Rotting the Mind and the Body: UNT Texas University Serves Up All-Vegan Cafeteria

Mandate morphing from education to four-year resorts, state universities drain state resources and families’ budgets to woo students with trendy food courts, spa-like amenities and luxury rooms, not academic excellence or useful degrees. Worse, putting politics over science and in-loco-parentis duty one major state university has put a huge stamp of approval on one of the most body-damaging diets ever invented by devoting an entire cafeteria to it. The media is proving itself to be complicit in conveying it approves of the spread of deadly Veganism by reporting only positively on Veganism and a state-funded cafeteria to promote it, without any dissent allowed to spoil the digestion of this toxic and dishonest combination.

Reuters this week published a gushing and approving report on a new development in which Reuters hopes will catch on with other universities:

“The University of North Texas in Denton, known for its jazz program and hipster vibe, has opened an all-vegan full-service campus cafeteria that it and animal-rights activists say appears to be the first in the nation.
After just a week of school, the lines at “Mean Greens” – a play on the UNT Mean Green football team name – snaked out the door.
Students balanced plates of paninis made with fresh focaccia baked at the cafeteria, roasted vegetables, vegetarian sushi, bowls of asparagus soup, glasses of flavored vitamin waters and shot glasses of bananas foster. The hall doesn’t serve any animal products including meat, milk or eggs.
“It’s healthy. I was trying not to gain the freshman 15, but I actually like it,” said Rebecca Arroyo, a freshman from Paris, Texas, who isn’t vegan.
The university food czars who masterminded the unusual venue in one of five campus dining halls are finding many of the students who eat there are not vegans but simply want to eat healthy meals.
“Animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals agreed, and gave UNT its Compassionate Campus award this month for responding to student requests and supporting veganism, said Ryan Huling, manager of college campaigns for PETA2, the college arm of the organization …” 

Hard to know what’s worse here. The state sanctioning a politically religious cult by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to give the cult a showcase for their “approved” way of eating, or Reuters’ soothing portrayal of it without a syllable of critique in order to give it wider publicity, or that children, teens and college-age students are the most vulnerable to the damaging effects of Veganism and that the UNT university ought to have a nutrition department that can testify to that fact, or that state universities as institutions are shape-shifting into nothing more than four and increasingly five years of high-end resort living complexes with season passes to sports games in state of the art stadiums, courts and fields.

This is not isolated to UNT, but has become the pattern across the country as state universities invest in non-educational frills to sell themselves instead of a solid educational product. They are promoting a comprehensive “lifestyle,” not market skills. Useful degrees are no longer the priority, but milking students by any means out of hard-earned money, which for many will manifest later as over a decade of steep debt payments for their four years of luxury, high-end, catered living. The state universities do not care. They got the cash and they’re constantly off looking for more. Students graduate out of the bubble with a degree the market can’t use, no way to pay to maintain the spa lifestyle they became habituated to and now take for granted.  Add Veganism to the mix and more than few students can now graduate with permanent nerve damage, weaker bones and skin problems.

Surrounded by spare, lower middle class neighborhoods from which come some of the taxes to finance this, ASU, typical now for state universities across the nation, is a bubble of upper middle class Liberal Left living, with the “correct” décor, mass transit, “green” “green” that magic color, funding massive food courts with elaborate menus and all the “right” foods for “progressive people,” investing millions to expand on-campus housing square footage with more student apartments, making ASU “Big Landlord” while bored students sit in classes in front of computers drearily dragging and clicking through monotonous on-line instruction they could do just as well at home for a practically nothing when they’d signed up with what is turning out to be a naive expectation that they would be taught by an actual human being faculty professional who actually knows his or her subject.  Across the country at state universities,  the statistics now say the staffer in the button-down sweater and clogs  puttering down the hallway with a Starbucks latte in hand is an administrator, not any teaching faculty member.  All those amenities need managers to manage them.

