Catching up to what?

william_bennett.jpg      The latest Battleground State Poll from WSJ/Zogby for August has been released. Len Munsil may have more momentum than Don Goldwater but they both still have a struggle ahead of them.

     Don is polling 11.9% behind Janet. Len is 13.7% down from Janet. The problem with touting that he is catching up to Don is that Goldwater is 12 points below the incumbent. In July Don was only down 7.7%. Munsil doesn’t need to catch up, he needs to surpass and that does not show up in the numbers. 

     There is no direct number for the Len vs. Don primary. We will have to wait for a different survey to cover the head-to-head race between them. We will have new numbers as they become available. If another poll doesn’t show up soon we will just find out on September 13th. 

     As a side note Harris does not seem to be doing very well. With all of his business acumen one would think that he could pay his rent on time.

     Out of courtesy we are not going to pick on Gary.

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