Bush receives hero’s welcome

Finally.  A European country that gets it.

Our greatest allies in Europe, Great Britain notwithstanding, are not the continentals we saved three times during the 20th Century.  France, Germany and the others hate us even though we sacrificed hundreds of thousand of Americans to liberate them from the various totalitarian ideologies that they created and that we gave them trillions of dollar in aid to rebuild their countries.

But the ones who do love us, are those who can remember the US standing up to Soviet oppression during the Cold War.  Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, et al, clearly remember the cynical game playing by the French and the impotence of West Germany and Italy.  It was the US who stood firm against socialism (the Soviet variety) and was there for moral support.

Cannons boomed salutes from mountains overlooking the capital. Huge banners proclaimed “Proud to be Partners,” and billboards read “President Bush in Albania Making History.”

Throngs of people grasped Bush’s hands, arms and fingers on the streets of Fushe Kruje, a small town near the airport where he stopped to chat in a cafe with business owners. Unused to such adoring crowds in America, Bush reveled in the attention. He kissed women on the cheek, posed for pictures and signed autographs. Someone reached out and rubbed his gray hair.

“Bushie, Bushie,” people shouted. Some of the business people have received small loans under U.S. government programs.


  1. Maybe he can move there and run for President…

  2. The guy in row two says

    Good idea, Tim.
    Bush can open their borders with Greece, Macedonia, Serbia. Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m sure they’ll appreciate him as much as we do.

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