BREAKING NEWS – Andrew Pacheco’s Stealth Fundraiser for Tim Nelson or A Fundraiser by Any Other Name?

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Editors Note: Although the original post was written by one of our authors, I am compelled to provide my thoughts and opinions on this piece as it goes to publication again. When first posted, I received emails requesting that the posting be pulled because it was patently false. Because this blog has striven for accuracy, I made the decision to hold the story and conduct some research before re-issuing it. I also asked the writer of the original post to do the same. Nearly a week has passed and several email exchanges have occurred between Sonoran Alliance and the parties involved. Needless to say, a dispute remains over the details of the original post. However, in that time, more information has been discovered and is now part of the re-publication of the post. Also in one of the email exchanges, I was asked to retract and apologize for the post. After much irritation, consternation and anger, the only apology I have to make is for not having more details. As we now re-publish the original opinion, readers will need to reach their own conclusion(s). We will of course provide the facts and details we have uncovered and of course, anyone who has more information is welcome to comment.

Finally, on a personal note, administering this blog, has come at a personal financial sacrifice to me and my family due to the loss of my livelihood. (Unlike the subjects in this post, I do not have the luxury of a major income.) While my identity has always been “out of the closet,” the identities of the other writers are not. As a pledge to them, I will continue to maintain their identities anonymous so that they may avoid the same consequences I have encountered in voicing a conservative worldview. -DSW

Several days ago, Sonoran Alliance reported on an event we considered, in our opinion, to be a fundraiser. The event was a barbecue hosted by Republican Andrew Pacheco which was held at his home in Central Phoenix. At the barbecue, Democratic candidate for County Attorney, Tim Nelson, was present. After receiving an email from political consultant Nathan Sproul insisting it wasn’t true (“it” being the fundraiser, not our opinion), we decided to research the facts further.

In an email sent to Sonoran Alliance, Sproul, a political consultant who works with Pacheco’s wife Jessica at the Lincoln Strategy Group, wrote in part, “On April 16, Andrew hosted a BBQ at his home for friends. I was there. My wife and kids were there. It had no political over tones to it. I heard Tim Nelson was there as a friend….Did Andrew introduce Tim Nelson to people? Oh the horror of it (Yes, heavy sarcasm was intended there). What is he supposed to do?”

Andrew Pacheco also emailed a response to Sonoran Alliance, but due to this warning from him, we will not print it. “To the extent you seek permission to print anything else, you should seek that permission from your attorney.” However, we will paraphrase what he wrote. He denied hosting a barbecue for Tim Nelson. He said there were no speeches made at the barbecue in question. He said he did not solicit support for Tim Nelson at the barbecue, nor did he ask anyone else to solicit support. We were not able to get any further answers from Sproul or Pacheco beyond those responses; their emails indicated they were upset and not willing to discuss it further.

Their responses contradict information Sonoran Alliance obtained from a confidential source present at the barbecue. According to that source, Pacheco told the attendees that he was privately supporting Nelson for county attorney.

Sonoran Alliance asked Andrew Thomas if he had been invited to the barbecue, or if Pacheco was supporting his reelection for county attorney. Thomas said no. Thomas told Sonoran Alliance that Pacheco had emailed him denying that he had held a fundraiser for Nelson. When Thomas asked Pacheco when the barbecue was held and whether Nelson was present, Pacheco replied that it took place on April 26th and affirmed that Nelson was present. This is inconsistent with Sproul’s response, which was that the barbecue took place on April 16 – shortly before the campaign contributions were recorded.

Reviewing the official campaign finance reports of financial contributions to Tim Nelson around that period of time, there are generally one or two each day or so, except on April 21, where there are approximately 20 all recorded as contributing on that date. Virtually all of them have easily traceable ties to – Andrew Pacheco and/or his wife, many through their involvement in the Hispanic community (Jessica is from Brazil and is very active in Hispanic organizations locally). While Sonoran Alliance was not able to confirm the attendance of these individuals at the barbecue held at the home of the Pacheco’s, our readers can make up their mind whether the date of the event and the date of the donations is coincidental.

