Rep. Paul Gosar and House Hold Holder in Contempt

Washington, D.C.—Today, U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S (R-AZ) released the following statement regarding the full vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to hold U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. This vote is the result of continuous delays by Holder and the Department of Justice to release subpoenaed documents from the reckless Operation Fast and Furious.

Gosar said today, “Mr. Holder’s actions have shown his contempt for our constitutional rights, our border, Arizonans and all Americans and today Congress did its job by holding him in contempt. It is my hope today’s vote to sends a strong message to Attorney General Holder, President Obama and future bureaucrats that no one is above the law. After months of stonewalling, excuses and half truths Mr. Holder has run out of time and second chances.”

“The people of Arizona and throughout the United States and Mexico will be living with the consequences of Fast and Furious for years to come. Many have rightfully lost confidence in Attorney General Holder. Today’s vote further supports my Resolution of No Confidence (H.Res.490) in Mr. Holder which has the support of 114 members of Congress who each co-sponsored the measure.”

As the only member from Arizona on the committee for Oversight and Government Reform, Congressman Gosar has been a leading advocate for the victims of this horrible operation by demanding answers and justice. Gosar is the lead sponsor of H. Res. 490, a Resolution of No Confidence in the Attorney General which currently has 114 cosponsors.

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Schweikert on Fox News: “This type of arrogance from the White House is a pattern”

Rep. Schweikert spoke to Fox News’ America’s Newsroom about latest news that President Obama is invoking executive privilege over missing Fast and Furious documents.

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Straight Shooter Ron Gould on Obamacare!

Great new ad by State Senator Ron Gould in his bid for Congress. Brings back memories of State Senator Pamela “Machine Gun” Gorman!

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Who said health care and the 2nd Amendment didn’t mix?!


Frank Antenori

Best rating of any candidate in the race 

Tucson – State Senator and candidate for U.S House of Representative Frank Antenori touted the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) “A” rating of his candidacy for Congress today. Senator Antenori is the only candidate to receive a true “A” rating from the NRA. His rivals in the GOP primary race all received an “AQ” rating.

The NRA describes the “A” rating as: “Solidly pro-gun candidate. A candidate who has supported NRA positions on key votes in elective office or a candidate with a demonstrated record of support on Second Amendment issues.”

The “AQ” rating is described as: “A pro-gun candidate whose rating is based solely on the candidate’s responses to the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire and who does not have a voting record on Second Amendment issues.”

“This is another instance where results matters, and I’m the only candidate in the race that has stood up for Arizona’s gun owners, hunters, and sportsmen throughout my time in the Arizona Legislature,” said Senator Antenori. “While my opponents may be able to fill out a questionnaire the correct way, I have a proven record of sponsoring and supporting legislation that is Second Amendment friendly. I’m also an avid hunter and sportsman and a Life Member of the NRA.

“If the people of Congressional District 8 send me to Washington, I will be a staunch defender of the right to keep and bear arms and fight the Obama Administration and the left on any attempt to infringe upon that right.”

While the NRA does not award “A+” ratings in open seat races, such as this special congressional election, Senator Antenori was rated “A+” by the NRA as an Arizona State Senator.


“Precious” Guns

By Tyler Montague

In April of 2007, Seung-Hui Cho walked onto Virginia Tech’s campus and killed 32 people, and wounded another 25. In this “gun-free” zone, none of the students and faculty were armed, and thus all were subjected to the killer’s lack of mercy.

Senator Gould would like to prevent that scenario via SB1474, which would allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry on state college campuses.

In response, Senator Gallardo (D) posted this photo of Seung-Hui Cho, with the following comment:

“Coming soon to a university or community college near you….. Or someone like him. (No to guns on campus.)”

So…allow good citizens to carry a weapon, and suddenly we’ll have gun violence? I’ve decided that some liberals subscribe to what I call the “Lord of the Rings” gun theory. It’s when an otherwise good person spends too much time around his “precious” weapon, he is overtaken by the scary, evil, aura emitted from all guns, until finally he spontaneously combusts into a violent outburst and shoots up a nursing home. A good gun-free zone can prevent this from happening, of course…at least until all guns are melted down and all violence is thereby eliminated from society.

Sigh. Let’s take it from the top: Virginia Tech was a gun-free zone at the time of the massacre, folks. Yet somehow that crazed murderer had the gall to disregard their campus rules. Imagine that.

