Mark Kelly for Dog Catcher

Sub headline: A Boy and His Dog

Politicos in Southern Arizona have been speculating for a few months that Mark Kelly might run for his wife’s former congressional seat in 2014.

(Warning: Profanity and disturbing images of Mark Kelly’s adventures.)

Mark and Gabby have been in front of the cameras promoting gun control through their newly formed Americans for Responsible Solutions. Shortly after rolling out the new initiative, Kelly was spotted actually buying an AR-15 for himself – or not. The transaction was actually cancelled by the gun store because it appeared Kelly was not purchasing the rifle for his personal use, a violation of federal law.

The AR-15 story was still going strong when this video pops up on the internet. The news report claims the dog belongs to his daughter. She does not have anywhere near the control over the animal that Kelly has.

The hypocrisy of liberals is that they want women to pee and puke while being raped while members of the left get to go around buying the very gun they seek to ban and they can own dogs that kill furry little animals that the rest of us are suppose to protect.

Chris DeRose Releases Congressman Lincoln: The Making of America’s Greatest President

Congressman Lincoln

Congratulations to my friend, Chris DeRose, on the release of his second book, Congressman Lincoln: The Making of America’s Greatest President.

Chris’ book came out today as he launches his book tour.

Here is the Amazon description of Chris’ book:

A biography of the early years and personal struggles of the famous frontier politician who led the United States during its darkest hours, centering on his little-known congressional years. This the story of an Abraham Lincoln many Americans aren’t at all familiar with. Lincoln as a reluctant husband in an abusive relationship; Lincoln who came within moments of fighting a duel with a political adversary; the first and only president to patent an invention; the first future president to argue before the Supreme Court.

Though remembered as a Republican, and even more as a figure that transcended partisan politics, Congressman Lincoln reveals Abraham Lincoln as a master political strategist and member of the Whig Party, the one to which he belonged for the majority of his career. Before he appealed to the America’s purest instincts, he argued “The Whigs have fought long enough for principle and ought to begin to fight for success.” Before “malice toward none,” Lincoln bragged of his opponent “I’ve got the preacher by the balls.”

Lincoln the policymaker is remembered for his conduct of the Civil War, and his handling of slavery. But even during his Presidency, Lincoln was concerned with a broad array of issues. As a party leader, candidate for Congress, and member of the House, Lincoln worked on stimulus spending, international trade, banking, and even the Post Office. And it would be in the Thirtieth Congress that Lincoln would first move to halt the expansion of slavery, carefully crafting a bill for gradual emancipation in the District of Columbia.

This is the story of America at a critical time. The tale of a Congress that ended a conflict, unsure of what they had gained aside from a seat strapped to a powderkeg, of a party aiming to win the Presidency at all costs, paving the path for its own extinction, and of a country charting an irreversible course toward Civil War. Moreover, it is the story of the man who lead the United States during its darkest hours and his role at the center of this gathering storm. This is the story of Congressman Abraham Lincoln.

Is Quelland the Man to Represent You in LD 20?

by Anonymous Because I Could Lose My Job

Usually, rank-and-file voters make up their minds last minute.  Additionally, they only really bother to vote in the races at the top of the ticket:  President, U.S. Senate, Congress, and Governor.  State offices tend to fall by the wayside.  If voters aren’t going to bother to be informed, it’s not such a bad thing because no one in their right mind would advocate for the uninformed casting votes.  But if you live in the new LD 20, if you are going to bother to vote down-ticket from the Presidential race, the U.S. Senate race, and Congressional races, much less vote at all, it’s high time you know the truth about the LD 20 Arizona Senate candidate named Doug Quelland.  Elections have consequences.  If you vote for him, just know the kind of person you’ll be voting for.

Voters should know Quelland has been removed from office before because he violated a number of campaign finance laws.  In fact, Quelland is continuing to skirt the law even today by putting up “Q” signs without the required “paid by” disclosure (more on this later).  Once you learn about Quelland’s assertions about his campaign finance as opposed to the evidence to the contrary, couple that with his claims about his political beliefs as opposed to his record, and see his actions today, you’ll understand that the man has a continuing track record of fundamental dishonesty.

The only thing worse than a politician that lies is a lying politician that stands for nothing.  Doug Quelland is that politician.  In the past, Quelland has campaigned as a conservative, but his voting record shows him as anything but.  His scores from Goldwater Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and Pachyderm Coalition show that his votes have been all over the map:  some years, he scored as high as the most conservative members; other years, he was the most liberal Republican in the House.