Each one of the following individuals made a financial contribution to Democrat, Tim Nelson:

Victor Flores – VP at SRP – Jessica Pacheco was a high-level Exec. at APS
Lisa Flores – wife of Victor Flores
Jeffrey Peterson – considered the pioneer of the Hispanic internet; started
Jose Rivera – good friends with the Pachecos
Nina Rivera – Jose Rivera’s wife
Gary Scales – former law partner of Jose Rivera
John Tuchi – former co-worker of Pacheco who works at the US Attorneys Office
Pat Barnes – Bank of America Exec., very active in AZ Chamber of Commerce where Jessica worked (featured in a quote praising the Chamber on their website)
Luis Ramirez-Thomas – serves on the Border Trade Alliance with Jessica
Marco Lopez – serves on the Border Trade Alliance with Jessica
Ross Wilson – participant in the Phoenix New Times 10 K with Pacheco
Debra Wilson – participant in the Phoenix New Times 10 K with Pacheco
Sandra Ferniza – serves on the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with Jessica
Albert Flores – lawyer

A couple of other contributors are in the construction business, and therefore may know the Pachecos through Jessica’s work with the AZ Chamber of Commerce and Pacheco’s work on the Stop Illegal Hiring Initiative, which is backed by big business interests in industries like construction which heavily use illegal immigrant labor.

If this event was really a disguised fundraiser, it also raises some possible legal issues. Any monies spent by Pacheco toward the hosting of the barbecue may have been required by law to be reported as an in-kind contribution to Nelson on his campaign finance reports. They were not.

In addition, Andrew Pacheco is currently running for precinct committeeman in Legislative District 11. Hosting a fundraiser for a Democrat candidate may violate Republican County and State Party bylaws regarding the duties and obligations of a precinct committeeman.

While Pacheco disputes the event he hosted is a “fundraiser,” we find it more than coincidental that he hosted an event that just so happened to fall on a date that a number of political contributions were made to a Democratic candidate by individuals who incredibly happened to be colleagues, associates, friends and acquaintances of Andrew and Jessica Pacheco.

We asked Andrew Thomas what he thought about it, “Given the circumstances surrounding the event, especially the fact that Tim Nelson was an announced candidate actively raising money at the time, this certainly looks like an implicit endorsement of Nelson and a stealth fundraising opportunity for his campaign. At a minimum, it was odd for Nelson to be included in an exclusive private mixer at the Pacheco home if Andrew Pacheco wasn’t trying to help his campaign.”

Our readers can make up their own minds about what really happened.


  1. Bob Yokum says

    Does Supporting a Democrat put Pacheco in the same category as Speaker Weiers who officially endorsed a Democrat – Leah Landrum Taylor – in the last round of legislative elections?
    Once again, so called conservatives try to smear anyone that is not their “kind” of conservative.
    Pacheco is pretty darn conservative and earns his own way.
    What is the drivel about ” and finally, I have fallen on hard times and dont have the luxury of a major income” ? Is DSW whining because Pacheco, Sproul and company know how to make money and he doesnt? Grow a spine DSW.

  2. BY,

    I guess you can say there’s a price for everything and everyone. Some people pay it and some people don’t.

  3. Nathan Sproul is a busy guy this election season. Not only is he mixed up with Pacheco and working to defeat a good conservative like Russell Pearce, he is also a campaign consultant to congressional candidate Laura Knaperek:

    Knaperek is not the only with with a consultant involved in efforts that many conservatives would not agree with.

    David Schweikert’s consultant, Chris Baker, is reported by the Tribune to be working to salvage embattled Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman’s political career after allegations of domestic violence:

    I hope Sonoran Alliance won’t censor or delete this comment. The facts stated in this comment are not in dispute. The judgement of candidates in hiring certain consultants is a fair topic of public discussion. As conservatives, we should be unafraid to discuss facts, even if they involved mistakes by candidates we like.

  4. You guys are brave to pursue the truth. Rest assured that Sproul, Pacheco and the rest are very well funded and they won’t hesitate to bully you or anyone else with lawyers, lawsuits and all the rest. Bless you!

  5. What am I missing here? Is it that Pacheco doesn’t want to be seen as opposing a Republican? That seems wierd since he’s running a group whose stated goal is to challenge and beat Republicans who supported Employer Sanctions. They promised retribution and now they’re trying to deliver it, so why jump into the closet for one particular race?

    Andrew Thomas beat Pacheco when they first ran four years ago. Is it really a surprise that Pacheco holds a grudge? Look at his group? Sproul, Magruder and all the rest are driven by anger and money and they want to go back to the way things were when illegals were everywhere and you could hire anyone without worrying about it. So why is it a surprise that the loser from four years ago, who leads an open-borders group that wants to beat Republicans, may be raising money for Andy Thomas’ opponent?

