Even Liberals Can’t Stand DeeDee Garcia Blase!

Earlier this year (April, 2011) the liberal Lou Show exposed DeeDee Blase for the imposter poser Republican she is. Actually, she claims that she has now registered as an Independent which will prohibit her from voting in the Presidential Primary Election in February.  Here is the segment from the Lou Show detailing DeeDee’s heavy-handed tactics:

The Lou Show recently aired this expose on DeeDee Blase which discusses her formation of the “Tequila Party.”

Leftist Agitators Hold Press Conference at State Capitol, Target Brewer, Arpaio

The sign shows that this group is now supporting Mike Shauffer for Sheriff.

Beware of DeeDee Garcia Blase’s Tequila Party!

Do NOT give any money to an organization called the Tequila Party – especially under the leadership of DeeDee Garcia Blase.

Watch the following video and see why this organization and woman should not be trusted.

Eggs & Exceptionalism with JD Hayworth


A Discussion of the Past, Present and Future Greatness of America

Please join us as we will be treated to a discussion with six-term former Congressman, J.D. Hayworth. He will discuss his observations, as only he can, of American Exceptionalism, it’s past historic value, its significance in our present state of affairs and what it will mean to the future of our nation. You can pay in advance at LatinoGOP.org or at the door the day of the event. We will see you there!

DATE: Saturday, September 24, 2011
TIME: 9:00 AM
WHERE: Camelback Golf Club
ADDRESS: 7847 North Mockingbird Land, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 (map)
COST: $25


Ann Coulter Speaking in Prescott


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Yavapai College Republicans Present


6PM September 29, 2011

Yavapai College Performance Hall, Prescott AZ


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Ron Paul, The 13th floor

This was too funny but true to pass up posting! Hopefully, my Ron Paul friends will feel some comedic justice.

Congressman Ben Quayle on CNN Tonight!

Be sure to tune in to CNN’s John King, USA tonight as he interviews our own Arizona Congressman, Ben Quayle. The show will air at 4 PM with an active discussion on the debt ceiling negotiations.

Here is the link to John King’s Show

UPDATE: Here is the video of Congressman Quayle’s appearance:


Shining some light on the darkness of abortion in Arizona

Update on this post as of June 16th: Several of our readers brought to our attention that in February, the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners conducted an investigation of Goodrick and released its findings in a document available online here. According to BOMEX’s Findings of Facts, Goodrick, “reported to Board Staff that she had taken Fentanyl from her office for her personal use and that she may have a substance abuse problem.” The Board’s Physician Health Program Contractor also “determined that Respondent [Goodrick] was not safe to practice due to her health issues and recommended that she attend a chemical dependency evaluation.” BOMEX then place Goodrick on probation for five years.

I remained stunned that Phoenix Magazine would still publish this article!


My wife picked up the latest issue of Phoenix Magazine today and was shocked to read a disturbing and disgusting puff piece on a local Phoenix abortionist. The article is entitled “The Provider” and it is hitting mailboxes today.

The abortionist, Gabrielle Goodrick, proudly and readily admits that she performs about 40 abortions a week. That’s over 2,000 babies a year!

The article even mentions several pieces of pro-life legislation that were recently passed and signed by Governor Jan Brewer including legislation that prohibits abortions based on race and sex.

I’m not going to take the time to repost the entire article but you can view a copy of the images below.

Phoenix Magazine and Jessica Testa, the author of this article, ought to be ashamed for glorifying and presenting this practice in such a positive manner.

As a board member of a local crisis pregnancy center, we have to pick up the pieces for women who go through an abortion. Many of them carry the tragic burden of an abortion the rest of their lives.  We have to help them try to heal after undergoing an abortion.

According to CamelbackFamilyPlanning.com, the website for Goodrick’s practice, she charges the following for the abortions she conducts:

Doing the math on performing 2,000 abortions at the rate of $460 (the cheapest rate at 5-11.6 weeks), Goodrick is paid around $920,000 a year! I guess you could say that Gabrielle Goodrick is really “making a killing” doing abortions here in Arizona.

Clint Bolick on Freedom Watch

Goldwater Institute litigation director Clint Bolick joined Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox Business Network’s Freedom Watch to discuss his new book Death Grip, about the need for more economic liberty.

Tucson’s Mike Shaw video featured on Glenn Beck

Congratulations to Mike Shaw for having his video work featured on Glenn Beck’s show today. Beck was especially interested in Shaw’s revelation and coverage of former Colorado professor Ward Churchill who appeared in middle of the protest. Churchill, who was fired from the University of Colorado at Boulder because he referred to victims of the 9/11 attacks as “Little Eichmanns” was obviously in on the protests to orchestrate and organize the student protest.

Here is the video from Glenn Beck’s show:

Here is the video that Mike produced: