Bouie Picks up two more endorsments

The endorsement battle in LD-6 continues to heat up as Tony Bouie picks up two more endorsments – Senator Jim Waring (LD-7) and the Arizona Realtors PAC.


  1. I am not surprised, no one is surprised. The US Economy is in the tank, and everyone with a brain will opt for business men’s leadership.

    Tony Bouie will be one of L.D.6 next representatives. I’ll bet my purse on it.

  2. Horst Kraus has a purse. Why is that not news?

  3. Why are we keeping score in this one district but not all the rest?

  4. Just Win Baby says

    Wow, Mr. Cell Phone Bill of Rights has endorsed Tony Bouie? I guess this race is over.

  5. All of the people who owe their livelihood or their political careers to the billion dollar illegal alien worker industry are supporting Bouie. I doubt if the majority of the voters agree with that position.

    I also question why candie …, oh yeah, dates seems to be focusing on this race. Perhaps a personal interest?

  6. Sonoran Alliance has a real funny sense of “news.” Bouie opponents Sam Crump and Carl Seel are both endorsed by Arizona Right To Life, NRA and Arizona African-American Republican Committee among other significant endorsements. Who gets a headline? Tony Bouie. SA–this is so obvious and so laughable. And even SA endorses both Crump and Seel. Your credibility has tanked with your “Waring endorses Bouie” stories. Which SA writer is so tied in with the illegal employers that you have thrown away any credibility you have garnered in your history? We will never be able to read your blog again without trying to figure out what you are selling today.

  7. It’s no mystery people. Nobody is going to report your endorsements unless you learn how to write and send a press release. Obviously Mr. Bouie knows how to do this. Because of this, his endorsements are more likely to be picked up by blogs and the print media.

    Also it appears that I need to get in touch with Ms. “Dates” with my press releases rather than my friendly neighborhood Sonoran Alliance correspondent who seems to be stiffing me 🙂

  8. Just Win Baby says

    Seriously Tom, you have no actual beef here and you’re trying to point out hypocrisy where none exists. SA might be excused of trying too hard to be fair, but not of having an open borders agenda. That just makes no sense. If you don’t trust the site, go elsewhere.

  9. SA does not support the open borders crowd, but it is unfortunate that SA believes it has to be “fair” and distribute the propaganda of the opponents of American law.

    We, as conservatives, do not need to follow in the footsteps of CNN and Wolf Blitzer by assisting the enemies of our sovereignty during a time of war. And this is war – for the soul of the Party and the exixtence of America as created by our Founding Fathers.

    Let Jeffyex and his crew advertise their horrible candidates. They hate the beliefs that SA and the conservative cause stand for. I, for one, do not go to their websites to be indoctrinated by their junk and I wish SA would not be a channel for them to spread their socialist, anti-American extreme liberal balderdash.

  10. Perhaps the contributors and moderator only desire to present the landscape of a primary race that is interesting and has some energy. My guess is they expect the readers to be otherwise informed and opinionated on their own.

    Or it could be, there is a conflict among the contributors where this race is concerned. The endorsements where made after a “vote” of the contributors. This may be the trade-off to having your guy not receive the endorsement.

    I’ve spoken at length to Mr. Bouie, he is impressive. He is pro-life, understands the limits of government and the need for such, is extremely bright and has great initiative.

    I have never met Mr. Seel but have seen his surveys. While I do not think a candidate should be judged by matters beyond their ability to do the job, there are issues that impact such endeavors. I am sure Mrs. Seel is a loving wife who wants nothing more than to see her husband successful and happy. However, if her version of passion is an indication of what to expect in the future, I’ll pass.

  11. Is it possible that those who oppose the employer sanctions bill passed last year don’t oppose employer sanctions per se? Rather, they oppose a bill that creates a witch-hunt environment that can put legitimate businesses out of business on the basis of baseless allegations? Is there no middle ground here? Is it all about whether we are fighting to protect our borders or our way of life versus allowing the world to take us over? This is yet another false choice that marginalizes Republicans and makes us less likely to succeed at the ballot box and in the political arena at large.

  12. Right Jack.

    And those that opposed the Boston Tea Party and Lexington and Concord really supported the forming of our Republic. And those who opposed the Civil Rights Act really liked blacks. And those who have never attended a Right-to-Life event or contributed a cent to the organization should be looked at as examples of being Pro-life just because they say so (and need the Pro-life vote). And those who plot every day with the Governor are really true Republicans.

    Earth to Jack: Magruder, Pacheco, Pedersen, Flake, McCain, Napolitano, Gordon, Gascon, Bouie, etc. are all cut from the same bolt of fabric. They want personal benefits from cheap labor, set-asides, preferential treatment while claiming to be conservative Republicans

    Orwell was right – just a quarter century too early.