    And why would he be so defensive about it? Dude, we know you’re mad at the GOP. Its NOT a secret!

  6. Truth Squad says

    It is true that Mr & Mrs Pacheco are running for precinct committeemen in LD 11. It is true that Mr. Pacheco is the head of the “Stop Illegal Hiring” campaign which purports to do the opposite of what it actually would do… gutting employer sanctions law….it would put us back at the starting blocks in combating the illegal alien invasion.

    It is true that Mr Pacheco is funded by Mr Magruder, the McDonalds franchise mogul, who has been funding everything to keep the illegal alien flood gates open. Incidentally, Mr & Mrs Magruder are also PCs in LD 11.

    Wonder where the McCain/Kyl/Flake & Chambers of Commerce efforts for Amnesty emanate from. Start with Mr Magruder & the drive for cheap labor paid for by tax payer funded care for illegals’ health care, free education for their children, & destruction of the criminal justice system.

    Any wonder why they are investing big time in getting rid of Representative Pearce and County Attorney Thomas. And why they have launched a huge 2nd effort to eliminate conservative PCs from Dist 11?

    You only have to google Mr. Sproul to identify all the nefarious efforts he has been involved in.

    If a man’s veracity is known by the friends he keeps, and the methods he uses to support the causes he advocates, there should be no doubt as to where the truth lies in this excellent investigative reporting by SA. Congratulations from the Truth Squad.

  7. Just Win Baby says

    I don’t know if too many folks have noticed, but the goal of Magruder, Pacheco, Sproul, etc. is NOT to punish the legislators who voted for Employer Sanctions. Given that the vast majority of them did, that would be a really massive undertaking.

    Their goal is to punish just the Republicans who voted for it. The Democrats who voted for it are getting a free pass and they don’t have any desire to tangle with the Governor who dared the Legislature to send her something “tougher” and then signed it.

    Their agenda is anti-GOP, make no mistake.

  8. “…the Pachecos through Jessica’s work with the AZ Chamber of Commerce and Pacheco’s work on the Legal Arizona Workers Initiative, which is backed by big business interests in industries like construction which heavily use illegal immigrant labor.”

    Very HUGE gaffe here SA. This WRONG information is worthy of an entire article to set the record straight. All you did was say “Legal Arizona Workers Act” when you wanted to say 180 degrees the opposite–“Stop Illegal Hiring” which of course actually encourages illegal hiring and is INTENDED to quash the Legal Arizona Workers Act. A big time correction is needed here. With all the other facts you verified for this article–too bad a gaffe of this magnitude happened. Otherwise, I appreciate your great effort in bringing us this news. “Legal Arizona Workers Act” VS. “Stop Illegal Hiring” is the number one issue in Arizona currently, in my opinion. You must not be too interested to make this blunder. Otherwise though, again, thanks for all you do.

  9. Jim O'Connor says

    Good reporting. Keep the sunshine of truth shinning.

  10. Tom L,

    Thanks for catching that, it’s been corrected.

  11. Principled Republican says

    It’s a known fact that Pacheco is a liberal masquerading as a Republican. He opposed Proposition 200 in 2004, which easily passed, prohibiting social welfare to illegal immigrants and requiring ID at the polls. His Stop Illegal Hiring Act would gut the current employer sanctions law in favor of big business, who are backing the initiative. Sonoran News exposed it here –
    I bet he’s opposed to the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative, which would ban racial and gender preferences by the government. So it comes as no surprise to me that he would secretly support a Democrat for county attorney. He should be honest and re-register as an Independent or Democrat. And Republicans should certainly not give him their vote to be a precinctcommitteeman in LD-11. His angry response to this blog shows he was trying to hide his association with Nelson – not a very honest guy.

  12. I didn’t read the first posting, but I can surmise why there was a negative reaction to it.

    This seems like a lot of gossip and bitterness. Not helpful.

  13. Just Win Baby says

    If its bitter to get upset when people are attacking your party and its principles, then I guess there are a lot of bitter people. If its bitter to have so-called Republicans working hard to defeat Republicans, then I guess we’re bitter. If its bitter to have RINOs out there undermining the rule of law and encouraging folks to break the law, then I guess Marcy’s right, and there’s not of bitterness here.

