Brenner to run for Pima County Dist 3.

     Local businessman Barney Brenner has filed to run for the Pima County Board of Supervisors from District 3. Barney does not yet have his website fully function so we have copied his bio below. We look forward to a great campaign by Mr. Brenner and wish him all success in limiting spending by Pima County. We hope that he gets there in time to save us from having the county tax us all right out of our homes. As we noted back in January the incumbent is facing an intra-party challenger in the primary.


Candidate Bio

Barney Brenner, 56, a retired auto parts entrepreneur, has announced that he is a candidate for the District 3 seat on the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Ora Mae Harn, the former Mayor of Marana is the Campaign Chairman.

Mr. Brenner came within 1500 votes out of over 57,000 ballots cast of winning the seat in 2000. 

Living in Tucson since 1972, Mr. Brenner has raised thousands of dollars for local charities by donating rides in his hot-air balloon, he has been a volunteer with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization and he was among the first group of columnists in 2006 for the Tucson Citizen’s “My Tucson” series.

Mr. Brenner started his automotive career by fixing cars for himself and his friends. He expanded into a garage and machine shop business which was featured in the Arizona Daily Star “Neighbors” section in June 1982 for its exceptional customer service. The company became an auto parts operation in 1986, eventually employing 30 people.

Shortly after 9/11, Mr. Brenner bought a struggling competitor’s auto parts store and turned the company around. He duplicated that feat with another auto parts store purchased in December, 2003. In June, 2005, Mr. Brenner sold the three-store chain and retired at 53.

While still in his twenties, he was the hands-on designer and builder of the home he and his late wife Carole lived in for 15 years. Carole passed away in 1995.

Mr. Brenner has completed numerous other building projects of his own including his main parts warehouse and, just last year, a garage and workshop at the home in the Tucson Mountains where he and the former Sharon Tucker live. They were married at that home in December 2000.

Because of his personal construction endeavors, Mr. Brenner has been through the city and county building permit processes more than a dozen times.

In addition to his other activities, Mr. Brenner developed an interest in local politics. In 1996 he was campaign manager for David Morales when the former Legislative District 11 Chairman made a run for the Arizona State Senate.

In 1999 Mr. Brenner walked precincts, installed signs, and helped with fundraising and photography in Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup’s first campaign. In 2001 Mr. Brenner was elected president of the Pima County Republican Club and held the office for three years.

Barney’s other interests include American Tae Kwon Do karate, where he earned a black belt, he was awarded a United States patent for an automotive heating system, and he is a member of American Mensa.


  1. Barney is a great guy and would make a great Supervisor! He certainly has my endorsement.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Barney is one of the brightest people I have ever known.

    We would be well served in Pima County if he becomes a supervisor.

  3. Harold K. Cress says

    Mr Brenner,
    I wanted to donate to your campaign, but I could not figure out a way thru this Website.

    Thank You, Harold K. Cress

  4. If you like Barney, you can support his effort by going to – volunteer, donate, say hello! Help Barney win!

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