Brownback Endorses McCain; Robertson Endorses Giuliani

Brownback & McCain

Some highly unusual endorsements going on.

Yesterday, recently-bowed out presidential candidate, Senator Sam Brownback, publically endorsed Arizona Senator John McCain. Why is this unusual? Brownback, an ardent pro-lifer, is bound to lose credibility with his strongest constituency – pro-lifers – by backing McCain who has been in hot water with pro-lifers since he voted for campaign finance and destructive embryonic experimentation. While McCain expects to regain some ground with pro-lifers, the reality is he won’t. Brownback will be the bigger loser in this endorsement as his supporters will take this as a betrayal.

Giuliani & Robertson 

Even more bizarre is today’s endorsement of Rudy Giuliani by the Reverend Pat Robertson. What is the good reverend thinking?!?! Has he finally lost it? This will also hurt Robertson’s credibility more than the “God told me to…” statements he’s made over the last few years. Did I just hear the collective sound of millions of televisions switching away from The 700 Club?

In contemporary evangelical circles, Robertson has been considered one of the top five influencers. (Dr. James Dobson, Pastor Rick Warren, The Southern Baptist Convention and Willow Creek are the other four. The late Reverends Jerry Falwell and D. James Kennedy were also highly influential). Robertson can kiss that influence goodbye.

As this topsy turvy election cycle continues, we’ll keep you posted as other endorsements fly.


  1. Either that or the Pro-Life orthodoxy is starting to crack. This is serious trouble.

  2. I think we all need to be reminded that YOUNG voters are looking more at candidates who believe in protecting the US & will cut taxes & help the nation prosper & are less concerned with the social aspect of the GOP platform. That is not to say that life issues are not important, but lets look at the choices we’ve got. I think we all can agree that if we want to win 08, Mike Hukabee won’t be the guy to do it.
    Does anyone remember Bob Dole????

    Let’s get real & stop slamming the party. Before the 80’s the platform didn’t include the social aspect. If we want to really “return to our Republican values” lets focus on a broad spectrum of things.

  3. Allow my a contrary opinion. Brownback and McCain have had a close friendship in the senate. McCain is looking to modify his views that crossed pro-life activists and he will be able to state that his conversation with Brownback has shown him the light. Brownback would not have thrown any support to McCain without getting assurance that a McCain presidency would veto any bill funding embryonic stem cell research. McCain has a solid though not perfect pro-life voting record in his 22 years in Congress. while we all were angry and frustrated with the McCain-Feingold mess, we could express the same frustration with the president for signing it.

    Brownback’s campaign failed to ignite because pro-life leaders throughout the country would not step out to support him. He was the purest and most credible pro-life candidate and the movement hedged its bets. Now we are having to look at candidates who all have their issues.

    But Brownback will not lose any credibility with pro-life activists. He will continue to be the go-to guy in the Senate. He will continue to focus on the ways and means to make a difference.

    In the big picture, Sam will be fine. He is after all a truly good man.

  4. Well said, John.

  5. Robertson is looking at the mortal threat to everyone’s existence that is Islamo-facism. If we’re going to be pro-life, let’s be pro-life for the living as well as the unborn. Everything we hold dear and sacred, including our right to hold anything at all sacred, is under attack at this time. If Rudy will fight and win that war, while giving us judges like Alito and Roberts, then he will get a lot of support from Robertson and religious conservatives all over the country.

    Does it hurt that he is also the most likely to beat Hillary? Not at all…

  6. I’d also like to point out another similarity between McCain and Brownback.

    Neither one has a track record favoring enforcement of immigration laws!

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