  14. Just Win Baby says

    Should read “there’s a lot of bitterness here”

  15. Sctd4Ever says

    Regardless of fundraisers and such, the real warning is that the Dems have two very potent county attorney candidates and Thomas better work hard.

  16. ohbrother says

    horror of horrors…..a Republican has a democratic friend? Whats next? Lions lying down with lambs? So let me get this straight: The sitting Speaker of the House, Jim Weirers endorses a Democrat in the last election and gets a pass. Pacheco has friends over for a barbeque, one of whom is a well known democrat. Pacheco bad, Weirers good? DSW, the post seems silly and contrived.

  17. I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet, but April 16, the day Sproul says the BBQ was, was a Wendesday night. It could not have been April 26 as Pacheco said because the checks were recorded on April 21.

    How many people have a bunch of their friends and neighbors over for a BBQ on a Wednesday night? But political fundraisers are commonly held on weekday nights.

    It will be interesting to see if anyone files a complaint with county elections officials over what appear to be unreported inkind contributions to the Tim Nelson campaign. It would also be ineresting to see if the Pacheco/Sproul/Nelson story unravelled in the face of a formal investigation.

    Principled Republican said it right about Andrew Pacheco. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and so is Nathan Sproul.

  18. News We Can Use says

    BBQ may be Illegal !!!!!!!

    Thanks to SA for the very important news on this BBQ that occured sometime in April.

    We need some more facts on this and I hope you can provide the following answers:

    1.) Did they serve Red Meat (like we get here on SA) or was it Bocca Burgers ? The latter would be evidence of sleeping with the enemy.

    2.) Did they serve Lattes ?

    3.) How many of the attendees wore Flag Lapel Pins ? Were they handed out to guests upon arrival ?

    4.) How many Volvos were parked in the street in front of the house ?

    We deserve to have all the information from the “Sonoran Alliance Insider” who attended !!!

    Please Remember

    “the truth is out there”


  19. Hey, watch it with the Volvo comment. Some good, solid conservatives own and drive Volvos. Saab is the true liberal car.

  20. Big Sister says

    Try as I might, I just cannot find a thing in this post worth the time it took to read it and re-read it. My bad.

    But after thinking about it, I do have something to say….I have friends who are D’s. There, I said it!

    They give money to candidates, too! Now, here comes the real hard one to confess, sometimes I even have them over to my house and we eat together and talk about politics. We’ve even been known to drink beer…..

    Oh, I feel so much better.

  21. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    Lesson for Andrew P: Denials are for *******. Have your friends, and your barbeques, but please fight like man. Don’t be the lawyer who says he’s hired another lawyer to threaten some dude writing a blog.

    But keep an eye out for people like Tim Nelson who try to exploit your, um, now aging McCain/Kyl credentials.

    The proof is in the pudding. Pacheco had someone chomping burgers at his house that ratted him out. What does that tell us? Maybe he’s a poor judge of character. Maybe not. So who’s to blame?

    Tim Nelson is not just some D lawyer, he was the highest ranking attorney in the Napolitano administration. He mames R’s for fun and profit. Pacheco is his latest victim.

  22. News We Can Use-

    Of course the BBQ wasn’t illegal. Pacheco and Sproul can raise money for as many amnesty-peddling ACLU lawyers as they want.

    But the public has a right to know who is contributing to Nelson, whether it is with cash or by hosting an event for him, and providing the food and drinks for that. That is the issue.

  23. I was at this party. It was on April 26th and it was not a fundraiser, stealth or otherwise. It was a party and a damn good one. If you don’t like the guest list maybe you should host your own party and invite your own friends. Kudos to Andrew for keeping politics separate from his personal life. Hey SA: Newsflash – your mom needs you to come up from the basement and empty the trash.

  24. Bob Lawblaw says

    I, too, was at Andrew’s party and it WAS indeed on Saturday, April 26th….not April 16th as erroneously reported. There were no speeches. There was no promotion of anyone. There was no political agenda whatsoever. It was a fun, annual daytime party that the Pachecos have hosted for their friends for at least the past three years. This entire article is premised on an absolute, unadulterated lie.

  25. Is there someone with first hand experience in this?

  26. Много мнений и критики, не могу поддержать большинство, а просто добавлю в избраное и буду следить за комментами

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