Is this really who you want to vote for?


During the 2008 campaign season, Quelland, mid-stream, decided to become a “participating” candidate.  Quelland failed to disclose a consulting contract with Larry Davis of Intermedia PR that he was required to disclose when he became a Clean Elections candidate.  Quelland asserts that he aborted the contract 2 days after he made it and before he became a participating candidate, never paid the consultant at all and wasn’t required to report it.  However, the CCEC produced a number of checks from Quelland’s Q-Land Enterprises, Inc. business account to the consultant during the course of the campaign.  Not only were payments made, but the corporate payments to the consultant were made on the exact same time schedule agreed to in the contract that Quelland claimed he terminated.  Clean Elections candidates can’t accept corporate donations, but Quelland financed his “clean elections” campaign not only with public money, but with his business’ money too.  One could argue that Quelland sought to circumvent campaign finance laws by trying to pay a consultant through his business so the corporate donations would be off the campaign books and undetectable.  Additional information tends to prove that Quelland didn’t terminate the contract at all:  the consultant did campaign work for Quelland, got a campaign debit card to make expenditures, worked with vendors for Quelland’s campaign, collected signatures for him and held two fundraisers for him.  What’s worse is that Quelland testified that the consultant collected no signatures for his campaign, but signed petitions show that the consultant did collect signatures.  In simple terms, Quelland lied to the CCEC about hiring the consultant, illegally paid the consultant through his business account, and lied about the consultant collecting signatures for him.  Granted, Quelland asserts that he hired Intermedia to do work for his businesses and that Davis did volunteer work for his campaign, but if that’s true, why wasn’t there a separate contract for business services and only the contract for campaign services that Quelland claims he terminated and why did the corporate payments to Intermedia match the schedule in the political consulting contract?


If one runs as a participating candidate, they agree, up front, to spending limits.  Quelland’s corporate payments to Intermedia not only were illegal because they were business donations, but the amount spent put Quelland well over the spending limits he agreed to.  Do you want to vote for someone who violates agreements?  Is it honest?  Is it the level of honesty that you expect from a politician?


In addition to violating the CCEC campaign funding rules by failing to disclose the political consulting contract when he chose to become a participating candidate and paying for the political consulting services with his corporate accounts, he re-used a campaign website he used from 2006 and failed to report its use to the CCEC.  According to CCEC rules, Quelland was required to report the use of the website and count the fair market value of the site’s use as a campaign expense.  Quelland failed to make any report of the site.


As mentioned before, Quelland made representations to those who signed his petitions that he was a conservative.  True conservatives believe in, and endeavor not to waver from, a set of principles:  less taxation, less spending, smaller government, the law meaning what it says (that is the rule of law as opposed to judicial activism).  A hallmark of true conservatism is a consistent voting record.  In 2003 and 2006, the Goldwater Institute gave Quelland scores that put him in the middle of the Republican pack.  In 2004 and 2005, according to Goldwater, Quelland earned scores that put him in the company of top conservatives.

In 2009, Goldwater scored him as one of the most liberal Republicans in the legislature.  The Pachyderm Coalition gave him the lowest score of any Republican in the legislature that year for the regular session, but their special session report marks him as a middle-of-the-road Republican.

In 2010, according to Goldwater, Quelland returned to voting with the middle of the Republican pack.  Americans for Prosperity’s 2010 score card that includes cumulative scoring gives Quelland a rating that equates him with liberal Republicans.  Pachyderm’s ratings that year again gave Quelland the lowest marks in the legislature.

As is illustrated by these scores, Quelland oscillates politically like a garden sprinkler.  He’s all over the map from year to year.  The fact that the man is absolutely inconsistent in his voting record shows that no voter can trust what the man says he believes in because he may vote the opposite way the very next year.


If you live in LD 20 or the immediate area, you’ve likely seen red “Q” signs that are similar to campaign signs.  While, Quelland has claimed the signs are promoting his business, the “business signs” are the size of campaign signs, they’re put up in the exact same areas as other political signs, are erected during campaign season, and are shuttled to their spots in a truck covered in Quelland for Senate signs.  Most importantly, Quelland asks supporters to put a Q sign in their yards on his political website.  If the Q signs are not political signs, why does he ask supporters to put them up in their yards like they are campaign signs?  Additionally, the signs on the truck have no “paid by” disclosure either.  But this isn’t all when it comes to Quelland’s consistently dishonest behavior!