  13. LD26 view says

    Right on. Based on self proclaimed status, Pete Hershberger is a conservative. Actions speak – words are just noise.

  14. Ow. My ears. The shrill song of the professionally angry…. I guess every revolution needs a Sam Adams (the patriot, not the beer), but all in all, I preferred John Adams.

    But this article is interesting and raises the following question: In pursuit of one’s revolutionary aims, is it okay to lie in order to achieve the holy objective?

    (from Yellow Sheet Report) “Carl Seel Tuesday issued a news release saying Tony Bouie, his primary opponent for the House in LD-6, supports “protecting sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression” in anti-discrimination/hate laws.

    Seel based his statement on Bouie’s answer to a question in the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) Primary Voters Guide. The CAP reported Bouie supports such protection, but a link to his actual answers shows he opposes it, as do the other candidates in the district.”

  15. Just so you know, Tony Bouie received 3 additional endorsements. They came in form of tens of thousands door hangers overnight to the homes of LD6 residences.
    The door hanger depicts a yellow school bus and reads: “Elect Sam Crump and Tony Bouie for State Representatives. They support improving our children’s education! They support giving power to the parents! They support improvements in the classroom!”
    It is paid for by Home Builders Association of Central Arizona PAC; AZ Cattlemen’s Association CattlePac and NFIB Arizona Safe Trust.
    You read it here first.

  16. Richard Wayne says

    Let’s see:

    Homebuilders Assn – opposed to workplace enforcement so they can continue to pay sub standard wages.

    AZ Cattlemens Ass’n – opposed to workplace enforcement so they can continue to pay sub standard wages.

    And the education crowd – opposed to workplace enforcement so they can continue to see growth in illegal students and the resultant ELL and other funds.

    I am truly shocked that these people would support Bouie – not.

  17. Home Builders Assoc., AZ Cattlemen’s Assoc and NFIB all rely on exploited and illegal labor. Bouie is their man. I never heard of Central Arizona PAC so who knows what they stand for and who knows why they are news worthy. Carl Seel and Sam Crump are endorsed by the NRA, Arizona Right To Life and Arizona African American Republican Committee. 5 day Republican Bouie is a fraud, just ask his neighbors that donated dollars to his “cancer treatment.”

  18. Hey Richard,
    Did you overlook, they also support Sam Crump, as I do.
    Is there anyone but the Right to Life AKA No Choice for Women Crowd that endorsed Carl Seel?

  19. Kerrie R. says

    You’re out of line. Cancer is serious stuff. Cancer is expensive. Do you know something about his cancer treatments personally that the rest of us don’t?

    Honestly, as an African American woman, I find the Arizona African American Republican Committee a joke. I think all 3 members would agree with me.

  20. Richard Wayne says

    Horst and the rest of the open border crowd are endorsing Crump only because they could not find another five day republican who supports illegal aliens, opposes the marriage amendment, and will work with nappy. Their endorsement of Crump is really their feeble attempt to use his good name to give their extreme positions some credibility. Crump does not support Bouie at all, as everyone knows. I trust the voters will see past this naked attempt to mislead them.

  21. Richard – there is a difference between the Elias Bermudas-style “open border” crowd and those, like me, who want secure borders and significant action taken to eliminate illegal immigration and its effects with as little collateral damage as possible on law abiding citizens and businesses. Witch hunts are dangerous things, even if they catch a few legitimate witches. Your extremism endangers your own cause by alienating those who are sympathetic and agreeable, but think the execution of the battle needs to be smart.

  22. Richard Wayne says


    I do not know you and therefore I have not made any assertion about you. I do know via one avenue or another the Magruder, Pacheco, Parker, Flake, McCain, Farm Bureau, Az Chamber, Hamer, Home Builders, etc. and if you will look at the record of their position on illegal immigration you will see that it is generally in alignment with Nappy, Pederson, Goddard, Gallardo, Wilcox, Pelosi, Gonzales, Reid position.

    Look at the initiative on the ballot and see how it guts our current law. Look at the Pearce/Gibbons race and you will see the same people opposing Rep. Pearce.

    The love of money drives people to their willingness to give away our sovereignty. If you believe you can secure the border while telling illegals that once you get across, you will be free to take a job away from our citizens or get taxpayer supported medical, educational or other government giveaways without any fear, you are on a fool’s errand.

    American employers who are willing to participate in this criminal act are directly connected to the willful violation our laws. Every study shows the correlation.

