed, stalked or antagonized by Richard Carmona!

Sign the petition today!

Petition: Investigate Pro-Amnesty Paper Tied to Prostitution/Sex-Trafficking

Fellow Patriots,

You hopefully read the email I sent Thursday asking you to join our boycott of businesses which support the pro-amnesty, pro-illegal immigration Phoenix New Times. As a “free” publication, they are 100% funded by advertising revenue… which ultimately comes from businesses where WE spend our hard-earned money!

There is another reason why responsible businesses MUST pull their ads from the New Times:

According to reports in the Associated Press and many other news agencies and sites, for at least THREE YEARS and possibly longer, the Phoenix New Times and their parent company, Village Voice Media, have been complicit in something even worse… something even dirtier and darker than supporting illegal immigration and amnesty for criminal illegal aliens:



And who is paying to advertise alongside those who would exploit women and children in our society? Car dealers, movie theaters, retailers and restaurants that you and I go to!

Can you believe what arrogance and greed it must take for prosecutors to show the Phoenix New Times company evidence that 50 cases of sex trafficking from 22 states have originated on their pages…

…and they still refuse to stop running the ads promoting such terrible criminal behavior?

Is it any wonder they oppose Sheriff Joe Arpaio so much, when he’s not just America’s toughest lawman, but also one of the leading law enforcement agents in the nation in the fight against human trafficking!


Now, what happened when confronted by our proposed boycott of their advertisers? Last week, New Times editor-in-chief Rick Barrs went to our Ban Amnesty Now page on Facebook and called our 29,000+ Facebook members “racists”!

Did he express any concern about the hateful actions of his staff, or the remorse for the prostitution or sex-trafficking businesses run on their advertising pages? No. He ranted that we were racists.

Today, what we need most is YOU! Please join me today in signing this petition against the New Times Company:

Calling on law enforcement to investigate whether the New Times has knowingly profited from a criminal enterprise;

Calling on all responsible Arizona businesses to cancel their advertising in this ultra-liberal, pro-amnesty business with alleged ties to prostitution and worse; and

Pledging to boycott businesses who continue to advertise with the Phoenix New Times.

Fellow conservatives, we must stand up to pariahs in society like this… The media and blogosphere is coming around to see our side, and we need your support!

Writes Greg Patterson in The Espresso Pundit, “The [Ban Amnesty Now] boycott is unlikely to actually drive New Times out of business, but he will hurt them and he may even manage to tip the balance and finish them off.”


When you think about the New Times, never forget: according to prosecutors, for THREE YEARS, they knew their ad pages were being used by the worst sexual predators in society to sell women for sex…

…and not only did they do nothing, but they repeatedly refused to take down these ad pages because of the millions of dollars they were making!

Remember every crude, vicious attack the New Times has unleashed on conservatives like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Senator Pearce, Governor Brewer and others. Remember the years they have spent ranting and raving against those who oppose amnesty and illegal immigration, and the campaigns of hate they wage even on citizens and groups who oppose them. Remember every vile word, every vicious hit piece, every slated attack…


…and now please join us in righting a wrong by signing this petition so that law enforcement acts quickly, and legitimate businesses stop sharing advertising space with the worst sex offenders plaguing our society!

For America,

Sean McCaffrey

Sign The Petition Supporting Governor Jan Brewer!

Please sign the petition supporting Governor Jan Brewer in her defense of the State of Arizona.

As we all witnessed on Wednesday afternoon, Governor Brewer, was confronted by President Obama as he stepped off Air Force One in Mesa. As the Governor has testified, he did not take kindly to an excerpt in her book, Scorpions for Breakfast, about an accounting of her defense of SB 1070. He also treated Governor Brewer with disrespect as he walked away from her while she spoke with him.

Please support Governor Brewer as she stands up for Arizona against an administration that has failed us on border security, failed us through Fast & Furious and even has brought a lawsuit against the State of Arizona.

Thank You Governor Brewer!

I Support Governor Jan Brewer!

I support Governor Jan Brewer for standing her ground while remaining respectful to President Obama during his recent visit to Arizona.

I support Governor Jan Brewer in her defense of Arizona against an administration that is suing the State of Arizona for passing strong immigration laws such as SB 1070.