This election cycle, Quelland has paid for letters distributed to homes in the district inviting the residents to visit his campaign website and learn about his policy positions.  Quelland claimed that he put “paid by” stickers on the letters and the stickers must have fallen off, but when the Secretary of State’s office tried to remove one of the stickers Quelland claims he applied, the letter was damaged.  Considering the letter was damaged when the sticker was removed, do YOU believe the stickers “just fell off”?

Even after the complaint about Quelland’s letters arose, one local news outlet noticed that Quelland’s campaign website also lacked the requisite funding disclosures.  Since the news outlet pointed out the lack of campaign disclosures on Quelland’s website, the disclosure has been added.  So, taken in the aggregate, one can see that Quelland has serious difficulties with campaign finance requirements and an inability to tell the truth about it.  One might think that if a candidate had encountered difficulties with campaign finance disclosures, they might become paranoid about them and disclose who things are paid by more often than is necessary, but Quelland seems to take the opposite lesson.

Quelland has an outstanding CCEC judgment against him for $31,000 from 2009 and he has yet to pay it.  Apparently, he has an agreement to pay the judgment, but he has not adhered to the agreement.  According to one source, he has a, “wink and a nod agreement with the Attorney General.”  In other words, Quelland and the AG put up a written agreement to make it appear that there’s enforcement, but Quelland has no intention of paying back the $31,000 and the AG will do nothing to truly see that the fine is paid.

Between his website and linked Twitter account, Quelland  states that he will personally visit every household in LD 20.  Numerous individuals questioned about visits by Quelland said that they were never paid a visit by him.  Insignificant?  Sure, but it shows a consistent, continuing pattern of dishonesty by Quelland.


In a recent Capitol Times article, consultants noted that Quelland hasn’t raised very much money for his campaign and has contributed personal funds to keep the campaign going.  The consultants interviewed were dismissive of his campaign.  That’s dangerous.  Any candidate should always take their opponents seriously lest they be upset.  One of the consultants stated that if Quelland wanted to win, he needed to stroke a big personal check, but if he stroked a personal check it suggests he could pay the fine he’s been willfully ignoring.


The only thing consistent about Quelland is inconsistency.  There’s inconsistency in the fabricated excuses he tried to sell the CCEC, inconsistency in his voting record, and inconsistency between his current behavior and the law.  Voters expect candidates to fulfil their promises:  promises to pay fines, promises to abide by campaign finance laws, promises to be transparent in their campaign funding, and promises to adhere to either party platforms or stated positions.  Quelland can’t be counted on to fulfill any promises.

If one speculates that Quelland may actually believe the lies he’s told, one might discern a pattern of insanity in the man.  Quelland’s actions actually conform when viewed through the lens of insanity as an explanation for his actions:  believing his own lies; megalomania, believing he’s above the law, expressed in his consistent flaunting of disclosure laws and refusal to pay the judgment against him; the strange moustache; outrageous assertions that he’s visited every home in the district…it all fits.  Granted, this is all pure speculative musings from someone with no expertise in the mental health field.

Elections have consequences.  If you’re going to vote, learn what you can about the candidates and vote as wisely as possible.  The questions remains, LD 20 voters, considering everything above, is this the man you want representing you?  Is he reflective of your views?  Is this the man you want standing in your stead casting votes in your name?

Clint Bolick and the Goldwater Institute Quietly Transforming the Country
by Rachel Alexander
October 3, 2012

While national political campaigns and politicians are regularly featured in the news for their accomplishments on the right, one small state-based think tank is quietly grinding away victory after victory. The Goldwater Institute was already a leading state-based think tank when libertarian lawyer Clint Bolick came on board five years ago to launch a litigation division. Since then, Bolick has greatly expanded the reach of the right-leaning think tank, filing lawsuits against all levels of government to protect taxpayers and businesses from government overreach. Bolick’s favorite line, which he says with a grin, is, “I get paid to sue government bureaucrats.”