    I lso will note that your terminology of a witch hunt is rediculous. We require employers to follow EEOC laws, OSHA laws, health codes, etc. Many of those are more time consuming and more expensive to meet compliance rules than the Fair and Legal Employment Act. This act even goes so far as to give a free option that gives employers a legal defense against baseless charges that none of the others do. Give the whole witch hunt analogy a rest. That type of hyperbole is what causes alienation.

  23. Horst, what a dishonest flyer. Why would NFIB, Homebuilders and Cattlemen hide behind schoolchildren and the education issue? Shame on them and shame on you for crowing proudly about their dishonesty.

  24. Richard,
    “Open Border Crowd” is a figment of imagination just like Santa Bunny and Easter Claus.
    Organizations that endorse Tony Bouie do so because he has business acumen that deserves to be supported to put the economy of Arizona back on track.
    I have on numerous occasions prefaced my remarks concerning the chaos of the current state of immigration with the statement that I have no dog in the race because Hispanics by the nature of their culture would not lend themselves to be my customers nor my employees.
    The root cause of our problem with immigration began in 1965 when the true and tried quota system was replaced by the “Great Society” most likely in an attempt to lure more potential democratic voters into the country.
    When Senator McCain reached across the aisle to enable reasonable COMPREHENSIVE Immigration Reform, he was ridiculed and black balled by the same group of individuals that coined phrases like “Shamnesty” and “Open Border Crowd”.
    This same group is promoting a candidate who holds himself out as a fiscal conservative, when in reality he bought a home worth $150,500, loads it up with a mortgage as high as $191,250, fails to make payments since 2007 and sits by as it slides into Notice of Trustee’s Sale (source M.C.Assessors web site parcel #208-18-344 & M.C.Recorders web site record #2008-0564778) all the while he is running as a “Republican who will restore fiscal discipline”
    Give me a break, please.
    We need NOT a Republican like Carl Seel.
    We can’t afford him.

  25. Richard Wayne says

    Maybe if he started pandering nudism to teenagers Seel would have avoided the same problem that all purchasers who bought at the peak of the bubble have experienced. Fiscal discipline does not mean that you never experience any financial problems brought about by a recession and catastrophic drop in all property values.

    Seel refused to get his friends to pony up over $50,000 to solve his financial problems and, instead, decided to solve his problems without negatively impacting others. Something called personal responsibility.

  26. Maybe the 100’s of hours Seel spent running for office (unsuccessfully) election after election, physically guarding the border, chairing and participating in GOP committees/PACs and otherwise AVOIDING A FISCAL CRISIS and HOMELESSNESS FOR HIS FAMILY would have been better spent working for real $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Same goes for any other adults in the home.

  27. From what I understand, the Bouie’s never asked anyone for a dime. Didn’t a best friend/former college teammate set the fundraiser up for him? The Anthem community regularly does fundraisers for families facing major medical bills. Nice try Richard. Stop spreading lies.

  28. Richard Wayne says

    Thou doth protest too much. I never mentioned Bouie in regard to financial issues. Too sensitive by half. Since you brought it up, it was not a fundraiser, it was multiple fundraisers – I’m sure thay were all done without the knowledge or support of Bouie himself.

  29. The personal financial situation is a diversion and will not be a factor in how they vote once in office. I prefer someone who has a track record of supporting conservative candidates for office election after election, physically guarding the border, chairing and participating in GOP committees/PACs, volunteering in the County and State offices – actually supporting the Party prior to wanting the Party to support him. My vote is, therefore, for Seel.

  30. Bob in DV,

    You sound like the Magruder/Pacheco crowd. Money is more important than keeping faith with your values. We have numerous other “good R’s” who have sold out their own beliefs for $$$$$$$$$.

    One is a former legislator who was always known as a law and order conservative until they began making money by hiring illegals for their business. I do not want people like that representing me.

  31. Bob in DV says

    Richard Wayne,

    You say: “Seel refused to get his friends to pony up over $50,000 to solve his financial problems and, instead, decided to solve his problems without negatively impacting others. Something called personal responsibility.”

    Your logic is so flawed. Seel DIDN’T solve his financial problems – the Trustee Sale will sell the house. That issue is solved at taxpayer expense – and the taxpayers would ultimately foot the bill for any mortgage/banking bailout.

    It is unfortunate but Seel is “personally responsible” for driving that train over the cliff.

    NO “good, solid, platform, conservative Reagan Republican” should be running in an election (again) at CCEC expense (again), claiming to be as pure (morally and fiscally) as Ivory Snow while this kind of disaster is happening in his own life.

    A foreclosure and financial problems are a part of REAL life…….but only if you live in the REAL world. If you don’t, then these kinds of things only happen to liberal Democrats.

