Brewer: Pro-Amnesty. Huckster?

Yes, Jan Brewer signed SB1070.

What does that have to do with amnesty?  Nothing.

SB1070 does zero to secure the border.  Zero.  The claim that it reduces illegal immigration is based on the claims that it will reduce the “demand” of illegal immigrants to cross the border illegally as they will not be able to easily integrate into society here, get a job, drive, etc.

(Of course, SB1070 will not stop a single coyote, drug mule, murderer or OTM or terrorist from crossing the border illegally as those people are not interested in integrating into Arizona society, but are here for other purposes.)

However, the purpose of this post is not to dispute  the claims of SB1070 supporters.

This post does lay bare the falsehood and claim that any supporter of SB1070 is anti-amnesty.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

SB1070 has nothing to do with amnesty, either for or against.  In fact, SB1070 implements an efficient mechanism to enforce amnesty, if/when amnesty passes.  If amnesty were to pass, all the amnestied-in former illegal immigrants will appear in the ICE database at the US Department of Homeland Security as being here legally.  They will be able to obtain drivers licenses and access socialist benefits.  Therefore, SB1070 enforcement will merely return : “Yep, here legally” results.

Brewer knows this.  But Jan Brewer is a liberal pro-tax, pro-spending, pro-amnesty Republican who needs to appear to be conservative going into the primary for governor on August 24th.  So, Brewer signed SB1070.  Does that mean she’s anti-amnesty?  Absolutely not!

In fact Brewer is cited all over the internet as being pro-amesty, her only proviso being that the border must be secured first.

“Brewer said she supports immigration reform, but border security should come first.”

“But she also voiced support for comprehensive immigration reform.”

So, in classic John McCain (“I voted for it before I voted against it.”/”I voted against it before I voted for it.”) fashion, Brewer is swerving way to the right to pick up votes in the primary, with an aforestated intention that she will immediately sway left once the primary is over to support the McCain/Obama/Kyl comprehensive immigration reform effort.

The amnesty fight is coming.  Supporting Brewer and McCain just means you are supporting pro-amnesty politicians for office.  That means, by definition, you are not a conservative.

Do not let the pro-SB1070 subterfuge blind you to a candidate’s support of the completely separate issue of amnesty.

Leading people to believe one thing just to perform a slight of hand to give them another, Ms Brewer.  Calling yourself a conservative when you support amnesty?




  1. Oberserve says

    It would really upset me to hear, now that Dean Martin is out, if Pachyderm folks or Rob Haney anti-amnesty folks are throwing in behind liberal Brewer.

  2. Hey Oberserve!
    Who do you prefer to have for AZ Governor?

  3. tumbleweed says
    Buz Mills is pro-amnesty too.

  4. RT4Liberty says

    My vision’s a little blurry today. Was that a picture of JD Hayworth posted on this article?

  5. azsonofliberty says

    Buz Mills is ANYTHING BUT PRO-AMNESTY. Check your facts tumbleweed.

  6. Oberserve says


    Practicing a little politische solidarität with your pro-amnesty sister?


  7. Oberserve says

    You know thinking about Horst’s question again, I’m offended.

    Per Horst, Republicans HAVE to vote for a pro-amnesty governor because that’s all that’s on offer?

    Sorry, don’t buy it. I’m voting anti-amnesty, anti-tax and anti-spend which is why I’m voting anti-Brewer.

  8. Who ever wrote this post is sick. There is absolutely no evidence that Jan Brewer is pro-amnesty. You might remember that she also supported prop. 200. SA has hit a new low.

  9. Oberserve says

    Um, Cathy, the evidence, including direct quotes from Jan Brewer are linked right in the text of the post.

  10. JumpingThruHoops says

    Really! I am not buying it, Slick.
    I smell Buz Mills & crowd shedding tears. I am supporting the lady appears to care about Arizona and it’s citizens.

  11. Oberserve says

    LOL, and per pro-amnesty, pro-tax Brewer supporters, Buzz apparently forced her to say the two quotes above too?

  12. The Mole says

    Mills is a crook, Jan wins by default. Sorry to see Martin step out of the race, but Jan fell into some unbelievable luck. She owes Pearce big time. Let’s see if she remembers.

    By the way is that McCain in a wig?

  13. EastValleyTeaPartier says

    Jan is a pro amnesty huckster.