Bolick’s litigation against government dates back to his days at The Institute for Justice, the libertarian public interest litigation firm he co-founded with Chip Mellor in 1991. Between his tenure at the Institute for Justice and the Goldwater Institute, Bolick served as President and General Counsel of the Alliance for School Choice, where he became a hero of the school choice movement, aggressively defending tuition voucher programs around the country. Bolick has successfully won landmark precedents defending school choice, freedom of enterprise, private property rights and challenging corporate subsidies and racial classifications.

Phoenix Magazine calls the Goldwater Institute “a ninja-lawyer squad.” Conservative writer George Will wrote in 2010, “Pound for pound, the Goldwater Institute is the best (state-level) think tank in the country.” The Goldwater Institute was launched in 1988, appropriately named after Arizona’s famous conservative, the late Barry Goldwater. Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was the Executive Director, and left a few years later to run for Congress. The Institute built up a respected reputation as a public policy think tank, issuing exhaustively researched policy reports about local government. Darcy Olsen, a bright young visionary, became President and CEO in 2001 and wisely expanded the organization by bringing in Bolick to start a litigation center, the first of its kind for a state-based policy group.

One of the Goldwater Institute’s first most notable victories was taking down Arizona’s publicly-funded political campaign system, Clean Elections. Clean Elections is funded by traffic tickets and taxpayers who choose to contribute $5 on their taxes, which reduces their taxes by $5. Implemented by voters through a ballot initiative in 2000, the agency immediately began aggressively targeting conservative candidates. In 2002, Matt Salmon, the Republican candidate for governor, was harshly penalized by Clean Elections through its “matching funds” provision. Salmon was the only major gubernatorial candidate who declined to run using Clean Elections funding. Anytime he raised private funds, Clean Elections would award a matching amount to his opponents, including Democratic candidate Janet Napolitano.

Even more grossly unfair was that Salmon was essentially penalized by Clean Elections for his expenses. When President Bush came to Arizona and raised $750,000 for Salmon, Salmon only received $500,000, since $250,000 went to expense the fundraiser. Yet Napolitano and another opponent were each awarded a full $750,000 in matching funds. Another way Salmon was penalized was by matching independent expenditures. When Republicans spent $330,000 to help Salmon, Clean Elections wrote checks for that amount to both of Salmon’s opponents. Yet when the Democrats spent $1 million to help Napolitano, no such matching check went to Salmon. Napolitano narrowly won the race, no doubt aided by Clean Elections.

The Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit in January 2004 spearheaded by its other top litigator, Nick Dranias, against the state, alleging that the matching-funds provision was unconstitutional. In June 2011, the Supreme Court struck down that provision, significantly dismantling the program. Now, what remains of Clean Elections has been reduced to mostly voter education and outreach.

The Institute has aggressively started going after unions in Arizona, which are bankrupting the state. Bolick filed a lawsuit against the City of Phoenix last year over its practice of paying police officers “release time,” which allows officers to spend thousands of hours performing union work while getting paid by the taxpayers. The trial court has issued an injunction prohibiting the practice while the case winds its way through the legal system.

In 2010, the Goldwater Institute championed the Save Our Secret Ballot constitutional amendment, and it was subsequently voted into law in four states. That same year, the Institute sued the City of Phoenix over a $97.4 million subsidy to the real estate developer CityNorth to build a high-end retail development. Bolick argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court that the subsidy violated the state constitution’s gift clause, and although the court did not disallow the incentive, it ruled that in the future there must be additional considerations when providing subsidies to private entities. CityNorth proved to be an unsuccessful venture, and today stands mostly vacant.

The Institute has not been shy about taking on powerful, moderate Republican politicians. It successfully sued Republican Tom Horne, Arizona’s Attorney General, when he tried to restrict the ability of charter schools to choose their own curriculum. Bolick stood up to Senator John McCain (R-AZ) when McCain backed the City of Glendale’s attempt to subsidize the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team with government bonds, in order to entice the team not to leave the state.

One of the Institute’s biggest lawsuits currently is against Obamacare. challenging the creation of an Independent Payment Advisory Board—the all-powerful healthcare rationing agency that is set to launch in 2014. Concurrently, the Goldwater Institute drafted the Healthcare Freedom Act, which has been adopted by 10 states and will be on the ballot in four more this fall.

The Goldwater Institute has successfully sued over government transparency. When a school board in the little town of Congress, AZ, tried to prohibit taxpayers from filing public records requests, the Institute sued on behalf of taxpayers and won, setting a precedent around the state ensuring this would never happen again. The Institute filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Corporation Commission in June 2008 challenging its efforts to require renewable-energy standards. The Institute stood up for free speech and won a lawsuit to allow voters to wear a Tea Party shirt into a polling place.