  32. Richard Wayne says

    Many homes listed for possible trustee sale never go to that stage. You, I, nor anyone but the Seels and the bank know the current status, so don’t celebrate his misfortune just yet. I can tell you that the Seels are not HOMELESS as you want to stress.

    Also, as I remember, nearly all the founders of our country faced similar fates by investing their time, talents and reasources in cause greater than themselves. You and I are the beneficiaries of their sacrifices.

    May our children and grandchildren continue to be blessed with people currently willing to sacrifice personal comfort for a cause greater than themselves. Seel has that kind of integrity and I hope to follow his actions in the legislature. I know he will be working with the Republican caucus and not the Governor’s office.

  33. Bob in DV says


    I don’t run around w/ the Magruder/Pacheco crowd and wouldn’t know where to find them if I tried. I actually run around in LD6.

    Like Richard Wayne, your logic makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever. You’re avoiding the real issue being discussed by other adults here. I’m really beginning to think it won’t work anymore.

    The SA readers and bloggers are too smart for that. We won’t take the bait anymore.

    Your post sounds like Socialism to me. Are you a liberal Democrat? Do you see how stupid I sound by even saying that? That’s a page out of your book.

    Here’s a page out of a much better book:

    “Faith without works is dead”. I’m sure you know about the author.

  34. Kerrie R. says

    As the head of the household, the man should first and foremost take care of his family. It looks like Seel with his house being set for trustee sale, has put his ambitions of running for public office (again and again) in front of his family’s welfare. Anyone who puts his own ambitions in front of taking care of his family should not be in the legislature in my book. That’s not a real man.

  35. Bob in DV says


    I don’t celebrate the Seel’s “misfortune”.

    I mourn it.

  36. Bob in DV says

    Oh, I loathe it too.

  37. Kerrie R. says

    “A man” who puts his own ambitions over his family will put his own ambitions over the constituents when he gets in office. That is not who I want representing me at the capitol, because he won’t.

  38. Richard,
    Post number 25, I shall overlook the veiled ad hominem attack on me, because it shows that you ran out of intelligent substantive arguments.
    Don’t we all wish that Card would or could have or might have; never mind, that’d require personal independent reasoning, ability absent to him and you too.
    Now listen up, the auction of Trustee’s Sale is scheduled for September 24, 2008 at 10am at the office of Tiffany & Bosco, P.A. (source M.C. Recorders Office document #2008-0564778 of 6/25/08) and upon personal inquiry with the office of the Trustee two days ago is still on schedule.
    You can bet, I will be there and if I am the successful bidder, I’ll unceremoniously throw the bum on to the street without a tear in my eye.

  39. Bob in DV

    “Faith without works is dead” EXACTLY!! Seel has done the work since the nineties and Bouie wants us to take him on faith with no history of doing the work. Thanks for helping me make my point. By the way, the author did not have a job and relied on food and housing from others. In fact, he WAS homeless! Sounds like you would have criticized him for not being financially responsible.

    As to the mourning, I am having trouble detecting the sackcloth and ashes. Could you demonstrate your mourning with a little compassion. It will sell better.


    Any problems Seel has is not related to his running for office. It is because of declining ad revenue due to the general economic conditions here in Arizona, Ameica and around the world.

  40. Richard Wayne says

    Speaking of bums, Horst, you just met all the criteria. In fact, that is too mild a term for what you just stated. May what you wish on others descend on you and your house in spades.

  41. nightcrawler says

    I agree with Kerrie R. and Horst (except the throw the bum in the street statement). Seems to me you would all do this man and his family a favor not to elect him. He has other priorities. Food, shelter and security come before ideology.

    Wayne, that argument is absurd.

  42. I will gladly vote for a conservative a few months back on his house payment like thousands of other Maricopa County residents before I will vote for 99.9% Democrat bouie.

    Funny, I didn’t hear Kraus’ market wise advice a few years ago “don’t buy Phoenix real estate.”

    This market saw an unprecendented run up in house prices followed by an unprecedented drop in values. A lot of good people got burned in what was once the safest investment known–buying Phoenix real estate. Taxpayers don’t pick up any tab in the event of a trustee’s sale. Mortgage Insurance (private sector) took that risk. But like Magruder and Bouie would have the taxpayer do, we may end up subsidizing that business venture too. That’s not Seel’s fault. You have my vote Seel and my neighbor’s too!