State universities continue to feather their luxury nests without any budgetary restraint while the rural areas of the state remain rural, unpaved roads that could have been paved, rural schools close unable to meet costs. The universities love that word, “sustainability” but they do not practice it. They spend a million dollars to save three hundred a month. They epitomize “un-sustainability.”

And for the “intellectual rigor” universities claim, it is chillingly informative to find that Vegans defend their lethal diet by attacking actual nutritionists, much the way the Soviet Lysenko attacked actual agronomists who disputed his half-baked “agro-biology” a sort of scientific sounding complete fraud that destroyed Soviet agriculture, and by that condemned millions of Soviets to poverty and hunger.

Meanwhile, young women under pressure to be “good people” damage their growing bodies by denying them essential proteins and vitamins. Vegans preach that they aren’t “moral” unless they don’t eat any animal products and make them feel guilty if they are literally hungry for a better diet, a philosophy which is blatantly religious in concept and expectations. Movie stars and celebrities preen and preach Veganism across the media, a means to “eat healthy” and “get slim.” Vegans teach that people who eat a normal, varied diet are inferior in morals, goodness, and health and  thus are accepted targets of mockery and distain.

How confusing is it then for many women who imposed a strict Vegan diet inexorably gaining weight because they start to compulsively snack. If they understood their bodies were desperately trying to amass essential proteins out of empty calories, the weight gains wouldn’t be a surprise. They don’t talk about the literally unnerving symptoms they develop, looking everywhere but at their dinner plates for an explanation as to why they don’t feel “healthy” the way they were told they would feel. But Veganism proponents, in classic religious cultishness blame the practitioners, not the diet for the failures, and like the insecure fawning elite in the “Emperor’s New Clothes” Vegans choke down Vegan concoctions all the while telling everyone they “like it” when it’s plain by their own faces they don’t.

While university health units are reporting cases of early signs of kwashiorkor amongst young, affluent college women, UNT a major Texas university, home to tens of thousands of students has enabled increasing manifestations of this damaging malnutrition by providing a three meal a day restricted diet cafeteria. The Liberal media promotes this when it should be condemning it. The lack of intellectual, nutritional and moral honesty in all this is staggering.

UNT university opened this cafeteria as a marketing ploy to attract students. It did not pour that money into better professors who can actually teach and convey information and skills. The media wants more of it; PETA has an extreme and hateful agenda, which they are selling to naïve young women in particular who then become physically harmed by the PETA-approved Veganism. PETA has always been against human beings, their world view is of people being no more value than cockroaches. That’s SHOULD have raised some doubts and a critical analysis amongst the university administration making this funding decision, but obviously not.

Greedy state universities making decisions based on valuing students only as cash cows while installing crippling Veganism as a marketing plus, then suppressing information that exposes the truth of Veganism are together a cruelly ironic combination. The goal is to make this the “new normal” at state universities across the country.   The educational establishment is already advanced down that route;  truth, knowledge, responsibility and quality education are being left at the curb.

Veganism: Suicide by Diet – A Metaphor for Modern American Deficiency of Will

The Left Progressive social conditioning of the Western nations is reaching achievements that would astound the generations of two hundred, one hundred, even fifty years ago. But these achievements are bearing fruit that rots on the vine, the abandonment of reason and morality that is stunting the physical, intellectual and moral growth of the next generation.

The “tolerance” crusade of the so-called ‘Progressives’ is a multi-pronged attack on individual responsibility, self-discipline and the individual’s duty to society, marriage and children. In the name of ‘tolerance” people turn their backs on murder of unborn infants, needing to be “open-minded” – a state of being more fearful of being taunted than fearing violent death of an innocent and defenseless human being. In the name of “tolerance” Americans back off debate, conditioned to react with fear and timidity when confronted with the vaguely defined, but daily utilized “controversial” – not champions of truth but cowed subjects to an artificial ‘peace and quiet.”

