CAIR Preparing Test Case?


Last night six Imams enroute to Phoenix were detained and removed from a US Air flight returning to Phoenix (link). According to reports, the six Muslim clerics were returning from a conference in Minneapolis (conference brochure) and held evening prayers in the terminal prior to boarding. Witnesses also overheard the Imams make anti-American statements prior to boarding.

Its hard to believe that any American would be concerned let alone terrified about the possiblity of terrorism about to take place unless you’re with the ACLU.

Yesterday’s incident may very well be the beginning of a test case being generated by CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and the ACLU to test our national homeland security policy and freedom of religion. The Muslim Legal Defense Fund is also expected to get involved. Look for CAIR spokespersons to begin using the “back of the bus” argument in the days ahead as this incident exacerbates.


  1. Duke the Dog says

    Oh yeah! That’s a plane I want to get on. Six Muslims men making anti-American statements?

    You gotta ask yourself…Do you feel lucky punk? …Well do ya?

    If I or my family were flying I’d ask U.S. Airways to put us on another flight.

    That actually may have been what happened. Customers may have threatened to request alternative flights if U.S. didn’t pull the Imams off the flight.

    It wouldn’t be too cost effective to have a plane with only six passengers on it flying Minnesota to Arizona.

    Probably a better, more cost effective measure to pull the Imams and send them to another airline.

    Maybe Muslims around the country will boycott flying on American carriers because of this.

    If only we were so lucky.

    (I bet you DHS is quietly hoping for the boycott as well).


  2. I saw last night on the news they were criticizing the war in Iraq, not making “anti-American” statements. The airline could have handled this much better, those men shouldn’t have been the victims of pre-conceived biases on the part of a few ignorant people.

  3. Duke the Dog says

    You fail to mention what else the news says.

    Three of them had one way tickets and no checked bags.

    Two had connections to Hamas.

    One was still under investigation for running a charity in Tucson that was shut down my the Treasury Dept. for funneleing money to terrorist groups including al-Qiada in the 90’s.

    I don’t think question should be “Why weren’t they let on the plane?” but “What the hell are they doing in the country?”


  4. FYI – Jim Petersen gave a speech for CAIR.

  5. Also, lets mention that while on board the plane, the men assembled themselves in the formation that the 9/11 terrorists had sat in- blocking the front, middle and back exit rows. That would sure scare me had I been on the plane…

  6. Duke, Are you really that stupid or do you have to stay up late at night studying to be that dumb?

  7. it refered to us that the west is too islamicphobia..i don’t know how they(the West)suffered to this kind of “sick” mind.may be the west did not have good phsycology so they suffer from islamicphobya

  8. the americans know suffer from islamicphobya so they thought that every moslem is a terrorist..eventhough a moslem baby they judge as terrorist(we could analyze that such baby could not take a gun to shot the americans,don’t we?)

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