Bolick goes around the country helping similar public policy groups start litigation divisions modeled after the Goldwater Institute’s model. Local governments in Arizona now turn to the Institute first when planning new funding schemes, in order to avoid lawsuits later. While some on the right are critical of using the courts to effect policy, labeling it “judicial activism,” Bolick would argue that we don’t have a choice. These kinds of issues are ultimately being decided by the courts whether we like it or not, so why not choose the best cases now for the maximum advantage, instead of being blindsided by them later?

The number of people whose lives have been touched by the Institute keeps increasing. One mother discovered the Educational Savings Accounts advocated by the Institute, and was able to put her special needs child in a private school that could properly educate him. Parent Katherine Visser said, “It allows parents to have a choice they wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s been a Godsend.”

The Goldwater Institute may not receive the media coverage that Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker does when he takes on the unions, nor is it a favorite juicy target of the unions, but perhaps that is why it is so successful. Respected by everyone on the right, with an impressive record of raising funding, Bolick and Olsen have developed the Institute to a level that should be emulated by right-leaning organizations everywhere.

Arizona Tea Party Patriot Affiliates Gearing Up for State and National Elections

July 25, 2012- (Arizona)– Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association, the state’s largest Tea Party network, comprised of approximately 80 National Tea Party Patriots, Inc., affiliated chapters, and over 6,000 activists state-wide, are actively engaged and preparing for both the 2012 Arizona state-wide elections and upcoming Presidential elections. Activists are currently engaged in volunteering for various State Legislative campaigns, Congressional campaigns, U.S. Senatorial campaigns and the current City of Glendale, AZ elections, a crucial city election plagued with over $ 1 billion and growing city debt, and controversy over the 3 year, owner-less Phoenix Coyote hockey team which continues to add $ multi-millions each year to the cities’ growing debt problems.

Pam Stevenson, founder of the state’s very first and largest Tea Party, the East Valley Tea Party, and organizer of the first state-wide, Arizona Tea Parties rallies in April and July of 2009, stated, “ These were the first two large-scale rallies which gained state and national attention and brought in over 2,000 + participants at each event. We then founded the state’s very first large-scale Tea Party (East Valley Tea Party) in which we held regular weekly meetings to discuss state and national political events, issues, studying the U.S. Constitution, inviting state and national political leaders, political experts and book authors as guest speakers. We were in the infancy stages of the Arizona Tea Party Movement, with no rule books, organizational guidelines to follow other that promoting and focusing on the non-partisan foundational principles of the National Tea Party Movement: 1. Protection of Free Market societies, 2. Constitutionally limited governments, and 3. Government fiscal responsibility. The East Valley Tea Party grew so quickly and large, we were maintaining a membership roster of over 1,500 activists.”

One year later, in April 2010, Mrs. Stevenson was recruited by the National Tea Party Patriots, Inc. organization to be their National organization’s first State Coordinator for Arizona, and the East Valley Tea Party, then branched off into 7 individual Tea Parties in various cities in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan areas in the East Valley. These Tea Parties became the first Arizona Tea Parties to officially become affiliate members of the National Tea Party Patriots, Inc., founded by National coordinators Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin, one of Time Magazines’ most influential people of 2010. During Mrs. Stevenson’s tenure, 40 Arizona Tea Party organizations became affiliates of Tea Party Patriots, Inc. ( ).

Flying under the state radar, Annette McHugh, founder of the Glendale Tea Party Patriots in May of 2010, and Arizona then-member of the National Tea Party Federation, led member activists in the Glendale Tea Party, which engaged in tackling controversial Glendale city government issues, in addition to volunteering for many high-profile state political campaigns and worked with other West Valley Tea Party leaders in founding one of the first of 4 state Tea Party coalitions, the West Valley Tea Party Coalition. It was during this time; Mrs. Stevenson invited the Glendale Tea Party to become a member affiliate of the state-wide, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association ( ) and National Tea Party Patriots, Inc. Less than one year of becoming active in the Arizona Tea Party Movement, Mrs. McHugh accepted the appointment to be the 2nd Arizona State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc., in April, 2011. During her tenure, 40 more Tea Party and 912 Project groups were added as affiliate members of Tea Party Patriots, Inc., bringing the total now to 80 + Tea Party Patriot, Inc. affiliated groups.