Over and over again, gun restrictionists fail to acknowledge a simple truth: That anyone who would murder another human isn’t someone who worries about obeying gun laws. They’ve already blown through trivial inhibitions like honoring gun-free zones and coming to a full and complete stop at intersections. They’re up to the “murder” level of badness. Everything below killing on the hierarchy of wrongdoing is fair game for them. Why isn’t this obvious by now? Libs, please, please try to comprehend this. Unless you enforce your “no-weapons zone” with armed guards and a metal-detector, like they do at the courthouse, your law merely disarms law-abiding people.

At least ASU President Michael Crow brings up other concerns about the proposed law that are logical: He worries that armed-but-untrained individuals could make poor decisions under stress, leading to errant gunfire that could hit innocent bystanders. In his view, these risks outweigh whatever benefits may come from armed students or staff. This is a reasonable concern, although there is plenty of data to suggest Crow’s concerns are contradicted by evidence.

I think the biggest threat to our right to keep and bear arms is an uninformed public and activist judiciary, panicked by highly publicized crimes with guns. (The media rarely seems to publicize all the cases where people defend themselves with guns. I should confess that, “Criminal fled after gun-owner pulled out a weapon,” isn’t as dramatic of a headline as a multiple homicide.) The anti-gun crowd would love to exploit an incident on campus involving a mistake by a weapons permit holder. To address President Crow’s concerns, they ought to add a little more practical training to the CCW permit process. I took a 2-day CCW course at Gunsite, where students fired nearly 500 rounds and received more initial weapons training than many new police officers. This should become the standard.

Even as it exists, the concealed weapons permit process has done an adequate job at vetting and training people. Upon introduction of the laws enabling concealed firearm carry, and many other laws favoring 2nd Amendment freedoms, we’ve heard predictions of apocalyptic violence. None of it has occurred. There is no data to support the claims of anti-carry arguments. In fact, violent crime has dropped significantly, and there is a lot of data to suggest that criminals’ fear of armed citizens has something to do with it.

And all arguments aside, there’s the Constitution. While many begrudgingly concede the right to “keep” arms, they often forget the words “and bear.”

So, should the legislature vote for S.B. 1474? Not so fast.

At ASU, for example, according to S.B. 1474, President Crow gets to determine whether or not to allow guns into campus buildings. If he decides not to, as he already indicated, then ASU has to provide lockers outside each building for weapons. An armed student would carry her gun from her car to her first class, lock it in a locker, retrieve it and be armed on the sidewalk for a few minutes while she walks to her next class, where she has to then deposit the weapon in another locker, and so on. Completely impractical.

The initial estimate from the schools is approximately $13 million dollars to build the lockers, and then an ongoing $3 million annual cost to hire campus police to babysit them. That’s a lot of money to waste in order to keep students and staff just as unprotected as they were before.

The bill also makes lawmakers look out of touch by working on a problem that few voters rank as a priority, while unemployment is high, the housing bubble still stings, and our K-12 education ranks near the bottom.

So, either pass a bill that lets people protect themselves, while addressing legitimate safety concerns, or don’t pass a bill at all. We don’t have money and political capital to waste on a bill that doesn’t actually achieve anything. Vote no on S.B. 1474.

Tyler Montague is a gun-owning, SUV-driving, meat-eating Republican from Mesa, who loves this state and wants good policy.

Upcoming Events: 2012 Arizona School Choice Week

Gosar Files Congressional Resolution of No Confidence in U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2011
CONTACT: Apryl Marie Fogel

WASHINGTON, DC –Today, U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS (AZ-01) introduced H.Res. 490, a Resolution of No Confidence in U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. The resolution states “that it is the sense of the House of Representatives that Congress has lost confidence in the Attorney General of the United States.”

Congressman Gosar hopes to accomplish two goals with this resolution: First, the reproval by Congress of an executive official, is a significant statement. Cabinet positions, including the Attorney General, are appointed with the consent of half of Congress, the Senate. Congress is more than entitled to express its approbation, disapproval or censure. This resolution does that for the House.

The second goal is public awareness. By filing this resolution, we are anticipating a debate on the House floor and a floor vote. This will bring needed inquiry, exposure and transparency to the issue itself.

Congressman Gosar said “It is imperative that the citizens of our nation have confidence in our Attorney General. After months of evasive answers, silence and outright lies it is time that Congress speak up on behalf of the many people who have or will fall victims to the firearms in the flawed gunrunning operation Fast & Furious.”

