Bush supports private industry, wants government out of the way.

     The current debate about federal funding for embryonic stem cell research misses the point.  If embryonic stem cells are so powerful, supporters claim scientists are on the verge of curing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Global Warming, etc., why aren’t private firms scrambling to fund this research?  Quite simply if the private sector is not willing to fund it they do not see a return on investment.  No return in curing these common diseases?  No, there would be a return, a great one.  The companies must know something that the culture of death, in this case the culture of harvesting one life for another, does not understand.  Embryonic stem cells do not have much promise.  If they did biotech firms the world over would privately fund the work and develop miracle cures quite rapidly. 

     If private firms are doing the research then there is no need for the government to step in.  That would only delay the eventual purported cures. 

     Another alternative to private funding is other governments funding it.  Let the Europeans spend a little money for once.  Really, if there were a profit to be made the blood sucking French would be all over this.  The Chinese are flush with cash and are not hindered by ethics.  They would be happy to flood the world market with cheap fixes to all sorts of ailments.  

     Bush is correct to make this a moral issue but the other story is that embryonic stem cell research is a matter of budgetary priorities and funding it would result in a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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