Brewerthug calls LD15 PCs liars over opposing OBrewercare

The precinct committeemen and women of Legislative District 15 joined a growing number of LD’s throughout the state and issued a resolution opposing OBrewercare. The resolution strongly states a thoughtful, line by line, sometimes emotional rebuttal to the Governors proposal written by volunteers throughout the state. Imagine their surprise to have a Republican, working with the Republican Governor call them a bunch of liars!

Heather Carter is the LD15 representative who has agreed to introduce the Obrewercare bill, making her the top Brewercrat. Carter did attend the LD meeting to rally support for Obrewercare but to her dismay found support lacking from her own precinct committeemen. They passed the resolution with her in attendance.

Governor Brewer and Heather Carter then made a conscious decision to turn on their constituents by pulling in a well know conservative Republican, Mike Broomhead, entitling him “honorary chairman” of Restoring Arizona (the guys with the money running the OBrewercare campaign) and had him issue a counter.

The counter includes the following insults:

The hard-working precinct committeemen are ideologes, “Resolutions like these come from those who have the luxury of living in their ideological worlds without having to understand the real-life implications of their theories.”

PC’s do not seem to understand their place:

“As the leader of the Republican Party, the one whom Republican precinct committeemen have been elected to support

And the unalienable right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is no longer the responsibility of AZ individuals because

“Governor Brewer has proven she understands that her primary responsibility is to improve the lives of the citizens of Arizona; it is unfortunate that the Pima County GOP does not hold itself to the same standard.” (I guess they forgot to tell someone they were rebutting the LD15 opposition).

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