H.Res. 490 has 21 co-sponsors including Trent Franks (AZ), David Schweikert (AZ), Jeff Duncan (SC), Connie Mack (FL), Paul Broun (GA), Lynn Jenkins (KS), Gus Bilirakis (FL), Kenny Marchant (TX), Michael Grimm (NY), Blake Farenthold (TX), Renee Ellmers (NC), Jeff Landry (LA), Dan Burton (IN), Alan Nunnelee (MA), Francisco “Quico” Canseco (TX), Vicky Hartzler (MO), Bobby Shilling (IL), Steve Pearce (NM), Bill Johnson (OH), Walter Jones (NC), Allen West (FL).

Link to Resolution: www.


Rep. Quayle: Attorney General Holder Must Step Down

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2011
CONTACT: Richard Cullen

WASHINGTON (DC) Congressman Ben Quayle (R-AZ), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, released the following statement Tuesday calling for the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder:

“Fast and Furious was a fundamentally flawed operation. Since its implementation, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and numerous Mexican citizens have been killed by criminals using weapons that were allowed to ‘walk’ during the program. These weapons continue to pose a grave threat to people living near the Southern border. These facts alone signify a lack of leadership and control within the Justice Department that warrant the removal of those people who authorized and failed to supervise this damaging operation.

“When the incredible failures of Fast and Furious came to light, Attorney General Holder and his subordinates chose the route of evasion over forthrightness. They provided documents to Congress only when compelled to produce them with subpoena. These documents revealed that on February 4, 2011, senior officials at the Justice Department, the ATF and the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s Office responded to an inquiry by Senator Charles Grassley with a letter that contained categorically false information. Ten months later, the Justice Department was forced to rescind that letter—a move the attorney general acknowledged is extremely rare. During last week’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, the attorney general refused to take responsibility or hold any of his subordinates accountable for their handling of Fast and Furious. Mr. Holder himself called the operation ‘wholly unacceptable’ and ‘fundamentally flawed.’

“The fact that he hasn’t fired a single person shows that Attorney General Holder is more concerned with protecting himself and his political appointees than holding individuals accountable for Fast and Furious. I have refrained from calling for his resignation until he had a chance to testify before the Judiciary Committee. Asking for a cabinet member to resign is a serious step and one I take very seriously. After reflecting on last week’s testimony, the operation, and Mr. Holder’s handling of the fallout, I have lost all confidence in his ability to lead the Justice Department. I call for his immediate resignation.”


Reps. Trent Franks, Paul Gosar speak out in press conference on ‘Fast & Furious’

WASHINGTON, DC — Today over a dozen members gathered to demand accountability and transparency from Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice for the failed and flawed gun running operation “Fast and Furious”. After months of evasive answers by this administration and those in charge of this program nearly 40 members of the U.S. House, some of whom are participating today, have called for Attorney General Holder’s resignation.

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AZ Family TV-3 Interviews Sheriff Paul Babeu on Possible Congressional Run

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has announced the formation of an exploratory committee for Congressional District 4.

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Arizona Sheriff Babeu on Fast and Furious

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Where is the outrage over Fast and Furious?

By: Rep. David Schweikert

It seems that despite the magnitude of the Fast and Furious scandal, there isn’t much outrage.

Arizonans don’t need me to tell them that Fast and Furious is a big story. This scandal started in our backyard — in the ATF’s Phoenix office — and was administered by a U.S. attorney appointed by President Obama.

Every step of this operation seems riddled with incompetence and dishonesty.

High-ranking U.S. officials used taxpayer money — stimulus money no less — to buy guns and ship them to Mexico. The administration claims these firearms were shipped to Mexico in an attempt to destabilize Mexican drug cartels.

A further investigation will help us determine if, in fact, the administration’s real agenda was indeed promoting gun control.

Not only did this incompetence sink the operation, it strengthened the cartels and destabilized Mexican security forces on the border.

In other words, under this then-secret program, thousands of guns were shipped over our borders and placed directly into the hands of criminals. Sadly, these guns can be traced to over 200 murders, including that of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and high-ranking Mexican officials.

Some have tried to say that Fast and Furious is simply a case of an overreaching federal government dropping the ball or botching an operation — that it was planned to do something different, that weapons were lost and that officials miscommunicated or were ill-informed.

However, as more evidence has come to light, it has become clear that this operation was not botched. The administration fully intended for guns to end up in the hands of Mexican criminals.

As an Arizonan watching this unfold in my backyard, I can also assure you this is more than feds dropping the ball. People are dying. American tax dollars are arming criminals and it seems the administration is trying to cover it up.

This is egregious.

