But is she still a Blue Dog?

     We know Congresswoman Giffords had to vote yes on the revised bailout so the Henry Paulson could save the world with hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayers money. It is so comforting to know that solar energy is on its way.

     I wonder if Giffords is still a member in good standing with the Blue Dog Democrats after her vote for the bailout. Giffords voted against the bill when it was 100 pages and cost $700 billion but voted yes after it grew to $800 billion and 400 pages. That sounds like a lot of Red Ink for a Blue Dog.

     BTW – What happened to PAYGO? I have not heard the Democrats use that term much lately.


  1. Actually I think Grijalva used the PayGo term about his legislation. I’m sure the crowd at this blog is certainly glad to hear that from him.

    “This $700 billion price tag does not have an offset or enforcement of Pay-As-You-Go. During my tenure in Congress, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and investment in domestic projects have been sacrificed because of Pay-Go.”


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