But Americans will pay a steep price for this passivity, this cowardice, this incuriosity. The next generation has been raised by television, by video games, by malls as their parents occupied their attentions elsewhere. Their morals, their guides have been gleaned and aped off of the 24/7 media, from fiction television shows, to false reality voyeurism, sophisticated cinema vapidity – years of steeping in a broth of Progressive conditioning to capitulate to a monolithic state of conformity that claims to be diverse as it steadily narrows the scope of “approved” behaviors, dress, beliefs.

One of the most egregious of the manifestations of ignorance in this “Information Age,” enabled by the cowed passivity of this phony “tolerance” is the unquestioned spread of a dietary-driven lifestyle that is constructed to deliver death. In a finicky society that insists on “organic” chemical-free food, “natural” products, “sustainably harvested,” “pure artesian water” and exposes a rigid no tolerance for a plethora of fillers, additives, colorings, “allergen-free” hotels, chlorine-free pools, carbon-free anything, the complete lack of comment on a extremist and physically damaging lifestyle promoted in the media by attractive celebrities is astounding.

It was eye-opening years ago, fresh out of college and full of idealism, to be planted with precisely sixteen weeks of intensive agriculture, health, nutrition and local language training into a rural rehabilitation center in Western Kenya for severely malnourished children.

A stone’s throw from Uganda, during the time of brutal dictator Idi Amin’s violent rule just across the deceptively peaceful border, this center didn’t have a single average case in it. It was marasmus and kwashiorkor, the two most dramatic forms of malnutrition and our jobs were to rehabilitate the suffering children through food, no medicines, and as we did so, to teach the mothers how to feed their children. A number of these children died, too far gone to respond to treatment. Decades later, here in the prosperous United States with food aplenty, it’s been a shock to discover the lessons learned amongst poverty, remoteness and isolation are urgently required to be taught in this abundantly fed, and famine-free, yet disturbingly physically and intellectually malnourished contemporary American society.

Simply, marasmus is the classic starvation look, stick-thin arms and legs, toddlers with faces of old men, sunken cheeks, sculpted cheek bones under stretched thin skin, teeth bared in a strained grimace, the bellies seeming to be swollen, but just holding the internal organs which don’t wither away the way fat and muscles do. Children, adults as well, with marasmus are hungry, and will eat and fairly quickly recover over time, so without other complications, prognosis is good. Marasmus is just not enough food in all categories of sustenance.

Kwashiorkor, on the other hand is something more insidious. It is a protein-calorie malnutrition, meaning the body is not getting enough of two essentials, protein, certain vitamins plus a lack of suffiicient  calories. It is marasmus without protein and the effect is even more shocking.

The human body is built to be extremely versatile to whatever environment it is subjected to. Given a well-balanced diet, a child will grow to his or her maximum potential as defined by his or her DNA. In circumstances in growth periods during childhood when food intake is reduced, the body has a number of reactive mechanisms that adjust to protect the body from disaster by slowing down the metabolism, slowing down growth, even halting actual growth.
Such cases are called, “Stunting.” The adults whose growth was stunted during childhood are far shorter than they would have been. There is nothing at all wrong with their proportions, their overall health, they are simply smaller in size, their bodies managed the low food intake against the growth demands and simply turned down the growth to turn down demands required to build bones, muscles, nerves, skin and normal repair of all of that. It is quite common to see tall children from small parents – the parents had a greater potential height, but never achieved it do to a subtle form of malnutrition during critical growth periods. Their better fed children soon tower over them.

In marasmus and kwashiorkor, the severity of lack of food is more than the body can manage through self-regulation, a physical stress exceeding the self-regulating mechanisms of the body. Stunting fails, the body in desperation begins to consume itself, fat, and then muscle. With kwashiorkor, despite a net higher availability of calories than marasmus, a lack of key proteins and vitamins results in the body unable to repair itself. The cells begin to weaken and rupture; hair becomes brittle, loses color and breaks. Leaking cells create an overall edema, a swollen total body puffy effect of pure misery for the sufferer. Deceptively, at first glance the kwashiorkor sufferer can appear “fat,” and early counseling has to lead families through their perceptions that it can’t possibly be a starvation problem as the victim eats daily.