Almost as egregious, is the fact that the mainstream media has largely seemed to ignore this scandal. Where is the media’s understanding of the scale of this operation? Where is the outrage for not only the actions of President Obama and Eric Holder, but for their inconsistent stories? Where is the outrage for the use of American tax dollars for criminal activity? Where is the outrage for the more than 200 lives lost?

There is a growing voice in the House, mine one of the strongest among them, that believes we need a special prosecutor to hold Eric Holder and the Justice Department accountable. We must put the facts together and properly lay them out on a timeline.

Let’s face it. If it turns out that our attorney general misled the House Oversight Committee in May, the honorable thing for him to do is tender his resignation.

However, the honorable thing for President Obama to do right now is to stop playing politics and come clean on what his Justice Department knew and when they knew it. Incompetence and dishonesty that cost lives cannot and will not be tolerated.

The truth of this operation must come out just as fast and furiously as it was withheld from us.

The main duty of our government is to protect her citizens. However, here in my backyard, taxpayer-funded weapons have taken lives. I do not know what else needs to be said for America to start listening.

Congressman David Schweikert represents Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District.

Rep Flake Statement Regarding Subpoenas to AG and DOJ for Fast and Furious Information

CONTACT: Genevieve Frye Rozansky

Washington, D.C. – Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today released the following statement on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s issuing of subpoenas to Attorney General Eric Holder and additional Department of Justice (DOJ) officials for documents related to the Fast and Furious operation:

By pressuring Arizona gun retailers to sell weapons to straw buyers, the ATF and DOJ has put law enforcement officers and private citizens, both in Arizona and in Mexico, at great risk,” said Flake. “Just as troubling is the Administration’s lack of candor in cooperating with congressional investigators.

I hope that these subpoenas lead to a thorough examination of the facts so that those responsible for this operation are held accountable.


A Seminar on Arizona’s Gun Laws and Recent Policy Changes with Alan Korwin, TONIGHT!



Gun Laws and Gun Policy: An Update


Date: TONIGHT!  September 20, 2011
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Location: The Franciscan Renewal Center – St. Barbara Room
Address: 5802 E. Lincoln Dr., Scottsdale, AZ

Refreshments served

Cost: $10 per person

Payment can be made on our website , you will need to scroll down to the second posted seminar to see this event. 

 Payment can also be made at the door!

Arizona’s gun laws have changed dramatically in the last few legislative sessions. Do you know what happened to our self-defense laws? What’s it like to carry a firearm with no permit and no training required? And what about the politics — is Obama really going to outlaw guns, confiscate your property, tax ammunition to death, get the U.N. to dictate our laws? You’ve never owned or even fired a gun? How dangerous is that — being that defenseless?

 Come join one of the nation’s leading experts on gun laws and gun policy, our own local resource, Alan Korwin, author of nine books on the subject and a frequent guest on radio and TV nationwide. He’ll answer  your questions, engage you with the facts, and crack you up with his quick wit. In a dire emergency, what’s the best gun? The one you have. Don’t miss this exciting evening. Bring 10 rounds of ammo for VIP seating.

Alan Korwin, author of five books and co-author of eight others, is a full-time freelance writer, consultant and entrepreneur with a twenty-five-year track record. He is a founder and two-term past president of the Arizona Book Publishing Association, which has presented him with its Visionary Leadership award, named in his honor, the Korwin Award. He has received national awards for his publicity work as a member of the Society for Technical Communication, and is a past board member of the Arizona chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. He is active with the speaker’s bureau for the non-profit, Wash., D.C.-based news-media watchdog, Accuracy In Media.

Alan Korwin turned his first book, The Arizona Gun Owner’s Guide, into a self-published best-seller, now in its 24th edition. With his wife Cheryl he operates Bloomfield Press, which has grown into the largest producer and distributor of gun-law books in the country. It is built around nine books he has completed on the subject, including the unabridged federal guide Gun Laws of America, and a rapidly growing line of related books and DVDs.


Violence is in the Eye of the Beholder

Statement released by Democrat and House Minority Leader, Chad Campbell:

“First, the actions of the Pima County Republicans are shocking, disrespectful and in poor taste at best. To raffle off the same brand of gun used to assault Congresswoman Giffords and kill and injure several others, including a 9-year-old girl, is unconscionable. 

“Arizona is still healing from these wounds. If any good could have come out of this horrific event, it would be civility in our state or employing sensitivity when needed, not reopening the wounds or making light of them. 