I also support Governor Brewer in her effort to seek the truth and justice for the death of Border Patrol Brian Terry after the Obama Justice Department got caught red-handed ran a covert gunwalking operation to smuggle guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels through Fast & Furious.

Thank You Governor Brewer for standing up for Arizona!


144 signatures

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Recall: Une Nouvelle Forme de COUP D’ETAT ou Bien un GOLPE de ESTADO?

From the French, coup, meaning a quick strike and état meaning state, and playing  on the similarity of  état and the word for head,  tête,  the concept describes a decapitating strike aimed at the top office-holders and leadership of a sitting government in order to quickly insert a rival power structure, a targeted blow at the head of state to enable a minority to upset the status quo maintained by the majority.

With the United States being a unity of fifty states, which under our Constitution function more like independent countries, with their own locally elected governments, a politically partisan recall orchestrated against the duly-elected governor, actively being organized in Arizona and Wisconsin, seems uncomfortably close to fulfilling every criteria of a coup d’état or as it is known in  Central America,  a golpe de estado.

No guns are required; this would be how lawyers and political organizers wage battle, bloodless and cold, not the heat of hand to hand combat on the front steps of the presidency and in the hallways of parliament, in these cases, in the lobbies of the Governor’s Offices and the State Legislatures. The weapon used would be a cynical application of legal processes meant to provide relief in a tyrannical or criminally abusive situation, but in 2011 seized by a disgruntled losing party of 2010 to effectively throw out the results of general elections, and by that, the votes of the majority of the people.

The open bragging during the press conference the day after the recall of Senator Pearce displayed what appeared to be grander objectives than previously argued by the recallers. The organizers and supporters had for months insisted it was a simple issue of Russell Pearce’s character alone, but literally within hours of his defeat, it was exposed that the recall vision went far beyond Russell. As articulated by the organizers of the recall, in their own words as public record, upon contemplation seems uncomfortably like a rather focused strike at the top office holders of the State of Arizona … or in international diplomatic parlance, something like a golpe de estado, to destroy the results of the November 2010 elections. The Recallers named names:

Senator Russell Pearce: President of the AZ Senate
Governor Jan Brewer
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Hmm. The laundry list appearance of it brings to mind dynamics which are common elsewhere in power struggles. The first two represent the highest levels of Arizona government, the governor’s office and the top of the legislative branch. Though not a state-wide office holder, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s closest parallel in an actual independent nation would be a somewhat impartial chief of police or perhaps gendarmerie, not open to being swayed and with some wider popular public support, so in a classic coup d’état someone like him in that sort of position would have been pre-judged by coup plotters as an impediment to making such a strike to stick, and thus marked for removal.

The parallels are disconcerting or should be, but how many Americans have ever seen such political dynamics and would think of them?  What would make any Third World citizen sit up with alarm, goes unnoticed in First World … but many of what are called “Third World” used to be well on their way to “First World” until that first coup d’état smashed the electoral process by which the shared consensus of the people is normally established as to who has lawful authority to govern. Politics no longer was about the will of the People, but about whoever had the brute force to grab and keep the top offices, throwing political calculations into chaos.

Who can make alliances, coalitions, and consensus if the officer holders can be here today, gone tomorrow, with no warning? Shocked political office-holders at all levels react to this arbitrary uncertainty with a siege mentality of self-preservation, not by representing the People, so the entire system is degraded and damaged, top to bottom.

A recall denies an elected official their majority, voter-bestowed, lawful mandate to govern. A politically-motivated recall is never satisfied, because more than one office-holder has to go, demanding voters return again and again to defend their choices, exhausting voters, a cynical abuse of voters’ rights, budgets and energy.

In Wisconsin, the majority of the voters acting on their desire for change from decades of Democrat Party-controlled stagnation decisively put Scott Walker into the governor’s office. Yet, not even twelve months into his term, infuriated Democrats have dumped a massive stack of signatures of petitioners for a recall of him, and are feverishly working on a system-clogging million signatures from people who seemingly absolutely positively cannot live another minute with Walker as governor, an expected over twice the number required for the recall trigger, an astounding figure give the population of the state, and completely counter-intuitive to the plain will of the majority only twelve months ago.