    You inside baseball “conservatives” will try to convince us she’s not, but the quotes from her own mouth are right in the post.

    Your half-truths are nothing but more lies from the establishment. I don’t care if you think you’re anti-McCain.

    You aint pullen the wool over this teapartier’s eyes.

    No more Brewer. No more huckster lies.

  14. So when brewer wins the primary and by the way she is winning the primary easily, who is everyone here who is so antibrewer going to vote for?

  15. Mole is right!

    With Chuck Coughlin and Grant Woods on her staff, Jan, a one time solidly conservitive legislator who became an Establishment player on during her stint on the B.O.S. was highly ambivalent about immigration enforcemet, but she was sagging in the polls, the Pearce will was on the desk and she signed it!

    To her credit, she hasn’t backed down after doing so and her stock has skyrocketed!

    One could definitely argue that Pearce, Harper, Crump and Co. were her saviors!

    But she also is the first Arizona governor in living memory to sign pro life legislation and in the teeth of the blue haired Sangerite matrons who dominate the P.V. Country Clubs!

    Good for you, Jan.

    Now, is we can only flush “the John” and knock off the Dem congressmen with good, solid conservatives, Jan might see the trends and light and cast off the Woods and Coughlins who she deems necessary for survival!

    She’s been with us once, and I believe she can be persuaded to be with us again!

  16. Success has many Fathers says

    I was waiting for this. People to start pontificating about the Gov.
    national stature and try to give credit where it isn’t due

    A good political consultant knows how to take lemons and turn it into lemonade and that is what

  17. Oberserve 6&7
    Everyone knows I’m supporting the Governor.
    They don’t need to wait for you to tell ’em.

    Who do you propose? Cheeses Fritz ain’t on the ballot.

    Make up your mind, time is of the waning.

    Don’t send smiling faces this isn’t a funny matter.

  18. I was bored tonight – came by and again my sides are splitting from laughing — this is too funny!!!! You’ll all be holding your nose and voting for McCain on November, saying, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

  19. Ron:

    Not this guy!

    McCain epitomizes the problems of the current Republican party. The guy must be retired along with his pal Arlen Spector!

    The party desperatly needs new forward looking leaderhip especially from those with principles who do not see themselves as servants of an East Coast based liberal intelligentsia and its leadership

  20. Oberserve says

    And what makes Brewer any different than Arlen Specter?

    She supports tax increases.
    She supports spending increases.
    She supports amnesty.

    She’s just running Republican to get elected. If she could win as a Dem, she’d do that.

  21. Oberserve says

    Back at Horst #17,

    None of what you post changes Brewer’s liberal pro-amnesty stance.

  22. Antifederalist says

    To the RINO Horst & the other establishment “Republicans,”

    I’ll be voting against the McCain-loving tax & spending increasing Brewer in August. If she wins the primary, I’ll be looking at Libertarian candidates. I’ll never cast a vote for Brewer or McCain. They’re all RINOs and they cost us the elections in 2006 & 2008. If we want to consistently win and stay in power, moderates MUST be swept from power.

  23. Mike Kelton says

    Are you calling Russell Pearce pro-amnesty? He proposed SB1070.

    Sorry, but this is the STUPIDEST and most MISLEADING post I have ever read on this site.

  24. JD Fanatic says

    Jan does not support JD. That makes her a RINO and I would rather see a democrat get elected.

  25. Don’t be counting on “Tea Party movement.” We got a big dose of their effectiveness on the sales tax increase vote just last May. One-third of the state voted and only one-third of those voted No. AZ GOP is to primarily to blame but I have to laugh when I read about “a state moving toward the Tea Party…” If the Tea Party can’t beat a tax increase they aren’t going to beat entrenched politicians. Tea Party groups who support Vernon Parker? LOL!

  26. Oberserve says

    @ Mike Kelton, apparently you missed the entire point of the post. LOL

  27. Stephen Kohut says


    Establishment Republicans love to point to a lost battle and laugh that they have won the war. That’s not far off from Hitler’s “happy dance” when he had a victory of the eastern front. We all know how that turned out.

    The battle between constitutional conservatives and RINO establishment Republicans will not end on Aug 24 or Nov 2. This is a multiyear war and we are well aware of that. We will have some victories in the AZ 2010 primaries and some loses. The battle will go on.