Mrs. McHugh stated, “Like many concerned citizens nation-wide, I began to pay attention to what was happening in our local, state and National governments. I was never involved, nor cared to be involved in politics. What I found inspirational in the Tea Party Movement was that everyone had the same concerns about our nation’s future, and were all very concerned about the growing national debt which our children and future generations would be burdened with. Our political leaders had failed us, we blindly trusted them. I felt betrayed and outraged by all of them. I saw ‘hope’ in what the Tea Party Movement was doing and wanted to be a part of it and help. No political background, and quite frankly had an aversion to politics, I simply jumped in, taking as many training and leadership classes, attending leadership conferences with Tea Party Patriots, Inc., as fast as they offered them. I learned quickly, pounding on many doors in the summer of 2010 for many candidates in over 100 degree Arizona temperatures. The 2010 elections were coming in November, and we all worked hard, not thinking or anticipating what the outcome of our efforts would be. To my own astonishment, and our entire nation, the Arizona Tea Party Movement and National Tea Party Movement saw the fruits of our labor in electing the largest Congressional freshman delegation to Washington, D.C. in our nation’s history. Grassroots citizens, working together made history! We never stopped working, and were even more inspired, now more politically educated, seasoned, and well-organized in communications; we’ve doubled the number of activists and Tea Party groups since 2010. We continue to focus on studying the U.S. Constitution, engaging weekly in meetings to discuss and debate political issues, we keep in constant communication with our elected leaders both on the local, state, and national level. Many of our activists now are running for and won local and state elections. We’re no longer as visible on the outside with continual rallies; we’re now working on the inside, infiltrating, volunteering for, and running for elections from district school boards, city councils, state legislators, Congressmen and U.S. Senatorial seats. 2010 election results were a ‘test drive’, now we’re now well-trained, organized, seasoned and determined to take over the conservative majority in the U.S. Senate and Presidential elections and sending more reinforcements to Congress in November of this year. Arizona Tea Party Patriot groups have doubled and memberships have grown tremendously since 2010. It became increasingly necessary to bring in reinforcements at the state level. Joanne Daley, activist and founder of the Cochise County 912 Project Tea Party Patriots and Southern Arizona Tea Party Coalition, was appointed Arizona Southern Region State Co-Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc. in March, 2012. Joy Stavely, from the Flagstaff Tea Party Patriots and member activist of the Northern Arizona Tea Party Coalition, was appointed as Arizona Northern Region Co-Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc. My personal goals were accomplished. In the Tea Party Movement, it’s so crucial that newer, passionate activists with fresher ideas and even higher goals always be given the opportunity to keep Arizona Tea Party Patriot affiliated activists and leaders encouraged, ensure they are provided tools, resources, training, and information to remain in constant communications, and working together.”

Arizona activist, Mr. Courtney Snell, founder of the Mesa Mountain View Tea Party Patriots has officially accepted the position of Chairman, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association, and has stepped up to take the helm as lead Arizona State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc., effective July 30th, 2012. Mr. Snell and his amazing team will be working diligently with Arizona Tea Party Patriot activists and leaders to ensure state and national successes in the November 2012 elections.

Mrs. McHugh concludes: “I’m humbled to have worked with so many inspiring, passionate, highly educated, and phenomenal Arizona Tea Party Patriot activists, now which are #1 in the nation with the most active engaged, Tea Party Patriot, Inc. affiliated groups. WE LEFT OUT THE ‘I’ IN TEAM!!

# # #

AZ Teaparty “Leadership” Sells out AZ Teaparty Members for Newt

  I learned recently that there are many in Arizona who proclaim themselves Teaparty “leaders” who are pushing the liberal K-Street lobbyist Newt Gingrich as the Republican candidate.

Now, if I understand correctly, the Teaparty created itself after the now famous Rick Santelli rant on CNBC  in response to the passage of Obamacare.

Read that again – a REAL conservative response to Obamacare.  Patriotic Americans nationwide organized themselves to march on Washington in protest of Obamacare, organized themselves locally to fight the implementation of Obamacare, to replace RINOs and send REAL conservatives to Congress to REPEAL OBAMACARE.

Read that again – to REPEAL OBAMACARE.  R E P E A L

Along comes the self-proclaimed leaders (admittedly not all) of the Arizona Teaparties supporting Newt Gingrich.