Kwashiorkor is much more difficult to treat – the victims are listless and miserable, and what destruction is evident on the outside is also manifesting on the inside. The internal organs are in a degraded capacity to process and absorb food. In the race to save a dying person, it is a delicate balancing act of inserting as many high-quality calories as possible into a malfunctioning system without overloading it. Literally, every spoon-full must be strategic. Recovery is slower than with marasmus, as more lasting and sometimes irrevocable damage is done to the body. Alarmed parents at our rehabilitation centre would often become enraged that treatment apparently wasn’t working as the first sign that kwashiorkor is being reversed is a loss of edema as the body begins to repair its cells. The “fat” sufferer is suddenly the image of an emaciated war orphan.

What a shock it was to discover that American college health units have been reporting cases of kwashiorkor amongst students, usually girls. It seemed unbelievable that ANY health unit on any American university would even know what kwashiorkor looks like. Surely it was a mistake. How was it possible that in this land of plenty with expensive schooling, plasma screen TVs, cell phones, smart phones, vacation homes, two and three car garages … ah, back to those plasma screen TVs and what college-bound girls were absorbing from them. Sleek celebrities on talk shows, attired in designer garments, promoting their latest movies … and their diets to make themselves thin. The most rarified of these is the Vegan Diet, a total rejection of all meat, eggs and milk products.

What does one glean about the quality of American education from Kindergarten to Bachelors to hear the likes of Harvard graduate, actress Natalie Portman, a child-waif adult coo about being vegan?  One notes that India, which as a vegetarian nation with a lower GNP per capita than what Natalie Portman spends on one nice dinner out, eats actually better than she preaches, for Indians consume milk and eggs, many do eat chicken and fish. Tellingly, it’s a massive sub-continent of a billion bustling people, but still struggles to produce an athlete or team capable of snagging an Olympic gold.

Adult celebrities like Alicia Silverstone earnestly tell their audiences of the superiority of their vegan dietary lifestyle. Their hosts and hostesses nod and affirm these statements, when they should be lunging across the couches and slapping the messengers.    Few in the national audience absorbing their ignorant pronouncements have the basic background that they should have after spending most of their lives in some classroom or another about common sense dietary requirements of life. That a multimillionaire Harvard graduate could be more ignorant of what’s required to eat to survive than any uneducated village peasant should be a noticeable flaw to most people, but it isn’t.  The physical condition of thousands upom thousands of American teenage girls, smaller than their parents, thin without muscle mass, wane and waifish, doesn’t seem to catch many people’s notice, yet should.  “Robust” should be the word that people think of when they consider American youth, but that’s not often what the eye sees.

Veganism is suicide by diet, the diet to kwashiorkor. There is no getting around it. Our bodies require certain proteins and vitamins that only are obtained from animal products, through meat, milk or eggs. Denying human bodies these materials used to build and repair the core structure is a death sentence, starting with nerve die off.

Worse, an adult, a person who has finished their growth period requires less of these essential foods than a growing child or teenager. Kwashiorkor can manifest itself very quickly as growing bodies are suddenly denied critical nutrients, starting with tingling and numbness in the extremities, the warning of permanent nerve damage. Thus, perversely, adult celebrities who advocate Veganism will manifest physical damage after their gullible teenage followers begin manifesting irrevocable nerve damage as they try to copy their ignorant and irresponsible media idols.  Veganism is especially brutal for pregnant women whose bodies, denied calcium and proteins, will leech even out of the  mother’s bones and teeth the necessary building materials for the developing babies. 