“I am gun owner myself, a supporter of the Second Amendment and I also believe in common sense. Their raffle is not common sense; it is sick, and the Pima County GOP should call off the raffle in respect for the Arizonans who died and were injured in the Tucson shooting. It’s time for all of us to check ourselves in mutual respect for one another so we can all work together to make our state stronger.”

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UPDATE: The White House made this official statement regarding yesterday’s speech by Teamster President, Jimmy Hoffa:

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Rep. Gosar on Fox & Friends discussing ‘Fast & Furious’

Congressman Paul Gosar appeared on Fox News on Tuesday discussing the hearings be held over Operation Gun Runner by the ATF. Here is the video clip of Representative Gosar’s interview.

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Why do some conservatives keep believing the Arizona Republic?

As is covered extensively over at Espresso Pundit, fewer and fewer people read the Arizona Republic. There are a number of reasons for this, but one reoccurring theme is that the paper cannot be trusted to report facts and the vast majority of writers there exhibit a strong liberal streak that distorts their work.

I know of hardly any conservatives who read the newspaper anymore for just those same reasons. Yet for whatever reason, when something appears in the pages of the Republic, far too many self-proclaimed conservatives latch onto it without questioning the source. This has really been brought home to me this week with all of the noise surrounding State Senator Lori Klein and a piece that left-wing columnist Richard Ruelas wrote about her and the gun she carries.

For starters, the Republic has been running anti-gun material every day for several days now. This is no accident or coincidence. They have an anti-gun agenda and have for years and years. They also have a very strong bias against the conservative majorities in the State Legislature and are always doing what they can to create a perception that the Legislature is full of stark-raving mad right-wing crazies.

So in Ruelas’ column, he writes (of himself in the third person) “Oh, it’s so cute,” Klein said, before aiming the gun at Ruelas’s chest to show off the red beam of the laser sight.

Really? Let’s ignore for a moment that gun owners don’t just point guns at people simply as a matter of practice. Does Ruelas want us to believe that a politician, and a successful one at that, also doesn’t know better than to point a gun at a newspaper reporter in front of a photographer?

Yet with every reason to be skeptical, far too many smart conservatives fell for the story and turned their public wrath at Senator Klein. Even fellow Senator Ron Gould, relying solely on the Arizona Republic’s coverage, promised to give gun safety lessons to Klein. How delightfully superior and condescending.

What suckers.

Imagine what they might have known if they had waited to hear from Senator Klein? Does the story change if instead of “pulling a gun on a reporter” the entire reason for the interview is that the reporter wanted to see the gun? Does the story change if Klein clears the gun before the interview even starts? Does the story change if the photographer asks to see the laser sight demonstrated and Klein points it away from him? Does the story change if instead of Klein pointing it at the reporter, the reporter walks in front of the sight to sit down?

Of course it does. The real story is a competent gun owner obliging a newspaper reporter and his photographer. The gun is handled safely, the gun is cleared, Klein never gets anywhere near the trigger of the cleared gun, and even the reporter and photographer are not the slightest bit uncomfortable at any of the events that occurred.

Some of the audio is available on the Republic’s website and it is fun to listen to. Both Ruelas and his photographer are clearly strangers to guns and they are fascinated like little kids. What we have is basically no story at all, until Ruelas inserts a dramatic sentence to punch up his column and likely to suit his editors. Suddenly Klein is some gun-totin’ crazy, pointing loaded firearms into the chest of newspaper reporters, no doubt one-handed while her other hand strums a banjo.

So the left-wing blogs go nuts, Huffington Post goes nuts, and the Arizona Republic follows up with day after day of anti-2nd Amendment editorials castigating Klein as “Exhibit A” of Arizona’s unhealthy and irresponsible obsession with guns, etc. Of course they do, that’s what liberals do and we wouldn’t expect anything different.

But seeing so many conservatives take the bait is sad. Sure, some of these so-called conservatives are just using the opportunity to take shots at Senator Klein just because they don’t like her. But several good people have been taken in as well.

Personally, I love that Klein doesn’t apologize for defending herself and her family. I’m glad she carries and I’m glad that she can provide legislative and moral support to women across the state who want to be pro-active in their self-defense. I’m glad she cleared the weapon and did the things she should have to display the weapon in a manner that was both legal and responsible. But I hope she learns that the Arizona Republic can’t be trusted, and there really isn’t any point in trying to accommodate them by displaying her weapon for their benefit. Their agenda is as it always has been.

Something more conservatives need to remember the next time a sensational story breaks that demonizes a conservative lawmaker or cause.