Arizonans, who pooh-pooh any real threat to popular Governor Jan Brewer, should take what’s happening right now in Wisconsin to heart, as an open call to begin collecting signatures against her was made by Recall organizers in their press conference after Pearce’s defeat. The Democrat Party recallers in Wisconsin seem to be using the same script as the recallers here used against Pearce in Arizona; that they do not have any challenger as yet to Scott Walker, but they expect someone will step forward … what, a million signatures and not a thought of who would be governor if the governor is ripped out?

Walker had to campaign to all the people of the state of Wisconsin, he had to convince them he would carry their will through the governor’s office and the majority liked what they heard from him and voted him in. The Democrats want to put in a nobody? Someone the voters don’t know, haven’t had a chance to vet, and who necessarily would be voted in by fewer than the majority which Scott Walker required to win in the general election? How about a political neophyte with no experience, no record to examine, perhaps? Someone who the voters would have no idea what he or she would do once in office? What nonsense! Who would go for that? Russell Pearce banked on that common sense and he’s abruptly out of a job.

One wonders where those million were just last November. The sheer magnitude and practical feasibility of collecting a million signatures in such little time alone should provoke questions. If there were truly that many motivated, disgruntled opposing voters, then Walker wouldn’t have been elected in the first place, but there they are … upstanding Wisconsin residents including Mickey Mouse and Adolph Hitler could be the means by which a duly elected governor of an American state be ripped from office.

The GAB Petition Review board in Wisconsin overseeing this have publically shrugged; they stated that Mickey Mouse and Adolph Hitler if signed on the petition will stay on the petition so long as they have a valid Wisconsin zip code, unless Governor Walker challenges them, one by one. With a projected over a million signatures and only so many days, the Democrats seem to be supremely confident it isn’t physically possible for Walker to verify the validity of the signatures to lodge a protest, and the checks and balances of a supposedly impartial petition review board are not in evidence, to the detriment of Governor Walker.

Governor Scott Walker should feel vindicated that his rabid political opponents include the likes of Adolph Hitler, proving once and for all that the socialist Hitler is not and has never been politically or ideologically affiliated with Republicans in any measure, but there is no time to laugh out loud and the threat to our Constitutionally-established system of elections is too grave.

If the Democrats succeed in their recall strike at Walker, to haul him out of office long before his mandated term ends, then the socialist Hitler will have done what no one else has achieved, overthrown the existing political system, risen to power TWICE by raw manipulation of the lawful systems, and from the dead, no less. In Wisconsin, Democrats have actually physically inserted Mickey Mouse into the metaphor for a complete, bad electoral joke.

Ominously for 2012, instead of focusing on the presidential election, every local state and national popularly-elected Republican official is at risk of being embroiled in a two-front political war, harassed from the rear and the front by the Democrats who are increasingly remote from and hostile to the will and spirit of the majority, and cannot provide a political vision and governing competency which attracts voters in normal elections.

Instead of taking a hard look at the validity of their premises and philosophies, Democrats seemed to have cast their lot to invest in recalls, a decidedly undemocratic and tyrannical solution to ballot-box failure, via an increasingly well-oiled and organized blitzkrieg designed to overwhelming and stripping out Republicans in state after state sitting governments, as easily as Hitler’s tanks once overran the horse soldiers of unprepared Poland, a nation whose main fault was that it was prepared for the previous, non-mechanized war, not the one that ground them under the tank treads.   Immigrants, legal and illegal have long viewed America as a haven from this sort of political disaster, how tragic that they are being asked to facilitate the introduction of the chaotic conditions they fled.

Mickey Mouse and Hitler in Wisconsin:


Online Petition to Refer Repeal of Prop 106 to the Ballot

Petition for Special Session to Repeal Prop 106

I support Governor Brewer and the Arizona Legislature in calling for a special session to refer to the ballot a referendum to repeal the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission and thus end the manipulation of election boundaries by a majority of three. By restoring that authority to 90 elected and accountable individuals instead of five un-elected and un-accountable individuals Arizona will stop the redistribution of votes and restore representative democracy to Arizona!


79 signatures

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