In the face of this mortal danger, a wide swath of American adulthood seems enfeebled in providing life-saving leadership and informed direction to their children, shrugging off veganism as a just another “choice” amongst many choices. Yes, it is, and so is the choice to cross the railroad tracks in front of a train. How many people would leap to stop a teenager from the train, yet can’t find the inner fiber to denounce deadly veganism or even question whether a plant-only diet makes any sense whatsoever? Even the cat seems to have a better grip on the concept that there is a vast difference between a hamster and a human, and without any benefit of an Ivy League education. Is it tragic or pathetic to see a narcissist, unnecessary, self-induced malnutrition in a land of prosperity and security – a place that genuinely starving people elsewhere have yearned to go for refuge from their wretched circumstances?

Ominously, veganism is a manifestation of an ignorant and vapid culture that is losing touch with common sense, basic facts, and right and wrong. If Americans can’t even rally themselves to demand accountability from the vapid pushers of dangerous veganism, to protect the next generation from foolishly embracing malnutrition, from what reservoir of strength do Americans find the backbone to stand up against a hundred other debilitating malaises that will stunt and enfeeble the body of American leadership through families, to local, to state, to national levels of this nation to resist  illegality, corruption and narcissistic self-absorption? What a disgrace that this generation is poised to bequeath a intellectually and physically weaker nation and people out of the next generation than the one their parents bequeathed to them.

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Senators & Presidents – President’s Day Event

Palling Around with Democrats Gets Us Bigger Government, Less Choices

McCain Dorgan


PHOENIX, ARIZONA. FEBRUARY 12, 2010. Renewing his commitment to big government in the face of growing skepticism about Washington’s expanding powers, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) introduced legislation last week to further regulate vitamins and supplements. His partnership with U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) follows other liberal efforts with Joseph Lieberman on global warming, Ted Kennedy on amnesty and Russ Feingold on First Amendment regulations, recently overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA) of 2010 (S.3002), introduced by Sen. McCain and co-sponsored by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND), seeks to regulate all dietary supplements.

The introduction of this legislation does not come in the face of health and safety concerns, but rather is an apparent response to athletes’ use of over-the-counter supplements as performance enhancers.

“Use of vitamins and supplements should not be regulated simply because a few athletes want to redirect attention from their doping,” said U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth.

Americans across the country would likely see a rise in prices and a decrease in availability of vitamins and supplements with the passage of this bill, as supplement manufacturers would be subject to excessive reporting requirements and broad recall authority by the FDA.

This bill is yet more “bipartisan” legislation by the 24-year incumbent that panders to those interested in increasing the size and scope of the federal government. Senator McCain voted for the massive bank bailout bill in 2008, which included $150billion in earmarks. During his presidential run he proposed spending $300 billion to buy up every bad mortgage in America, again bailing out banks and borrowers. And according to the Heritage Foundation his support for amnesty legislation would have cost taxpayers $2.6trillion.

Food tax referendum launched, other taxes coming

Jon AltmannBy Jon C. Altmann

Are you a Phoenix voter? Think you are you paying too many city taxes? Get ready to pay more.

Six of nine Phoenix Council members voted February 2nd to tax food and groceries for the first time in more than 25 years – for only an extra 2%! And no April Fools, it takes effect on April 1st.

This comes on the heals of a rate hike of 12% for city water and 7% for city sewers that take effect on March 3rd. By the way, in public testimony, the water services director admitted the rate hike would preserve about 120 open jobs that other city employees could transfer to “in case of layoffs.”

Let’s not even talk about that Mesa wants to increase the rental car tax across the Valley to build major league baseball another stadium or that we will have a vote on a statewide sales tax this spring. That is pending State Legislative authorization.

The Phoenix Council food sales tax vote came with only 24 hours notice, having been added to the agenda at the last minute by Mayor Phil Gordon. Phoenix Councilman Bill Gates questioned the tactic, saying it ran against the “Phoenix process” that had allowed voters a series of budget hearings before any budget or tax votes in the past.

Phoenix Libertarians have filed a referendum campaign with Phoenix and have until March 1 to get about 9,600 signatures to force the food tax to public vote.