So what’s the problem with that?

Well notwithstanding Newt’s belief in global warming and support for international communism as a solution for global warming and his direct work with Nancy Pelosi


notwithstanding Newt’s work in support of Al Gore’s initiatives,

notwithstanding Newt’s lobbying for the ethanol “bio-fuel” industry,

now it comes to light that Gingrich SUPPORTS OBAMACARE and the INDIVIDUAL MANDATE!

Well lo and behold, as they say, a new Newt every day!  LOL

You can hear Newt here (at 00:40) clearly state his support for Obamacare individual mandates.

It may be time for a little Teaparty revolt in Arizona.  If you are a Teaparty member like I am, make sure to print this out and bring it to your next meeting.  If your Teaparty’s “leadership” is promoting Newt Gingrich, it’s time to *REMOVE* that Teaparty leader.  It’s time to expose them for being a spineless RINO  infiltrator and replace them with a real conservative and PATRIOT who understands that Americans’ freedom is not for sale or barter in this or ANY election and that any support for Obamacare will not be tolerated!

Teaparty, y’all!



NYT: Democrat Ed Pastor Makes the Elite Capitol Hill Millionaire’s Club

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked or volunteered on several campaigns (Don Shooter, Jim Buster, Jonathan Barnert and Janet Contreras) to unseat Democrat Ed Pastor. One of the message that has been used is that Ed Pastor does not represent the values of the people who reside in his district. Although he was born in a small mining town, he’s adopted the left’s position on policy and class warfare. In essence, he’s become an elitist.

Now comes confirmation that what we’ve been preaching as populist pronouncements all these years is actually true.

Today’s article in The New York Times backs that assertion up.

According to writer Eric Lichtblau:

Today, Mr. Pastor, a miner’s son and a former high school teacher, is a member of a not-so-exclusive club: Capitol Hill millionaires. That group has grown in recent years to include nearly half of all members of Congress — 250 in all — and the wealth gap between lawmakers and their constituents appears to be growing quickly, even as Congress debates unemployment benefits, possible cuts in food stamps and a “millionaire’s tax.” 

Mr. Pastor buys a Powerball lottery ticket every weekend and says he does not consider himself rich. Indeed, within the halls of Congress, where the median net worth is $913,000 and climbing, he is not. He is a rank-and-file millionaire. But compared with the country at large, where the median net worth is $100,000 and has dropped significantly since 2004, he and most of his fellow lawmakers are true aristocrats.

Largely insulated from the country’s economic downturn since 2008, members of Congress — many of them among the “1 percenters” denounced by Occupy Wall Street protesters — have gotten much richer even as most of the country has become much poorer in the last six years, according to an analysis by The New York Times based on data from the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit research group.

We decided to pull Pastor’s personal financial disclosure reports from Legistorm, a DC-based non-partisan data resource entity, to see exactly what the congressman from Arizona’s 4th congressional district claimed on his 2011 disclosures. This included earned income, assets and unearned income, liabilities and travel payments and reimbursements. You can view them as well: [2011 Disclosure] [2011_Disclosure Amended].

We also took a look at information revealed by Open Secrets which shows the political side of Ed Pastor’s congressional lifestyle. It’s not hard to see that Ed Pastor has taken a lot of money from unions and trial lawyers.

How will the so-called 99% react to this new revelation? You won’t see them protesting outside his office or shouting him down at his next public appearance (if he ever has one). No, all you’ll hear from the Occupy folks is the sound of silent sanction as Mr. Pastor readies for his next campaign for congress.

Horizonte: Journalists’ Year in Review

Several local journalists appeared on Arizona’s PBS affiliate KAET on the show Horizonte to discuss 2011’s political happenings. Here is the video featuring Arizona Capitol Times’ Jim Small, KTAR’s Sandra Haros and Horizon’s Mike Sauceda.

Watch for the predictions at the end.

Bill Whittle: A Voter’s Guide to Republicans

Well said Bill Whittle!

Be sure to subscribe to Bill’s YouTube Channel.

Video: Michele Bachmann at Politics on the Rocks 4th Anniversary!

Congratulations to Charles Jensen and Politics on the Rocks on a great turnout and fourth anniversary celebration featuring Republican Presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann!

Here is video for Congressman Bachmann’s speech: