Boycott NBC and Its Affiliates!

I’m not quick to call for a boycott but this situation certainly calls for one.

NBC has decided to not air advertising this Christmas season because it is too controversial. The controversy – skimpy Victoria’s Secret ads? PETA animal rights ads? Anti-abortion ads? No. The controversy is thanking our American troops for protecting our security and freedoms.

The ads, sponsored by Freedoms Watch, are presented much like the tear-jerker Hallmark ads. You can actually view them by visiting their website at

Here in Arizona, we ask you to turn off MSNBC, TV-12 (KPNX-Phoenix) and TV-4 (KVOA-Tucson) and while you’re at it, cancel your subscription to the Arizona Republic, which has a partnership with TV-12.


  1. They’ve decided not to air the ad because it’s a commercial for Freedom’s Watch wrapped in something that Kent Brockman would say would “tug at the heartstrings and fog the mind”.

    Other things (other than thanking the troops) believes in:

    “Advancing a conservative agenda and market-based solutions to pressing domestic problems”

    “Standing up to Big Labor’s radical agenda”

    “Preventing the degeneration of our society by stopping the legalization of controlled substances.”

    Warms the cockles of the heart.

    Freedom’s Watch could air the ad without their website address on it, if they truly just wanted to “thank the troops”. It would take the adroit internet user 2 seconds to find out who made it.

  2. If you boycott NBC don’t forget Bravo, USA, SciFi and I still might be forgetting a few more.

  3. bleh. what a bunch of hogwash. Do you think all Republicans are that stupid to fall for this bull****? (edited for profanity)

    this is about their out of mainstream website “cut and rut” rhetoric. A majority of Republican primary voters do not support the war via 6 of the last major polls.

    I call shenanigans.

  4. If NBC insists that the controversy is over the content of the group’s website, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens the next time a liberal 527 wants to advertise. I’m sure the network of Keith Olbermann can be trusted to stamp out partisanship wherever it rears its ugly head!

  5. Duke the Dog says

    NBC made the decision a long time ago to run to the left. Unable to compete with cable news and conservative talk radio, they went of the only constituency that they know would still listen to them – Liberals.

    That’s why Keith Oberman is the way he is, he’s tapped into the scraps only remaining market sector left after CNN and Fox are done eating market share.

    This slight against a pro-troops ad is not unexpected. MBC is clearly anti-war, anti-conservative, anti-religion, anti-support the troops, anti-capitalism, anti-freedom and clearly pro-secular, pro-socialism, pro-nanny state, and terrorist apologists and supporters with their media coverage. They don’t even try to hide it so why get yourselves all up in a dander?

    No conservative boycott will impact NBC because as I already stated, they have already resigned themselves from all things conservative, even when it comes to viewers.

    If you really want to send a message, start boycotting all things made by General Electric and any company that runs their adds on NBC. Better yet, start swamping them with emails and letters and tell them you won’t buy any of their stuff. When you start hitting the sponsors in the wallet, you’ll see what happens. Even Al “Hymie Town” Sharpton understands this: just ask Imus.

    They don’t call NBC the Peacock network for nothing.

  6. Hogwash for sure! Rebecca, this is not about support of the war but for the warrior who is doing what most of us never have but should be thanking God someone is.

    Since when do side agendas limit the ability of advertisers or the mercenary ways of the MSM? On any given evening in the prime time viewing periods, how many potentially offensive ads are run.

    I call for a watch of all ads we normally would see over this weekend and if they offer information about a website that offends your family values or personal principles, write it down. Let’s compile the list and show we are more than talk!

    Hey, Shane, are you in? On Monday we send our list to Rush and Hannity. Whataya say?

  7. Call it off… The ads are back on the air on NBC!

  8. I assume you are all planning to boycott Fox for it’s decision last week not to run ads condemning US use of torture. Right?

  9. May 30th, 2009….

    well wishes to all the Vets out there too…

    well…NBC’s at it again…(yet)

    Update: 24 hours left to stop NBC from swiftboating health care.
    From: “Kate Stayman-London”
    Date: Sat, May 30, 2009 9:29 am

    In just 24 hours, over 30,000 CREDO Activists like you have e-mailed NBC News President Steve Capus to tell him that NBC should not air Rick Scott’s propagandistic infomercial that will spread lies about public health care.

    That’s the good news. The bad news is, NBC is still planning to air Rick Scott’s “documentary” tomorrow.

    We need to turn up the heat on NBC. Can you help us get 50,000 e-mails to Steve Capus by the end of the day…why stop?

    Have you had success with your boycots? found your site regarding the above info…thx.

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