Brewer to Obama: We will not surrender Arizona



  1. Obama is a cheese eating surrender puppie.

    Yes, I changed the original quote. Didn’t want liberals heads to explode shouting racism.

  2. Michael Holliday says

    There you go!

    Arizona has to take matters into its own hands to save itself.

    We need to vote out every Democrat. Then we need to vote in conservatives. Then we need to vote out those conservatives who aren’t conservative enough, until we purge the system of liberalism.

  3. Iris Lynch says

    When psychological power fails (talk, persuasion, anger, pleading etc.), physical power will follow and it is true throughout history (yes, even in the most law-abiding country in the history of the world). The law says we can openly carry. Do not meet without the basis for protection.

  4. Oberserve says


    Brewer is PROAMNESTY. She has always been.

    She FULLY INTENDS to give up the the state to up to 2 million illegals once they are amnestied.

    What do you think Brewers meetings with Obama were about? Troops on the border. Sure, you still believe the news? LOL

    It was about preparing to issue national ids to illegals, the schedule for amnesty and when Arizona systems will be brought into compliance with the amnesty national id system for citizens.

    Brewer is a liberal RINO, pro amnesty, pro tax. Those are the simple facts.

  5. Michael Holliday says

    Nothing is more self-deluded, ego-maniacal, and narcissistic than a John McCain athletic supporter and jock rider.

    Oberserve Says:
    June 28th, 2010 at 6:58 am

    Brewer is PRO AMNESTY. She has always been.

    Please show me proof of that instead of trying to divide and conquer. I’m interested in the facts.

    But, let’s say she is pro amnesty. It doesn’t matter if enough politicians stand up and swat the issue down like the blood-sucking mosquito that it is!

  6. Oberserve, Your post sounds just plain nutty. Are you serious? If you are, you better keep the tinfoil hat on tight. I heard that the RINOs have come up with a RINO brainwave ray that will turn all of us into pro amnesty, open border, illegal alien loving liberals.
    Be careful!!! Tinfoil hats offer only limited protection.

  7. Oberserve is not pro-McCain. But he does belong to the camp that uses being “pro-McCain” as the expletive of choice that will instantly discredit that person in the minds of all the haters.

    I suspect Mr. Oberserve is a Ron Pauler from his national ID rage and intense belief in hidden intent.

  8. Occam’s Razor.

  9. Antifederalist says

    Jump on bandwagons much, Brewer? You didn’t sign SB 1070 until someone dropped a poll on it and you saw it was in your self-interest to sign it. I don’t believe you for an instant, you tax-raising hag.

  10. SetUStraight says

    Jan Brewer has a tiger by the tail, and that’s a fact. She had no idea that 1070 would escalate into the fight it has that would require her to actually oppose illegal migration.

    She thought she’d sign the bill, watch her polls go up and then go on to something else. But with federal lawsuits and federal “warning signs” now required here to become more deeply entrenched every day, and if she doesn’t go along, she loses in the polls.

    Talk about being in a rock and a hard place for a RINO like Brewer….

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