Carl Seel hammering Bouie with campaign mailers

The race for Representative in District 6 continues to heat up, as both Carl Seel and Tony Bouie pound each other in a barrage of mailers (Sam Crump, the incumbent, has done a good job for Republicans in District 6 and is widely acknowledged to be easily reelected). Bouie has the advantage of major endorsements; Seel has the advantage of a solid history as a conservative. Here is Seel’s latest.

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  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t see a donkey here?

    I see a ‘Black Caricature’ Mr. Seel.

    Our party is going to you-know-where.

  2. Bob, if you see anything other than a donkey, you need to have your eyes examined. If it’s not your eyes, then you must have some cognitive problems in order to see anything other than Bouie being called a Democrat running as a Republican. That you can see any sort of racist message is more a testament to your mental state than what is in the mailer.

    While the donkey is very nice looking, it’s still a donkey and NOT an elephant. We all know that the donkey is a Democrat symbol and the elephant is a Republican symbol. It’s a very simple message having nothing to do with race.

    Honestly, Bob, you need to get a better grip on reality.

  3. Relax folks, Bob (or Doug or whatever your real name is) has tried race-baiting in several threads now and no one seems to pay him any real attention. That’s probably a good idea. Bye Bob/Doug.

    I’m not I agree with the text of the original post where it gives Bouie the advantage on major endorsements. He’s got Shadegg and lots of chambers of commerce while Seel has the Republican Party itself, the NRA and Right to Life. Which would you rather have in a GOP primary?

  4. Hunter and Alex,

    I’m not Doug – I’m Bob – no pseudonym necessary. I even let you all know where I live!

    Sorry guys but you’re the ones living in OZ. I can’t help it that you’re being used in the charades of the Emerald City. When the years have passed you by and you’re still guarding the door to the scary, mean Mini-Man – remember that all opportunity comes at a cost. You’ve paid dearly already. It’s not too late to get real, but it may be too real for you to get IT!

    Alex, you’ve shown your lack of reading comprehension skills again this morning. This is getting old. I didn’t do any race “baiting”. Mr. Seel designed and “approved this message”. Crump seconds the motion.

    Mr/Mrs/Miss Disappointed did all of the ‘race card’ outing that was needed last night. I sure wasn’t the only to notice the racism in last night’s post. I was just the first one to congratulate him/her/it for letting out the hate.

    I’m sure I’ll get my very own copy of that piece of TRASH today in the mail.

  5. Whatever dude. Nobody here seems to be buying what you’re selling.

  6. I was shocked when this mailer arrived. I can’t believe that Crump is allowing himself to be associated with this stuff.

    I’d rather have Bouie’s major endorsements. I’ve been a lifelong, very conservative republican myself, and I’m not impressed by Seel.

  7. I liked this flyer and I’m a Dem. I don’t like turncoats anymore than you guys and won’t support someone who is taking political advantage like this. I’m sure that this Bouie was not an active Dem.

  8. I'm In Trouble Now says

    Seel does not have a solid history as a conservative. He has no history in public office at all. Never been elected, even after, what, 5 tries? No college degree, either, right?

    Even if one were to grant him “conservative” status, he’s untested, except for the controversies he’s caused as a candidate. Based on those controversies, I don’t think he’d be a good legislator. And no matter how many times he says it, he has not been endorsed by the Republican party, that’s what the primary is for, isn’t it?

    In any case, that recording of a former legislator calling him a liar is a classic.

  9. 1. Agree with I’m in Trouble. Seel has run repeatedly on his one and only credential– his fealty to every plank and nail in the Platform.
    2. Are there any other examples of former Democrats who became Republican stalwarts? Hmmm. Reagan? How about all those “yellow dog Democrats” who now make up the strong southern voting bloc? It has long been axiomatic in sunbelt states to avoid insulting people who are registered Democrats, because they are often the voters that get solid Republican’s elected.
    (well maybe not solid enough for this blog)

    Criticizing Tony Bouie for his registration change is a valid critique, but it is nowhere near sufficient.

  10. From what I can read on this thread, it looks like the main problems with Carl Seel are that he fully supports the Republican platform and that he is not a college graduate.

    If someone thinks a candidate supporting the platform is a problem, they should consider switching parties. We should WANT candidates and office holders to support the platform.

    As for not being a college graduate, Rush Limbaugh is not a college graduate either. Is that a problem?

    Also, if you want to compare college education of candidates, let’s look at the Presidential election. John McCain falls short of Obama. McCain graduated from the Naval Academy 5th from the bottom of his class and it took 5 years. McCain has no advanced degree that I’m aware of. Obama has a bachelors degree and he graduate from Law School. Does that mean Obama is more qualified than McCain to be president? I don’t think so.