    Outside of AZ, the TPs won in the Nevada Senate primary (Angle), Utah Senate primary (Bennett out, Lee in, McRINO’s Bridgewater toasted), Kentucky Senate primary (Paul), Florida Senate primary (Rubio), Maine Governor primary … For groups that did not exist 1-1/2 years ago that is a lot to accomplish.

    We will have major victories in the 2010-11 county and state AZ GOP leadership elections. Courtesy of the Precinct Committeeman Project and PCs recruited out of the TPs, conservatives control the MCRC by about a 4-1 margin. I just ran the numbers for elected PCs in Pinal. 1/3 of ALL elected Pinal PCs are from the TPs and conservatives have the numbers to firmly control the PCRC. Other counties are similar. Once we get the AZGOP firmly in hand then we’ll move forward to the 2012 elections.

  28. Stephen “Arizona” is not moving toward the Tea Party movement, much as I wish we were.

    I said SALES TAX INCREASE vote – just about a month ago. Conservative Platform Republicans were here long before the Tea Party movement. We have conservative Republicans to thank for majority conservative PC ranks…not the Tea Party movement. Glad to have the help. Glad you are finally waking up to the cause, but don’t get too full of yourself. Remember Prop 100 – the Tea Party movement is yet to be heard from on an Arizona Election Day. And supporting a Vernon Parker? I don’t remember hearing words in that direction on April 15, 2009. You’ve already lost your way.

  29. Stephen Kohut says


    In 2008 the MCRC and AZGOP were split 50/50 with the slightest of margins to conservatives. Haney won the MCRC Chair and Pullen won the AZGOP Chair by a handful of votes each. That was the status of the state party in 2008. The elected PCs, party leadership and our current crop of elected officals waere split 50 / 50 RINO/Establishment versus conservative Republican.

    There was been an ongoing national effort to take over the GOP, gotta have a politcal party to have political power, and return it to its conservative roots. The project has been written about both the LA and NY Times and it is easily googled on the web.

    Due to party election timing, the first state GOP committee to be taken over was Nevada’s. The TP people booted out 6 of 7 of the people in the Nevada GOP leadership.

    I know full well the MCRC and PCRC PC numbers, where they come from and who is responsible for the increase. The MCRC has gone from 1,989 to 2,996 (estimated due to contested seats) and the PCRC from 94 to 154. Roughly a 50% increase in the number of elected PCs. The bulk of all those new conservative PCs were recruited from and come out of Tea Parties and similar groups. At the PCRC meetings roughly 2/3’s of the PCs in attendence are from the TPs.

    Regarding AZ, wait for the primary, the gernal and, in particular, wait for party leadership elections in Dec-Jan and then come and talk with me. It is clear in the PCRC that many of the old time PCs do not get, do not understand the TP movement in any way shape or form. They have not taken their time to get involved or knowledgeable.

  30. Hey Oberserve [21]
    What makes you think I want to change the Governor?
    She is doing quite well, with no effort of mine I shall add, and without yours that is for sure.
    Keep on barking up the wrong tree, stupid dogs have perfected this sort of barking.

    Antifederalist [22] I don’t care how you vote. Stupid does as stupid is, or is it stupid is as stupid is?
    Well, it don’t matter.
    I noticed you call me a RINO, that I reckon distinguishes me from a CONSERVATIVE Republican.
    I know I do not qualify for the latter, I don’t beat my wife, I never went bankrupt,
    I never got evicted for lack of paying rent, I never killed a doctor, I never blew up a clinic, I never shot a Mexican, correction I mean an ILLEGAL.
    I never needed a Loan modification on my house none of any of them. So I did not cause TARP like real Conservatives did and caused the Government to bail out their irresponsible behavior. Oh and before I forget I ain’t no minute Minute Man.
    But I am getting along just fine. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.

  31. Stephen Kohut says


    Since you didn’t comment it looks like you accept my analysis of the AZGOP makeup and pending leadership election. How ever will you handle the hard turn to the right?

  32. SK,
    I hadn’t read your analysis, reason is I have too much work and must ration whom I respond to. Sorry to bust you bubble but you ain’t that high on my list of what is and what isn’t important.
    F.w.i.w. In my district of 75 identifiable Tea Party Recruits appointed in 2009/10, 28 have submitted PC petitions for this coming primary, 47 didn’t bother.
    So much for statistics.

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