  43. Kerrie R. says

    I don’t wish ill on anybody, but a responsible adult would try to do something like a short sale or multiple jobs, etc. I am not sure how he would have time running a campaign and being part of all those organizations for a second job. Does anyone know, if he’s actually trying to sell the property? Is he being proactive in trying to solve this problem? I’m not voting for him. I hope he gets out of it for his family’s sake, because it just doesn’t look good as a politician.

  44. Bob in DV says

    Oh Janelle, Janelle,

    A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N by any other name.

    You’re in denial dear. I know it’s a difficult concept to grasp so I hope this will help.

    Sometime in late 2004…….

    1. Seel loses Primary campaign for AZ Corporation Commission.

    2. Seel sees old house.

    3. Seel buys house.

    4. Seel begins a CCEC campaign for LD6 Representative 2006.

    5. Seel refi’s his home and gets about 30,000 $$$$$ in hand before the Primary.

    6. Seel loses Primary but spent $53,000 of CCEC $$$$.

    7. Seel is elected Chairman of the Pachyderm Coalition.

    8. Seel is still a participant in GOP activities.

    9. Seel CHOOSES to quit paying his mortgage.

    10. Seel doesn’t get another job that pays.

    11. Seel starts a CCEC campaign for LD6 Representative 2008.

    12. Seel receives almost $30,000 in CCEC $$ as of July 31, 2008.

    13. Seel continues to pursue his addiction while his family loses it’s home of 3 1/2 years. Poor kids.

    This is a demonstration of an addiction that has produced an adverse consequence. SURPRISE!!

    Irresponsible personal financial choices are something that CANNOT be blamed and/or attributed to the Open Borders crowd, illegal immigrants, terrorists, Democrats, Pro-choicers, the gay agenda or any other political “vice”.

    If Seel was a Democrat, he’d be labeled a freeloading liberal who was hoping “society” would take care of him and his family while he fulfilled his “Man Fantasy” of being elected to public office.

  45. Kerrie R. says

    Preach it, Brother Bob! Keep readin’ that book!

  46. Yeah – and you would have flushed the founder of our party as a loser who should take care of his family and leave the politics to others. Neither I nor any of you naysayers know what Carl Seel has done to solve the problems caused by the economic downturn.

    You make statements as if you have the facts, but you don’t. You see only what is the public record, not his personal financial circumstances.

    Bouie, on the other hand, is ethically deficient and that is not caused by the economy nor the housing market. Of course, he has already determined that he does not want to be judged by the strength of his character because he wants to benefit because of the color of his skin.

  47. Janelle,

    The fact that Tony Bouie received 3 (three) degrees from AZ universities by the age of 32 is something your imaginary “ETHICS” (or did you mean “ETHNIC”) deficiencies cannot cover. Not even close.

    Bouie and Crump are 3-0 winners over Seel in the post-secondary education department in case you need some more facts to check.

    Bouie has had years of work and education experiences and until the last few months, has never been accused by anyone of being unethical – for any reason. You are his accuser but you have no facts to censure him on. You may have paranoia and unfounded innuendo…yes, facts – no.

    I was blinded by the you-know-what card referred to in your last sentence. If anything – Bouie is the most handsome of the three LD6 candidates. My wife sure thinks so. I have to agree.

    Lastly, Janelle………

    What would you suggest that Bouie do to get the “maximum benefit per square inch of his brown skin”? Oh, wait………I’ve got it………..Oh my. Why didn’t Bouie think of this…………..


    Would your friends and family accept him then? I don’t think Bouie is worried about trying to procure a few remnant votes from people who have to bottom feed off of the R-card. I doubt he has any camouflage in his closet – which might automatically disqualify him from your ranks as well.

    He did live close to the Southern Arizona border for years, will you give him any bonus points for that?

  48. Uh Oh……..Spaghettios

    We have more troubles in LD6. Tony GOPrano is on the beat.

  49. Can someone help me understand this? I looked up the trustee sale thing on Seel, and now I’m a little confused. A while back, I looked at Seel’s website & he states he lives in Moon Valley and has a family picture that looks like possibly the country club there (so I figured it was accurate). The trustee sale lists a home in a Deer Valley neighborhood. Am I missing something here? Why would he claim he lives in Moon Valley when he obviously doesn’t?

  50. Bob,

    I shouldn’t have to explain this since it is something that has been talked about on more than one occasion, however. Nothing more sinister than seeking government procurement preferences simply because of his ethnicity instead of competing without special advantages that someone with his educational and professional background should not need. He is obviously not economically disadvantaged, nor is he educationally disadvantaged so why should he be seeking special set aside help? Most Republicans do not believe in set asides or special preferences in government contracts. I’m pretty sure he would be opposed to his opponent on the football field getting pre-game points because their team uniforms were maroon and gold.

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