    Education does count, but not nearly as much as credibly holding the right political values.

    There is no doubt that Carl Seel has Republican values, and it is safe to assume that he will vote those values in the legislature. Tony Bouie is too risky for Republicans to elect if they want Republican state budgets and limited government.

  11. Just Win Baby says

    Again with the Reagan comparison? I think Reagan waited more than five days before running for Governor. And he had a very long track record on the issues. This Bouie guy has got nothing. He and his friends should leave Reagan’s name alone.

  12. I'm In Trouble Now says

    Look, being effective as a legislator and a conservative is about more than just voting this way or that. In the legislature, it’s not just about votes. Jack Harper can tell you that. As can Ron Gould. It’s about effectiveness, persuasion, credibility, and sometimes the threat of imminent violence. Ok, I’m kidding about the violence.

    Conservatives have had their hats handed to them because of some fellow conservatives, once in office (and even before), who have just embarrassed the heck out of us.

    It’s one thing to ask me to support Karen Johnson, who has been married how many times and keeps going on about the WTC being faked. And it’s another to ask me to support Rosatti who said birth control causes cancer (which it may) and in the same breath that every unmarried person over 18(?) must be a homosexual. Nice touch. Asking conservatives to support Seel is X times harder than that.

    We don’t need, as conservatives, more spokespeople like that. Are we really that concerned about obtaining political power?

    This is not about who gets elected in what district. We have more important work. It’s about long-term success, appealing to otherwise indifferent people, and persuading those people to oppose tyranny. You don’t get that by being nasty to your compatriots, no matter how new to the party they are.

    That’s why the “Reagan Republican” badge is so well-kept and hard-earned.

  13. If all you have is platform support, it is not enough. Anyone can hold up the document and pledge support. Effectively and intelligently executing is a whole different thing. But then, I’m in Trouble basically just said the same thing but better.

  14. GlendaleGOP says

    I’m in trouble, would you please source your quote about Rosati claiming that every single person over 18 may be homosexual?

    We’d like to know that you’re a serious person making a contribution and not merely the problem itself, posing as the solution.

    Something tells me you are lying.

  15. Seel claims to be a “Reagan Republican” but has a hard time living up to the 11th Commandment… Pretty simple task, but I guess he can’t run on his own merits and needs to resort to these attacks. Shameful.

  16. Reagan didn’t exactly use kid gloves against Ford. The 11th Commandment really made its appearance after Reagan won, not while he ran.

    You should also listen to the message that Bouie’s campaign sent out long before these mailers. Angry harsh words that appear to have set the tone. If its shameful, then the shame is Bouie’s for starting it.

    Good night now!

  17. “I’m in trouble” makes very valid points. The truths in those words are relevant to all of our races and should be considered.

  18. I'm In Trouble Now says

    I don’t have my big fat folder of stupid things she said handy. But it doesn’t change my resentment of goofy conservatives claiming to represent all conservatives.

  19. I'm In Trouble Now says

    Ok, I could not quickly find that particular comment but here’s a similar one. Visit the link for the whole story.

    Legislator’s e-mail draws fire from challengers
    Conservative Scottsdale lawmaker Colette Rosati inflamed her fellow Republican opponents when she wrote in a recent e-mail that the “entire homosexual community” is rallying against her and then raised questions about her challengers’ family and marital status.

    Unfortunately for Rosati, a comment about one of her opponents’ inability to have children backfired on the District 8 legislator.

    In an Aug. 6 e-mail sent to rally support among Rosati vol unteers, the selfproclaimed “real estate mom” said that one of her opponents “is not married and the other is but has no children. Hmm . . .”

    The comment hit political newcomer Royce Flora in the gut, he said. Flora’s wife of six years, Ann, has had three miscarriages, cancer and a hysterectomy, Flora said.

  20. So what Trouble is trying to say is that he made it up. Why couldn’t Trouble just man up and admit it instead of finding other charges to distract with?

    Trouble, you are what you claim to be warning up against. Thanks for the demo.

  21. SA says Bouie has major endorsements?! WHAT A JOKE! Seel and Crump have Arizona Right To Life PAC, NRA, MARICOPA COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE!! SA–You are a crooked salesman trying to sell a bill of goods with your false reporting. You seem to have a Michael Johns PROBLEM. The PAChyderm Coalition almost had a Michael Johns problem. Hence, SA now has a Michael Johns problem.

  22. Tony Bouie lied to The Arizona Republic editorial board and to The Arizona Capitol Times. Bouie told them he was a registered Republican in Florida. Only problem is…some astute voters called Hillsborough County elections in Florida and learned Bouie was registered there AS A DEMOCRAT! Bouie has been found out as a liar and SA is silent about it. hmmmmm!

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