Want to help? Several Republican activists and others do and have already joined to get signatures. Petition circulators must be Phoenix voters and can call 602-595-5451 or email:

Jim Ianuzzo, Maricopa County Libertarian Party Chair is one of the key people in the effort. Ianuzzo, famous for being part of the Goldwater Institute’s lawsuit against the Phoenix CityNorth zoning tax rebate deal, has found another cause to hold the City Council’s feet to the fire. Ianuzzo said they are aiming for 15,000 signatures to get the referendum on the ballot, despite the city charter requirement of less than 30 days to gather the signatures.

A succesful filing puts a red light on the tax and a failure at the polls kills off the city from using that tactic. How’s that for a political photo radar catch?

The day after the vote, Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates did a robodial call telling his constituents he did not support the sales tax vote and encouraging everyone to show up at the city council budget hearings (see the hearing schedule: )

Gates, who paid for the robodial out of his own campaign funds, said in the 90 second spot “On Tuesday, a majority of my colleagues on the city council and the mayor voted to impose a food tax. I am disappointed this tax was passed before you got to weigh in on the food tax.”

This is probably the first time a Phoenix councilmember waging a robodial on a council vote in a non-city election period.

Never one to miss articulating a tax issue, State Treasurer Dean Martin told me at Tuesday nights LD11 Republican meeting “I think the citizens of Phoenix will find it hard to stomach a food sales tax.”

Bill GatesIanuzzo said he got a call from a reporter telling him that Summit Consulting was already doing a poll on the food sales tax and the count was running heavily against the tax. Summit did not return my call by press time to comment. If true, the tummy upset Treasurer Martin punted may now be major voter acid reflux.

Could the timing for another tax increase together with others may create a perfect storm that brings together Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and Tea Party supporters? If the Phoenix referendum is successful, it will go the ballot at the same time as the state sales tax public vote.

Sal DiccioGates represents the city’s northeast/north central area in council district 3 and was joined by Sal DiCiccio (Dist. 6 Awhatukee/Arcadia/East Phoenix) and Peggy Neely (Dist. 2 far northeast) in voting no. In about two years, Phil Gordon is termed out as Mayor and any or all of these council members may be contenders for the city’s top spot.

One Phoenix TV station reported that Councilman DiCiccio has again thrown down the gauntlet, saying he would take a 5% pay cut to his check if city employee unions would take the same cut and that he would continue to match the cuts out of his check. No word yet if other councilmembers will see DiCiccio’s bet, or raise him one (council members are paid $61,600 yearly).

DiCiccio had previously revealed that the average cost for a Phoenix City employee is $97,000 per employee, by far some of the most expensive help around. In rough calculations, that would mean the employee benefit package exceeds 33% of pay, far above private sector averages and possibly even exceeding the cost of benefits given to military personnel.

DiCiccio has posted his findings on his own city council webpage:

Phoenix is not a happy family inside. City Hall insiders say other city unions are tired of taking all the cuts while police and firefighters have been held free of any cuts in pay, benefits or positions. The largest group of people showing up at the Feb. 2nd last minute council vote were union members and their families, including AFSCME, PLEA and IAFF-Phoenix Firefighters unions. An afternoon council meeting limits the Joe average voters from getting off work to come – apparently a lot of city workers must have had the afternoon off.

Adding to the mix, one long time city neighborhood activist, Paul Barnes, showed up to ask for a 4% food sales tax hike, trying to swap the tax for an indepth study that would lead to future budget reductions. The council did not bite on that one.

It has been rumored that one major department already figured that if employees in the city division could take about 5 furlough days and about another 90 could take demotions to the next step below, that department could avoid layoffs of about 200 employees.

“I think it was a dispictable to scare the public with cuts to police and fire to get a food sales tax,” Dean Martin added in his LD11 interview.

