By The Company They Keep

I always like to look at endorsements by different organizations to see who they are supporting. Its usually a real good indicator as to what legislative agenda candidates will pursue once elected.

Here’s a handful of links by different organizations regarding the General Election. Of particular interest are the liberal organizations and which Republicans they endorsed.

Human Rights Fund (Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transexual Advocacy Organization): AHRFEndorsements

Planned Parenthood Action Fund (Largest Abortion Provider in Arizona):

Sierra Club Proposition Endorsements:
2006 Legislative Report Card:

Center for Arizona Policy Voter Guide: 

Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee Endorsements:

National Rifle Association Endorsments:

National Federation of Independent Business:

Also, look for all major Arizona Newspapers to release their editorial board endorsements in the week ahead.



  1. I dont need to look to know that “Human rights fund” endorsed Janet Reno Napolitano!

    and we know why dont we Janet…

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