City officials have said they would have to lay off hundreds of police and fire fighters, but not put any furloughs on the table as an alternative to layoffs. Within a day after the food tax vote, City Cable 11 had a team of city budget experts doing a roundtable explaining where the food sales money would be spent. There may have not been much homework on alternative budget reductions, but city staff gets high marks for quickly knowing where to spend the dollars.

Gilbert Tuesday just announced it is looking at laying off 65 police officers and 29 firefighters. In contrast, Tulsa, OK, facing a budget crisis, may have to lay off 135 police and 130 firefighters. News reports state Tulsa police are facing either layoffs or taking a 7.5 percent pay cut plus benefit concessions, as suggested by their mayor. Firefighters were given an option to take 8.6 percent pay cuts and make some benefit concessions or see firefighters laid off.

Closer to home, Mesa recently slashed city salaries across the board and took away all overtime from police and fire. Last time anyone checked, Mesa is still there – didn’t burn down, no crime take-over and no-shut down of government.

Mesa may want another ballpark, but no police or firefighters went home in their cutbacks. Maybe there is a lesson for Phoenix there (good news – Phoenix already has a ballpark). Now, Team Phoenix Council is up to bat and the tax busters are pitching with clipboards, referendums and pens. Bets anyone? In the meantime, plenty of rental cars available for politicians and bureaucrats needing a fast lane exit, providing you pay the rental tax, of course.

Sun-Made Raisin Girl or Son Maid Raise’n Babe – You Decide

What do you think?  Lets have some fun and discuss …

The Weekly Standard noted that the new Sun-Maid girl looks “as if Julia Roberts decided to don a red bonnet and start picking grapes,” while the feminist website remarked that it looks as if she’s had “some implants.”

This is light and fun… here’s the story:

Congressman Jeff Flake, Survivorman

This is awesome.

My congressman, Jeff Flake, was recently interviewed by Chandler Councilman, Jeff Weninger on the Chandler’s cable show Chandler in Focus. The interview was the regular superfluous listing of accomplishments and updates but then it gets very interesting.

During the last three minutes of the interview, Congressman Flake reveals that he recently spent seven days on a 50-acre deserted island in the south central Pacific. During his island getaway, he took a pole spear, a water desalinization pump, and some salt and pepper and his snorkling gear. For seven days he remained completely alone on an island in the middle of the Pacific. He ate lots of fish and even swam with the sharks.

Flake made no mention of bringing a volleyball along on his getaway.

Think North Korea is Crazy? Here’s more CHANGE du Jour

 It is a way to coerce people out of their cars, yeah,” LaHood admitted. …  And all of you who live around here know exactly what I’m talking about…. About everything we do around here is government intrusion in people’s lives.”

They’re planning to use $8 billion dollars of debt your children will have to pay off to force social change in American’s transportation habits.  Is that the role of a government by the people and for the people?

“You’re going to see new buses; you’re going to see ability of transit districts to really have the equipment…. And we’ll begin at DOT to set a standard for our ability to get out of the recession, get people back to work in good-paying jobs.”

This moron is ignoring totally the fact that public transit hasn’t paid for itself since before WWII and that without another Law Enforcer authority (the Transit Police), public transit in many urban areas is quite crime ridden.

Moving along to more of the CHANGE you can expect from the Morons-in-Charge…

… yes, you guessed it; Your Diet is Causing Climate Change!

Here it is directly as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

“Changing our lifestyles, including our diets, is going to be one of the crucial elements in cutting carbon emissions,” said David Kennedy, chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change.

Alcoholic drinks are another significant contributory factor, with the growing and processing of crops such as hops and malt into beer and whiskey helping to generate 1.5% of the nation’s greenhouse gases.

The Carbon Trust, a government-funded firm, is working with food and drink companies to calculate the “carbon footprints” of products – sometimes with surprising results.

Just Two Regular Guys Out for a Burger

Another day in the life of President Obama and Vice-President Biden…

I’m sure there are lots of questions to ask here but the one that is plaguing me is, “Who puts ketchup on a swiss cheese and jalapeno burger?” What is the VP thinking???